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A friend sent this to me today and I thought some of youz guyz might enjoy it. It is called NATURAL HIGHS.

Falling in love. Laughing so hard your face hurts. A special glance. Getting mail. Taking a drive on a pretty road. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. Hot towels out of the dryer. Walking out of your last final. A long distance phone call. A good conversation. A care package. The beach.

Finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter. Laughing at yourself. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. Running through sprinklers. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. Laughing at an inside joke. Friends.

Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. Your first kiss. Being part of a team. Making new friends or spending time with old ones. Late night talks with your roommate that keep you from sleeping. Sweet dreams. Hot chocolate. Road trips with friends. Swinging on swings.

Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with someone you love. Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid. Going to a really good concert. Winning a really competitive game. Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person. Making chocolate chip cookies! Having your friends send you homemade cookies! Spending time with close friends! Running through the fountains with your friends. Riding a bike downhill. The feeling after running a few miles-an accomplishment!

Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends... Holding hands with someone you care about. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change. Discovering that love is unconditional and stronger than time. Riding the best roller coasters over and over. Hugging the person you love. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much-desired present from you. Watching the sunrise. Getting out of bed every morning and thanking God for another beautiful day.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@natural.high), November 13, 1999


Finding one more M&M in the "empty" package. Holding the hand of a three-year-old. Immediate and specific answers to prayer. Driving to the foster home to meet the child you're about to adopt. Catching your first high, fly ball out in left field. Finally being able to reproduce your mother-in-law's awesome chocolate-chip cookies, and your husband can't tell the difference. Watching your child being born. Eating the first warm tomato of the season in the garden.

-- Ann M. (, November 13, 1999.

Thanks Rob. This is a real keeper.

-- snooze button (, November 13, 1999.

 A steaming hot caffe latte drizzled with natural honey.
 The scent of fragrant flowers.



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And... for Lon...

Beans and Air Quality (HUMOR) 000h17

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 13, 1999.

The first time I heard "Da Da".

Going fishing.

A closet full of duct tape and red socks :)

And coming here to play and talk with my fellow FRLians - day after day, week after week, and month after month!

Long Live the FRL!!!!

-- (sonofdust@natural.highs), November 13, 1999.

Ann M. and snooze button: Welcome to the FRL!

Thanks Diane, O Great and Wonderful Shatterer of Records, for the hysterical FRL links! That was fast! Do you have them saved in a file or something? LOL!

-- (sonofdust@natural.highs), November 13, 1999.

Rob, these are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing them! :-) It's funny how some of them tug at your heart, isn't it?

-- Gayla (, November 13, 1999.

Thanks again, Rob.

Folks like you help us to keep things in perspective.


-- gene (, November 13, 1999.

Other than the birth of my son: a most memorable "natural high" would be the time I picked up a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed baby girl at the hospital - and was privileged to deliver her to her new adoptive family(approx 50 in attendance!) about a NATURAL HIGH!!! I can still see it in my mind's eye! WONDERFUL!!

-- jeanne (, November 13, 1999.

Opening an envelope from the IRS to read a letter stating that an error was made...and a check is inclosed...

Playing blues improv with a bunch of musicians, and you have the next 64 bars...

Getting it right on your first compile...

The experts pick your team as the underdog, and they win regardless...

Driving a Porsche on a scenic twisty road on a beautiful autumn afternoon, with the leaves at their peak colors...

Friends that stand behind you when you need them the most, in spite of your flaws...

A person you've mentored pops in to your office after so many years, and tells you how well they're doing because of what you shared... and then you realize that the person is doing better than you...


Hail to the Fruitcakes!!! :-)

-- Tim (, November 13, 1999.

Babies born! Cuddling on a Sunday morning, Stiring soup for hours in winter so everyone says "umm good!", Tits released from a bra at the end of a day, A really hugh pile of wood( we have had a wood stove for 12 yrs.) A's on your kids report cards, A friend that "G.I."

-- Hatti (, November 14, 1999.

Gazing at all of the stars in the Universe in awe and wonder from 45000 feet altitude out in the middle of the Pacific ocean sitting all alone in your little nest. All night long and with no other lighting to difuse the view. Awesome!

A fresh cup of coffee and watching the dawn sun come up while sitting on your front porch.

Holding hands with that "special someone".

Stealing a kiss without the any of the kids catching you.

We put close to FRL #11 with 121 posts. The century marker post went to our Revered Leader, Sir Rob the Onest, as he was asking Ms. Trisha to clean up her act for her birthday, or mayhaps it was to clean up after her birthday.

Ms Tricia,

Your gaggle of stealth geese have arrived once more here in my unfenced backyard. From what I can understand from amidst all of their chatter, I don't really speak geese you know, and they have that Southern Yankee accent now so it is especially hard to decipher, I believe that they were saying "Happy Birthday" to you, and see you in the spring eh? They are already looking for S.O.B.'s Southern cornbread crumbles. I should be able to get a little closer to them in a few days now. Mother Goose is still kind of leery of human folk. She ran my butt up onto the porch already. Give me a week and I'll have them eating from the first step of the porch again.

As we feared from last year, they now say "Honk y'all eh?"

