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Since it now takes longer to load IV than it does to get a coffee and since my screen saver kicks in before it's loaded, time for a new version.

Sue, mother of FC threads (though Rob is still the FRL starter and leader) - are you out there?

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 04, 1999



Two Canadians posting back to back!!!!!

Fruitcakes and hockey pucks, is there a connection??

-- Brian (, August 04, 1999.

Maybe a bannock thread is in order, or can we exist with a mutual understanding.


-- Brian` (, August 04, 1999.

I'm here, but awfully tired of fruitcake. Never liked it in the first place so I traded in my supply for 10,000# of rice, 6 cases of ammo, and a truckload of T.P. Awful good trade,don'cha think? They must REALLY like fruitcake!

Does this mean I'm ousted from the league? I could maybe try to make some more? Awful hard over a woodstove but nobody eats it anyway, so who could tell the difference?

-- sue (, August 04, 1999.

wHY MUsT yOU jaCKALs CONtiNUE YoUR FooLIShnEsS?????? hYENaS!!!!! lET The DIEter SLeeP, YoU RABid bREatHED BUzZARdS!!!!!!! eNOUGh!!!! eNOUgH I sAY!!!!! INfidELs!!!!! hoW HEARtleSs aRE YoU???? WhY CAnnOT YoU LEavE DIEteR Be????? PooR DIeTER's brAIN Is leAKINg!!!!!

i HATe yOU!!!!!

-- Dieter (, August 04, 1999.

OH NO! NOT THAT SONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! DiETeR, I think your BRAIN must leak that stupid song! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh!

Hi, Sue! Nice to see you again! Little did you know when you started that thread so many months ago, it would go on and on and on and.... well, you get the picture. :-) BTW, don't let Rob try to talk you into taking over leadership duties. (We like torturing him too much to let him quit!) hee hee!

-- Gayla (, August 04, 1999.

wHAT sONg?????? jaCKaL!!!!! DieTEr hEArs nO SOng!!!!!!

-- Dieter (, August 04, 1999.

DiETer, were you the one I traded all my fruitcake to?

-- sue (, August 04, 1999.

Attention FRLians: The FRL will now come to order for Official Business

It grieves me great displeasure to have to instigate, uh I mean institute, this official criminal proceeding against Sue.

Sue is hereby charged with fruitlessness , a very serious demeanor. The evidence of her transgression or progression or regression is from her own post as follows: I'm here, but awfully tired of fruitcake. Never liked it in the first place.

Based on this evidence, it is my solemn duty to start these proceedings in search of FRLian truth and justice.

Sue: You stand (or sit) accused or Fruitlessness. You have the right to FRLian council, if another FRLian poster volunteers to resent you, or you can resent yourself. You will be tried beginning immediately after you enter a plead on this FRLian thread. The pleads and punishments for Fruitlessness are as follows:

1 Pre-medicated Fruitlessness: Punishment: Read nothing but troll threads in the archives for 24 hours, followed by immediate promotion to FRLian leader

2 Fruitlessness by reason of Y2K insanity: Punishment: Promotion to FRLian leader

3 Fruitlessness for any other reason: Punishment: Promotion to FRLian Leader

You may plead 1, 2, or 3.

Uh, well, you may plead "not guilty" too I guess, in which case an official FRLian trial will commend at once here on the thread, and you will judged by your pears. If you lose, you can apple, but only once.

How do you plead?

(if you fail to plead within 24 hours a warrant will be tissued for you, and you will held in attempt of court  another serious charge!)

-- Rob Michaels (, August 04, 1999.

Psst Sue: Make a Hawaiian rice cake with pineapple and rum, coocoonut and cream-soaked reasons, and macacademias; Rob will accept, and eat, and then ... won't care or remember :-)

-- quick strategies (yummy@rummy.slice), August 04, 1999.

doES nOT The woRD TRAdE InfeR AN exCHAngE??????? jA!!!! siNCE yOU HASt reCEIveD OnLY SCorN In retURN, inFIDEl, yOU HaVE giVEn yOUr frUITcakE AS triBUTE!!!!!!

LonG The dIETER!!!!

aLL haIL The dieTER!!!!!


-- Dieter (, August 04, 1999.

Mmmmmmm! I want some Hawaiian cake!


(psssst... Sue.... see what I mean???) :-), August 04, 1999.

Dieter: You are out of order. Decease and resist!

Sue: we are waiting for your plead...

-- Rob Michaels (, August 04, 1999.

Hey! Someone "ate" my name! Yes, DiETeR, please decease! :-)

-- Gayla (, August 04, 1999.

Darn! Dear Mrs. Michaels wants me to do something "right now" so I have to go. Please carrion without me until I get back later tonight. BFN, Rob

-- Rob Michaels (, August 04, 1999.

I don't (hic)pleat...ahh pleed anything. I stand on the fifth 'cause it's empty and not good for much else.

It was the brandied cherries or the cherry brandy that went in the truthcake (hic). ..ahh, fruitcakes. A litle too much tampering (hic)...ahh sampling.

