Frequently Asked Questions about LUSENET

Who set up each forum?
Each of the thousands of forums on this system was set up by an individual moderator for his or her own reasons.
Who moderates the forums?
Nobody anymore. The server is in read-only mode so that people searching for information with Google can find it. Examples of useful threads:
What if I want my name removed?
Try asking the New York Times if they wouldn't mind editing all of their old articles from 15 years ago. They don't have the staff to do it. In this case, the moderators who owned the forums have mostly moved on, their email addresses no longer work, etc.
What if I want the webmaster to remove my name?
The thousands of moderators who set up these forums never agreed to edit old information. They only disapproved off-topic postings as they were made. In any case, that labor force is gone. I, the webmaster, have received thousands of requests to change information that is in old LUSENET postings. Responding to all requests would be a full-time job.