This is #11


-- sweetolebob (, November 14, 1999.

Let's see............thanks Diane, first..

Then, my children's existence on the planet...a lot in between..and last, the 14-yr old "system saavy kid" who asked me if I would still be able to give her voice lessons if she went home to her mom.

-- Donna (, November 14, 1999.

Traveling Highs

Finding clean underwear in the bottom of your bag, when you thought there were none. Getting to Houston an hour late and finding out your connecting flight is late too. Standing bewildered on a train platform in Tokyo, and someone walks up and says, "Can I help you?". Having the rental car clerk move his eyes from the computer terminal to you and saying, "We have no more Dodge Neons, is a Chrysler convertible OK?". Unpacking your bags, to find everything perfectly creased, just like they came from the cleaners. Talking to your cats on the phone from 12,000 miles away. Big hotel towels. The doors to the airplane close, and you have all 3 seats to yourself on a 4 hour flight. Spotting your bags in the first group of bags coming down the conveyor. Seeing the smiling face of a loved one in the crowd as you emerge from the jetway.

-- MoVe Immediate (, November 14, 1999.

Catching fireflies at night,
Building castles in the sand.
Kissing momma's face goodnight...
And holding daddy's hand.

Running barefoot through the grass,
A little hide and go seek.
And being so in love...
That you can hardly eat.

Dancing in the dark,
When there's no one else around.
Being bundled beneath the covers...
Watching snow fall to the ground.

-- Gayla (, November 14, 1999.

Thanks for this post...I am printing it in its entirety. I needed this.

More natural highs...

reading my daughter to sleep, then cuddling up next to her and listening to her breathe. Flannel pajamas and a warm blanket on a cold morning. The Sunday paper and warm cinnamon rolls. Baking a homeade apple pie and watching your husband devour it. Sunrise walks. My dad's heartfelt hugs, hearing him call me "sugar" like he did when I was tiny. My husband giving me a surprise hug from behind while I cook. Being presented with a dandelion bouquet from my daughter. Getting a "love note" from one of my eighth graders ("you are the best teacher I have ever make me laugh and I love your class") The Sunday comics and all three of us spread out on our king sized bed having a tickle fest instead of cleaning house. Feeling at peace in my soul. Feeling refreshed by prayer. Knowing I am loved.


-- preparing (, November 14, 1999.

One of my favorite poems from the Chinese (translated by Kenneth Rexroth)...


The river is smooth and calm this evening.
The Spring flowers bloom.
The moon floats on the current.
The tide carries the stars.

-- The Emperor Yang of Sui

Also... thinking of... warm winds, blowing the stars around.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 14, 1999.

lyrics to a song I wrote about natural highs:

(v1): I know of a place where a river meets ocean / the angle of twighlight collides with our souls / emotions color nuances unfettered by a notion / and the breeze ripples over low tide on the shoals. I know of a place with the stars cold and clear / a summit where the light years are slightly drawn near. (b1): We squint through the aeons at the stories hung in space / relected on water's obsidian face. (c): And if I could take you there / dare you roll away the stone and hear my dreasm of echo / would you ever share / the secrets of your kiss and blissful heartbeat's sweet crescendo / But I'm not cool because of you / stumbling through the world like it was new / under the stinging flail of time I wish these words were more sublime / half blinded in mind clouds now blowing through / wondering if I'll sing this song for you... (v2): In a hypnogogic sea my breath begins to still / Do I hear your voice or is it yearnings unfulfilled? / submerging toward the wreck in silver fingers of the sun, / sensation and imagination melting into one ... (b2): this facadeless eidolon, relentless, still resides / ignited by the spark of you that burns behind closed eyes ... (c)

-- coprolith (, November 14, 1999.

Now for some FRLian housekeeping.

First, thanks to S.O.B. for his official count on FRL 11 which was 121 answers. The total for threads 1  10 is 1,899 responses, but catsy had to have the last word on washing Murphy so we need to add one to the FRL #10 count. That gives us a grand total of 1,900 answers even, even though some of the answers were odd, to say the least! So if FRL threads 1  10 had 1,900 total responses, we now add in FRL 11 which had 121 to get 2,021 total FRLian responses up until this thread! Dont know who the lucky 2000th poster was. I can hardly count forwards never mind backwards :) Also, thanks to S.O.B for the long awaited Mother Goose report.

Gang: Great responses to this thread from all of you. Thanks!

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@natural.highs), November 14, 1999.

Rob, you're either a month late or two weeks early for a Thanksgiving thread ;-), but I'm grateful that wrote it anyway!

I've already done a thanksgiving poem (a month ago, now) and although my blessings just continue to grow (Carla's striving for 6 foot - although she may not make it), I have to add 'music that feeds the soul', in case I missed it.

And thanks to all who take the time to remember in this schizophrenic year all the blessings we enjoy, and to write them here so that they can bless others, too.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 14, 1999.

Oh great and Fearless Leader of the Pack, Chairman of the Bored, and Grand Poohbah of the League,

This is the 21st answer from the end of FRL # 11, and if your heady calculations are correct, the 2000th post to the FRL threads.

>Rob, does that mean that I'm sufficiently well dressed if I borrow Carla's bright red socks and her hair dye? Nah, it's just not me :-) I'll be in briefly tomorrow - I found someone to take my shift tomorrow night, so I'm just doing tonight and celebrating tomorrow, I don't have to sleep all day in order to be awake again all night. Bliss!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 11, 1999.<

It's none other than the Birthday Girl herself. Fitting and as it should be I guess.

Congratulations to you Ms. Tricia. Looks as though are a winner in all ways this week. The best to you and to yours, and may you always enjoy your reign as BI-Millennial Poster Princess.

This is # 20 (I think).


-- sweetolebob (, November 14, 1999.

S.O.B: My calculations were based on your official counts, O great Sacrificer of Fingers and Toes, so the numbers stand, or sit, or lie down, or up... (I had a feeling you could count backwards LOL)

Congratulations Tricia for having the 2000th post! (((TRICIA)))

-- (, November 14, 1999.

Thank-you, thank-you (bowing low)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 14, 1999.

Also, my heartiest congratulations to Mr.Cook on his latest feat - the radio show. Much more worthy of applause than having managed to live one more year! (Are there transcripts anywhere, Robert?)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 14, 1999.

Robert, Good Sir, Bearer of the Medal of Fruitfullness:

All FRLdom Salutes you once again!

-- (sonofdust@good.sir), November 14, 1999.

RUOK de-lurks just long enough to say, Coprolith that was absolutely lovely.

-- (, November 14, 1999.

I go away for a week, and when I return, I find the entire place overrun with poets!

Robert, the word is, that you done good. I would never have expected less.

Trish had a B-day, and turned 2000!?? Gee, she doesn't look a day over 1500. Is my new name, ("Lawn"), a complilation of "Lon" and "Yawn", by any chance?

Gayla, such a good pome! (I'm reconsidering your marriage proposal)

Good to be back in the asylum.

-- Lon Frank (, November 15, 1999.

We forgot a BIG natural high - welcoming back lost sheep (or even just wanderin' ones). Welcome back!

BTW, I just decided that if you can call me Trish, I can call you Lawn ;-) Besides you usually bring to mind lush green scenery - bayous are green, aren't they? Lovely return thoughts on your thread, too.

-- T the C (, November 15, 1999.

Lon!!! Welcome back! Did you have a good trip?

Ummm... Lon, I love your writing, and you'll always hold a special place in my heart, but I'm afraid you waited too long on the marriage proposal. Last Thursday I married the man of my dreams. :-)

-- Gayla (, November 15, 1999.

I have had to work Long days, Every week since bout last May, This FRL's my forum time, And when I post I like to rhyme, till 2k itll be this way.

I pop in here without a care, For cyber friendship and some cheer, Friends they come and friends they go, Here at the FRL you know, Smiles and poetry are always here.

Often it is late at night, fore I can see what yall write, A post or two then time to rest, FRLians know whats best, A glass, some laughter, and its alright.

-- (sonofdust@natual.highs), November 15, 1999.


You two-timin' FLOOZY!! Married last Thursday, huh? Story of my life.

I left you some snapshots of my trip - -"OT Back for the road (again)" Not as good as the last, but this trip was more tiring than inspiring.

"Trish the Dish" and "Lawn the Yawn". Ain't we a pair?

And speakin' of names, I noticed that someone started a thread for the most best poster while I was gone, and my name wasn't exactly bandied around at all. Oh, sure everbody voted for Robert just because he knows what he's talkin' about, and has done a great job of posting for two years. But you all seem to forget it was ME that thought to bring the rubber noses and jiggle juice to this here road party. But that's alright, I know it was an honest oversight.

And Rob, our fearless/fearsome, feckless/reckless, rhymin' and good-timin' leader, - get some rest boy!

-- Lon Frank (, November 15, 1999.

Jiggle juice? Did ya say Jiggle Juice? OOOOOOOooooooo. The joys of a good jiggle! HAHAHAHA. Jiggle joy. Juicy joy. Juicy jiggle - Sorry, definately gonna get that rest now :)

-- (serious@rest.needed), November 15, 1999.

LOL, Lon!! It was just a dream!! :-) I'll go read your new thread...

-- Gayla (, November 16, 1999.

Rob, I'm such a softy where you're concerned! :-)

-- Gayla (, November 16, 1999.

Tricia, I've been trying to figure out how to give you a working monitor as a birthday gift by posting it here, but it just won't work. So um..instead I sneaked back on thread #10 to jack up the count..yeah that's right.. so that you could be the winner of the #2000 post for your birthday... was all planned. I hope you liked my present!

Lon, I didn't get to vote on that thread, I didn't see it...honest! And if I'd seen it, I'd have voted for you for sure! yah...I meant to even. I did...I just didn't think of it. But it's never too late is it? So here's my vote for you; I vote you see...the most valuable im-poster. Um.. no that doesn't sound right. The most valuable paster. No no no! The most valuable...(how am I gonna get out of this one without hurting anyone's feelings...) The most valuable jiggle-juicer!! yah that's the ticket. And welcome back from your trip!

Well, I had a really neat poem that told of even neater natural highs than the one Rob posted, but my dog ate it. Honest.

-- Very-long-nosed Chris (#$%^&, November 16, 1999.

Laughter... a natural high.

This e-mail, sent by a good friend, may provide a chuckle to accent the jiggle juice.



The Gender of Computers

A pastor of a church had previously been a sailor. He was very aware that ships are addressed as "she" and "her". He often wondered what gender computers should be addressed.

To answer that question, he set up two groups of computer experts. The first group was composed of women, and the second of men. Each group was asked to recommend whether computers should be referred to in the feminine or the masculine gender. They were asked to give 4 reasons for their recommendations.

The group of women reported that computers should be referred to in the masculine gender because:

1. In order to get their attention you have to turn them on.
2. They have a lot of data, but are still clueless.
3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.
4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer you could have had a better model.

The men, on the other hand, concluded that computers should be referred to in the feminine gender because:

1. No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.
2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.
3. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.
4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half of your paycheck on accessories for it.

From Dr. Ruti
The Laugh Doctor!

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 16, 1999.

Natural high #???: Finding a new clown car for the prodigal, Lon!


-- Donna (, November 16, 1999.

Gayla, I would say congratulations but it was just a dream.

Nature provides me with many wonderful natural highs. Here's one:

Come, walk with me along the way Where lanes are autumn-dressed. Come, drink in all the colors fair, And let your heart be blessed.

Come, see the flaming sumac plumes Lift banners to the sky, As golderrod and asters nod To us as we pass by.

Come, walk with me when leaves turn gold And hills wear crimson hue, Where pumpkins grow in amber fields 'Neath sky of mathless blue.

Come, walk with me this misty morn; There's splendor to behold; Along the country lanes we'll see God's miracles unfold.

-Beverly J. Anderson

"When I consider the heavens and the works of your hands...who is man that You are mindful of him?" Psalm 8

-- BB (, November 16, 1999.

LOL, BB! :-) The poem is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. I'm a great lover of nature myself, and that scripture is one of my favorites. Thanks for taking the time to post! :-)

-- Gayla (, November 16, 1999.

When you're four years old (remember?), SNOW is a natural high. Like the two inches on the ground here today.

"Daddy, it's Christmas!" (said Gabe).

"No, it's not winter yet." (I said).

"But you said when it snowed, Christmas would be here." (Gabe)

(Then Gabe runs outside in his bare feet to throw a snowball at his brother, Zach).

-- BigDog (, November 16, 1999.

Big Dog!! How wonderful to see you here!! Snow is still a "high" at 42 when you live in Houston! :-) Stay warm!

-- Gayla (, November 16, 1999.

Lawn my dear, you're no yawn,

You make me giggle and laugh aloud.

Your humour is a wonder and

Your poetry ought to make you proud.

I love to read about your life

The colourful sketches are so real,

The things you write are great

They often change the way I feel,

And so, dear Lawn, I truly hope

That you will write some more;

I won't take offence if you call me Trish,

And I won't call you a bore!


((((Chris)))), I loved your present! Even if certain cruel un-named beings tried to make it into a celebration of my 2000th birthday. If the forum is still up on Jan. 7th (is that right - I don't remember from FRL 1, and it's toooooo long to load and find out), I may return the favour. :-) Not that I really object to being 2000 yrs old - after all I have an open reduction certificate for use on Jan. 1st, 2000.

BB and Diane thanks for the poetry and humour. I always enjoy both. In fact just yesterday I came across some that I had written in high school and was surprised that I still liked it.

Rob, sorry to hear that they are running you ragged at work. We still like to see you poke your head in when you can, and miss you when you can't.

Big Dog, we have had snow here, but it melted and we got Vancouver type winter weather instead - wet, near-freezing fog. However that means that there is (still!) some green grass about, a rare occurance this far north. I hope your weather is just as you like it for much longer than expected.

-- Tricia the typing in the 3pm twilight Canuck (, November 16, 1999.

Hi gang. Pop-in time. I feel like a pop-tart. Since I'm no longer a spring chicken I guess ya can't call me a pop tart - pop fart maybe :)

Gayla: Thanks for the drink! I think I'll save it for the weekend so I have it to looks forwards to, or backwards to. Or maybe I'll have it Thursday, uh, or maybe tomorrow night :)

Tricia: I second the emotions!

-- (, November 16, 1999.

Wow, sure quiet around here; I guess it's just you and me, Rob. Dh says everyone must still be recovering from the party ;-)


Winter's dim dark days

Melt seamlessly into night

The sleet still falling.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 17, 1999.


I'm lurking as usual. Thanks for the poem above; I've been trying to think of an answer, but am kinda "down" right now. Maybe the impending holidays, maybe Y2K, maybe just old grumpiness. Anyway I'm out of character for around here!

I think Kit and I will spend the weekend at the beach. Should be deserted by now, and some solitude and salt air may be just the ticket. It's actually quite chilly here tonight; below 70, I believe.

Ah, well. What's a clown to do?

(P.S. Greybear, if you are out there, I emailed you, but no reply. My add. is real, drop me a line.)

-- Lon Frank (, November 17, 1999.

Ok Trish,

Here's a couple, neither rhymed nor tamed into haiku, but they were just lying on the porch, so I let them in:


Reflections of night bird shadows

On leaf-stained sky.

The deepening darkness

Calls the moon to play

Among hide-and-seek stars.


There are places in our hearts

Which call us to follow

Long-forgotten paths

Beneath the leaves of Fall

-- Lon Frank (, November 17, 1999.

Loon, uh, I mean Lon, you wrote "Anyway I'm out of character for around here!". Now ya gotta be kiddin! As Chief of this here FRL, let me give you my personable insurance that you always were, are now, and will always be a Character. We wouldn't want it any other way. And thanks for the great imagery. You still got it! Chin up.

Hi Tricia. I still can't get over that you got number 2000, and on your birthday yet. LOL. Who deserts it more? Dear and Loyal FRLian Princess and Mother of She with the Blue Hair!


The night sky lights up,

as meteorites streak by,

breaking the dark void.

-- (, November 17, 1999.

Lon, I saw that post on your other thread. If you think I'm buying the beer after you called me a FLOOZY, well, think again!!! ;-) Sorry you're feeling down... maybe we need a circus? Oh Donna!!

Nice haiku, Rob! My husband and I threw sleeping bags in the back of the pickup and drove out further into the country to see the "shower." It was fun! We heard some geese of some kind, and I thought of our stealth geese. Lon was right about the weather, it's actually cool for Texas!!! (Well, at night anyway!) :-)

-- Gayla (, November 17, 1999.

Thanks for the poetry, Lawn and Rob. It made a lovely end to a looong night.


Black sky turns slowly

to pink/lilac lined azure.

Incredible dawn.


I wish I could stay up to see the sun (for the first time in days), but I work again tonight and have to sleep sometime :-)

Hope y'all have a lovely bright day of the perfect temperature today, wheresomever you may be!

-- T the C (, November 18, 1999.

Hayh Gang! Hahahaha. Hicpou. A fiend tolb me todayy that havign a bittle lit to dink evry Day kan hicuppp preevent haret robplems so hairs a taost too all of u. hicpu. ZZZZZzzzz Hahahaha Weeeeeeeeee icup. ZZZZZzzzz Tanks agin Gyala. zzzzzz

-- (hicup@wee.wee), November 18, 1999.

You know you've been an FRLian tooo long when Rob's jiggle juice posts make sense!! Either that or I'm punch drunk from too little sleep. I was working on another dawn poem, but my muse deserted me taking with her my last few wakened brain cellszzzzzzzz

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 19, 1999.

Hey guys, here's a reason to hit the jiggle-juice today!

I recieved this in email from a friend:

Two days ago it was November 17th, 1999.

The numerical format for yesterday was 11-17-1999. All of the digits are odd. The next Odd day is 11-19-1999. (Today!)

The next Odd day after that will be 1-1-3111 - which is well over a thousand years away, which we will never see.

Days such as 4-13-89 have both even and odd digits, thus, they are neither odd nor even.

The next even day will be 2-2-2000 - the first one since 8-28-888.

So, now you have a reason to celebrate this Friday as it'll be your last odd day on Earth!!!!!!

-- Chris (#$%^&, November 19, 1999.

So, since we're a bunch of odd ducks, that must mean that this is our day!

-- T the C (, November 19, 1999.

Chris: Now thats odd!!!! Can't wait to see what our Good Sir Cook makes of it. ROTFL.

After work I stop in here,

To see my cyber buddies dear,

And though I do not have much time,

I always like to read a rhyme,

And make a smiling, laughing tear.

The FRL will soon be One,

Its anniversary is yet to come,

Poetry, limericks, and haikus,

Write them here if you so choose,

I pop by when day is done.

-- (sonofdust@how.odd), November 19, 1999.

Gang: I have a question from Dear Grandmother Michaels for the forum: What would be a good name for the generation coming after "X", which is defined as those currently under the age of 18. Any Ideas?

-- (sonofdust@next.generation?), November 19, 1999.

Rob, the answer is obvious - the Why (Y) generation, of course!


Two conversations

placid discussion above

emotions swirl below.


Sudden storm arises

Brilliant flash unexpected

Then empty darkness


Be with me, my friend

Hear now what I cannot say

Empathy required.


I guess my muse is back with a vengeance ;-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 20, 1999.

Wow Tricia, that was some poetry for sure! :)

Gang: I spent all day shopping (hey Greybear I went to the camping store too :) Lots of $$$ traded to Costco and Home Depot. Most 'last- minute' preps are finally done! Tonight is the most time I've had online here in a month! Just stopped, or stooped, by the Chat room and had some fun there.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@almost.done), November 20, 1999.

p.s. Thanks for your answer to grandmother Michael's question Tricia. She laughed when I told her what you wrote.

Anyone else like to name the next generation?

S.O.B: This is #57. Any news or progress to report on the taming of Mother Goose?

-- (sonofdust@next.gen?), November 20, 1999.

Rob, DH saw your post and lol, we did exactly the same thing today - we're considerably poorer and various stores are now happier than this morning :-)

Glad Dear Grandmother Michaels liked my answer - do let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Life careens forward

Ever faster, ever on

Six weeks to brick wall.


Next question - how high is that wall, and is it upright or spread all over the road for miles? Will it wreck the car or just dent it a bit? I think I'll go spend some more....

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 20, 1999.

Rob, it will be the BACK TO ZERO generation :-)

Reset Recovery On ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, November 20, 1999.

Tricia: LOL. Poor but happy.

A&L: Good one, thanks. I'll pass it along to her. She is kinda excited as she knows I post here but never had a question to ask of her own before - guess she gets an earful of Y2K from me :)

-- (sonofdust@poor.happy), November 20, 1999.

Wow, Ashton and Leska, I haven't seen you here for so long that I thought the stealth geese had napted you ;-)

Rob, in your honour, one of the things we picked up today was more duct tape in red, black and white - they didn't have any other colours than the required silver and we already have (lots) of that.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 20, 1999.

Tricia: I got another case too! In fact, some people think I am a case. (They're right). Don't forget some red socks too - preferably really bright red. Blue, though, for you know who - unless she is a redhead now :)

-- (sonofdust@duct.tape), November 20, 1999.

Sanity threatened

FRL'ians reponding

Red and blue socks stocked


Questions, no answers

A cry for help in haiku

A hand reaching out


Haiku challenged hand

Forgiving opened mind gets

Mission accomplished


I'd call it "I never had a chance" generation, but that would give away my state of mind tonight, and besides, it's not catchy.

-- Chris (#$%^&, November 20, 1999.

Thanks for the beautiful haiku, Chris. I didn't realize how desperate my poetry sounded until my sister asked me what the problem was, and how come I was so depressed. I guess my angst is showing again - oh, well, I'm among friends.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 21, 1999.




And where is Lon? He was feeling down, too. I hope he was at the beach today with Kit. That always lifts MY spirit. It's going to be a long 40 days for our nerves, isn't it? (Saying a prayer for my fellow FRLians, that God will give them peace...)

-- Gayla (, November 21, 1999.

Tricia - Congrats on the 2000th POST, not b.d. :-D

Gayla - Congrats to you too! I wish a happy and long marriage for you!

Natural Highs:

* Seeing the barn finally built and backfilling dirt around it. * Getting the 50 lbs. of corn stashed away, finally! * Buying goods that you know will go to good use, whether by you or donated to charity. * Family togetherness every morning.

Dawn cracks on a early crystal morn Pink, yellow, blue ripples across the sky Reflected on silver dust below Change skitters with a breeze

-- Deb M. (, November 21, 1999.

Courtesy of De Lewis, whos departing... adios, y'all .

It belongs on this thread too. For all the FRL... the odd bunch.



You Are Unique

Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be you!

Of all the people who have come and gone on the earth, since the beginning of time, not one of them is like you.

No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.

No one's hair grows exactly the way yours does.
No one's finger prints are like yours.
No one has the same combination of secret inside jokes and family expressions that you know.

The few people who laugh at all the same things you do, don't sneeze the way you do.

No one prays about exactly the same concerns as you do.
No one is loved by the same combination of people that love you.

No one before, no one to come. You are absolutely unique! Enjoy that uniqueness.

You do not have to pretend in order to seem more like someone else.
You weren't meant to be like someone else.
You do not have to lie to conceal the parts of you that are not like what you see in anyone else.

You were meant to be different.

Nowhere ever in all of history will the same things be going on in anyone's mind, soul and spirit as are going on in yours right now.

If you did not exist, there would be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing from the plan for humankind.

Treasure your uniqueness. It is a gift given only to you. Enjoy it and share it!

No one can reach out to others in the same way that you can.
No one can speak your words. No one can convey your meanings.
No one can comfort with your kind of comfort.
No one can bring your kind of understanding to another person.

No one can be cheerful and lighthearted and joyous in your way.
No one can smile your smile.
No one else can bring the whole unique impact of you to another human being.

Share your uniqueness.

Let it be free to flow out among your family and friends and people you meet in the rush and clutter of living wherever you are.
That gift of yourself was given you to enjoy and share.

Give yourself away! See it! Receive it! Let it tickle you!
Let it inform you and nudge you and inspire you!

You Are Unique!

-- Author Unknown

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 21, 1999.

All of us, FRLians & forum addicts, lurkers, + casual drive-bys, will flock here when the failures start popping like hot kernals in the microwave. Until then, the poetic hold the fort and hold high aloft the torch of human kindness.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ FRL }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, November 21, 1999.

Hi FRLians. Good posts! Yes, we are all unique, and I think that the words 'flock here' belong. Anyone have an update on stealth Geese movements?

Just got back from visiting an old friend that I haven't seen for a long time and soon I'll be ready to dig in and watch the show. Anyone have some of those peanuts left from last night? Well Roasted seems appropriate :)

See youz guyz afterwards.

-- (sonofdust@roast.toast), November 21, 1999.

Thanks to all who keep coming here, encouraging and caring. What wonderful people I've gotten to know here.

I found out today that a friend of mine's grandaughter died this week of SIDS, and on Tuesday it will be 8 years since the death of my (beloved) father - today has been a day of tears and remembered tears - your caring is all the more appreciated.

I'll second A and L's ((((((((((((((FRLians))))))))))))))))

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 21, 1999.

O.K., I have a confession to make. We didn't go to the beach, like I said. We went to Lousiana and to the casino, instead. (gasp)

I don;t know whyyyy..........Heaven knows I don't even like crowds of people, nor noise, nor slot machines, nor cigarette smoke. But anyway, we went. And we sat and played (that's what they call it nowadays) an slowly lost a small portion of my posterior. (NO Gayla, you may not see the scar!)

We played, and ate gigantic buffet masterpieces (with three desserts), sampled the free booze, pulled the handles, and threw the dice. And you know what? We really had a good time. Y2K disappeared into the smoke and bells, and Kit drank enough free cokes to keep two drink girls busy. (Needless to say, they catered to his every whim - he's such a babe-magnet.)

Seriously, this is not my kind of thing, but it was great somehow, right now. Strangers who became fast friends, just because you both lost on the same hand. Someoone newly rich, whooping in the dollar slot area. Everybody laughing, groaning, grumbling all at once. Unbridled, anadorned, and unabashed greed, celebrated and courted as though it was the very essence of blood and marrow. And there, in the green velvet world of the pit boss, where the sun never shines, and neon never wanes, it just may indeed be. I noticed that among the chrome and glass, and pictures of smiling lucky winners, there were no mirrors.

Anyway, I managed to save enough to buy gas to get home on, so I guess I'll now ruminate quietly upon my folly. And Kit and i can talk about that hand that JUST missed the royal flush - by three cards!

PS - If you should go anytime soon, and meet two guys named Nuckles and Buggsy, you might not mention that we're friends. Seems there's this little unresolved misunderstanding about a bad check.

-- Lon Frank (, November 21, 1999.

Trish, sorry - I didn't see your post in time. My own father died almost forty years ago. I can still see his face and feel his hand upon my shoulder.

-- Lon Frank (, November 21, 1999.

Tricia, for you:

Words of comfort do we share,

For each other do we care,

Laugh or cry,

Smile or sigh,

the FRL is always here.

-- (sonofdust@for.tricia), November 21, 1999.

(((((Tricia))))) An extra hug for you today. Rob is right, we really DO care!

Lon, what in the world were you thinking? Leaving Texas and going to Louisiana! Well!!! :-) Just kidding. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Glad you're feeling better. No mirrors, huh? How interesting. And what's this about a scar?

-- Gayla (, November 21, 1999.

Thanks, all.

Lon, I knew we musta posted at the same time. Bummer isn't it?

Gayla, if you ever do get a look at that thar scar, make sure your camera's handy!

Rob, my daughter says your name means "Bright in fame", so I'll expect to see your poetry published any time now :-)

Hope y'all enjoy the movie.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 21, 1999.

Lon: Welcome Home. You sound very reflushed, er, refreshed.

Tricia: I never knew my name meant anything at all!!! - just a name - (Dear Mrs. Michaels has lots of names for me :) Where did she come by this info? A book or something? What does your name mean?

-- (, November 21, 1999.

(Gayla whispering a secret to Rob... Tricia's real name is Susan Patricia!) :-)

-- Gayla (, November 22, 1999.

Psssst. Gayla. Over here. Thanks. The secret is safe with me :) Susan Patricia? Cool. So Tricia has two first names like I do. Michael Roberts and Patricia Susans. Her initials SP could also stand (or sit) for Sweet Princess!

-- (sonofdust#@psssst.gayla), November 22, 1999.

Gayla, you must have 2 names, too, if you know mine - do we share one, perchance?

Rob, Tricia is short for Patricia which means nobility; and my younger daughter looked up Robert in the book of baby's names which we found while cleaning our basement. Susan, BTW means daisy, so I'm really just a noble daisy - very similar to a whoops-a-daisy, most days :-)


A busy week planned

Visits here may be shortened

Still, love to see friends.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 22, 1999.

LOL, Tricia! It's Gayla Sue. (But don't tell Lon!) :-)

-- Gayla (, November 22, 1999.

Whether it is clear or hazy,

We count on our Noble Daisy,

To stop by - hello to say,

Whenever she may pass this way,

One thing shes not and thats lazy.

Gayla now is Gayla Sue,

Although just Gayla, please will do,

When not at war she checks things out,

Investigatress with the clout,

What would we do without you too!

Rob is going now to bed,

To rest his weary brain and head,

An official address is expected of me,

almost Thanksgiving dont you see,

for FRLians a new thread.

-- (sonofdust@lights.out), November 22, 1999.

I have nothing profound,... I hope it's a phase I'm going through. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the FRLians in Bok's chat. So nice, so nice!

moon is full this night
reminds me of ancient rites
of light and lovelies

-- Donna (, November 23, 1999.

Friends have gone and were alone,

On the chat room they do roam,

I have been there once or twice,

And even though it seems quite nice,

The FRL is still my Home.


Dusk broods and deepens on the pale margins of the lake. The shadows of twilight fall like a curtain. A full moon rises glimmering in the misty sky. Stars are veiled in velvet blackness. Night passes, slowly, giving way to a morning of New Hope.

-- (sonofdust@chat.moon), November 23, 1999.

Oh gee - I get my name looked up while cleaning the basement......

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, November 23, 1999.

Poor Robert! LOL!

Rob, that was lovely. I forgot about the full moon! Maybe I can go for a walk tonight... I'm afraid I'm about done with the chat room myself. Last night was more than I bargained for. I like the relative "safety" of the FRL. If only we had a FRL chat room. That would be cool! :-)

-- Gayla (, November 23, 1999.

OOOOOOoooo. A walk in the moonlight. Sounds romantic. Hope you get to enjoy that Gayla.

Robert, Good Sir, Bearer of the Metal of Fruitfullness - Remember when I made that wee lil tiny mess in the kitchen? Dear Mrs. Michaels locked me down in the basement for two days!! Couldn't even get online. Sheesh! So don't pout.

Speakin of Mrs. Michaels, she has been on a mission this week getting ready for Thanksgiving and expects me to help out - last time she wanted me to help out I kinda made a few mistakes and she told me to stop helping :) She still won't let me in the kitchen either!

-- (sonofdust@moon.walk), November 23, 1999.

On the other hand, dear Sir Leader of the Band, remembering of course that I only believe in cooking things with three (or fewer) ingredients, not including of course the combustibles (commodities ?) placed at random on top;

I get regularly assighned the turkey cooking chores. This also is because my dear lady Veronica prefers to watch me play with the turkey, rather than do it herself.

So, Christmas and Thanksgiving sees us get up around 5:30 in the darkness, start the oven, and remove all the internals from the turkey - that way they don't count in the ingredient list. I wash the beast; she cuts onions and celery. I stuff the thing with the two ingrediants mentioned, cover with oil, and place in oven under the foil cover.

It is then time to wash up, and return to sleep. Or other things....

A few hours later, we rotate the turkey.

A few hours later, we remove the used celery and oninons, and discard. Then we dismantle the remainder of the turkey, and serve.

Simple procedure: there remains on the dish only one ingrediant: turkey parts.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, November 23, 1999.

Gayla and Rob, in response to request for FRL chat room, I recieved the following info from Chris (hope it's okay to post this, Chris - I've changed the name to FRLchats from what you were using) :

Here's how to do it:

got to

You'll need to be on a PC with Windows 95/98. Download the tiny applet needed (2 minutes download) and it self installs. Then when you reach the main chat area entrance page, click on "create chat room" link at the left of the screen. Enter those parameters carefully as written here:

room name: FRLchats

category: select "unlisted" from the pull down menu

Topic: your choice for the day

Welcome message: you're the queen of the house, say what you please (you'll have the "host" status).

Now when people from the forum want to join the chat room, they'll click on "join chat" link on the left at the entrance screen, and enter simply: FRLchats. Nobody else who don't know about this chatroom will be able to enter, as it won't be listed in the "Categories" to the public at large, so it's totally private to TB2K forum posters who are made aware of it. You'll love the environment of the chatroom, it has neat and easy to use features, and we can also chat privately to one another in the room, which I think is very much lacking from Bok's chatroom (the "whisper" feature). At times I feel I need the privacy to talk in private to someone without the entire room knowing, especially when hardcore pollies are around! ****************

If you do this, they will come...

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 23, 1999.

Wow Robert! You know how to use the oven? I'm impressed. I'll never forget the last time I used it :( Marie told me to make the chestnuts. That was when we were first married (she thought I knew how to cook things other than boiling in one pot). Well I knew she wanted me to roast them but the dang oven didn't have any setting for 'roast' so I figured I would put it on Broil, since it sounded kinda like boil, and I was familiar with that. After a while when we were in the living room we heard this awful noise. It turned out the chestnuts were poppin round in that there oven and some were exploding! Found out that you had to poke holes in em first. Sheesh! Haven't been near that oven since.

-- (sonofdust@no.oven), November 23, 1999.

Hi Tricia(and you too Chris). Looks like we posted at the same time. Dang refresh. FRLchat sounds interesting. I also have had times where I would have liked to whisper a thing or two to another FRLian.

How do the rest of youz guys feel about this? The BORED is entertaining the emotion.

-- (, November 23, 1999.

There's a song about that: It starts something like this, I fear

.... Chestnuts roasting round an oven fire..

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, November 23, 1999.

I'm going to go open the chat, hope you'll come visit me there :-)

-- T the C (, November 23, 1999.

Tricia, sorry I missed you! Guess we'll have to set up times or something, so everyone knows. (Still no response from Lon about the scar!) :-)

Rob, anxiously awaiting the annual message and new thread...

-- Gayla (, November 24, 1999.

All us Mac fanatics locked out :_(

Curious how even now, hanging over the precipice, ppl still don't understand the total superiority of the Macintosh over all other computing environments. Another puzzling disconnect.

Marooned on all sides ...

-- Mac attack! :-) (!), November 24, 1999.

Diane, Ashton, Leska and all other Mac Fanatics, we'd love to chat with you, all you have to do is find a troll free zone :-) 'Til then, I still do check in at Bok's when I have time - kinda like here (I make the time, bad girl!!).


Pink and gold streamers float on blue beyond depth

Bright full moon smiles down on blue/white fields

Silence, peace and beauty linger

Come share this wonderous dawn with me,

Treasuring these moments.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 24, 1999.

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