Fenders, ahh,tenders,(hic) ahh renders your case mute (hic)..ahh moat, ahh moot as I am not table (hic) able of overmaking...ahh undertaking the (hic) supposed ...ahh proposed funishments, this point in time.

-- sue (, August 04, 1999.

Do yOU JAckASSEs kNOW How CLosE DIeTEr cAME To beINg deCEasED?????? eVIl foUL WretcHED beaVER quoTERs!!!!! iNFIdEL BUnghoLeS!!!! a REMindEr fOR DiLLWIcK BOogeR PIckeRS of jUST How cLOSE It wAS!!!!!!!


The sUN was sHINing

A HAPpy smilinG DieTEr

MISSEd the beaVers LUrkinG


SilEnt, slinKINg beAsts

THEir foul hEarts FULL of eVil

TrAckiNg pOor dieTer


CloSer, cLOSEr Yet

LeAVing no ROom for eESCapE

THEN caMe the aTTack!


ToRTURed sCreaMs of heLL

SpUrting ARcS of bLOOdy goRE

THEN DIEter wAs doWn


DietER roLLs awAy

OuT coMes THe mAgNUm baRkinG

TakE that, eViL bEAsts!


TWO hiTs theN a miSS

YeLLOw teEth AT diETers thRoat

BOOm! GoOd-byE rodEnt!


DieTer sTAGgers ofF

HoW cOuld he BE so FOolisH?

StaY On thE traIL, LadS.

-- Dieter (, August 04, 1999.

HAHAHAHAHhahahaha Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee hikpu. Wad a nice pardee, evreebodys dunk! HAHAHAahikup. Hay Diettr, howbout a haipoo? Weres the cannnon Galya? HahahahaHAHAhahah hiciup

Sue, sue, su euuuu, didu say Fifth? u dwinking a fifht? OOOOOOooooooooooooo HAHAHAHAHA hiucpup

Don worree sue, u dont hav 2 make a flea. I no yur not hiikupup giltpee. I juz wannated 2 tri an get otta beeing leeder. Dem flutecrakes hikkup wit banded cheryies reallly wack a pollup don they? ZZZZZZzzzzzzz

HAHAHAHA Weeeeeeeeeeeeee hikuppp. ZZZZzzzzzz Now u juz forgte alll bout the flea. Ko?

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz I peel lik takiking a driv in my kloown kar. ZZZZzzzzzz.

Trishka an Brien hav u hihihicup seeen my carr annewhare in Canacda? Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz hic zzzz zzz up zz z

-- Mob Richaels (ZZZZZZZ@hick.pu), August 04, 1999.

DiEtER, you're starting to sound like INVAR'S Bagga Saga! DiEtER loves INVAR! DiEtER loves INVAR! DiEtER loves INVAR!

-- (neener@neener.neener), August 04, 1999.

hay ninnee u leave mi dinking buddy dietre alon. don u see how gud his hiapoos r?

-- mob Richales (I@for.get), August 04, 1999.

NEin!!!!! FOOlisH VULtuRe!!!!

DIetER EXposES foOLIshnEss, He iS NOt iT'S POster CHilD!!!!!


-- Dieter (, August 04, 1999.

Yup, Rob, I saw a convertible bug that looked just like your clown car as Carla and I were driving to Riverdance this evening. Carla says, "It was coool". I didn't notice the driver, just the stream of balloons following it. Maybe it will get home to you soon ;-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 05, 1999.

So Sue walks out like O.J.,

Rob continues on as Fearless Leader of the FRL,

Tricia and Brian get together and start making fruitcake hockey pucks,

DieTEr goes back to sleep with the help of a lullaby from Gayla,

Quick sells Privacy (who secretly owns Nabisco) the recipe for Hawaiian Rice Cake

And so it goes.............

-- y2klady (, August 05, 1999.

Know Your Fruitcake! (not for the serious) 000Imj

Know your Fruitcake, the second. 000hxd

OT - Fruitcake III 000sez

Know Your Fruitcake IV (not for the serious) 0011dm

Fruitcake V : The Return of Sue? 001Bli

-- (fruit@cake.linker), August 05, 1999.

And the thread by Sue that started it all: The Perfect Y2K food

-- Gayla (, August 05, 1999.

That's not a drive, it's a putt!

Wisdom and sanity are often mutually exclusive in humans. . .but certainly so in Dieter. . .

Hey! He's wise, honest and brave! What more could you ask?

-- Hardliner (, August 05, 1999.

For him to stop posting that stupid "Chicken Dance" song? :-)

-- Gayla (, August 05, 1999.

With Hardliner and DiETEr here, there is no need for me to want to venture into any other threads anymore. The mix of brains, wisdom, knowledge, ethnic background (a healthy dose of Canuckians keep everyone else in check), gender (all three of them) and absurdity is perfect and complete.

What's more, I can't keep up the vigil on the rest of the forum anymore, the more I read the more it's the same rebash and the more I lose my posts. I feel like a chipmunk spinning in a wheel, it's no way for a wild fox to live. So Rob, Most Extreamed Leader, I request to be dissolved of my duties of keeping up with this forum to take my re-tiredment on the FRL thread and future ones. I feel I've yearned it. I'm sure I will be mortified by the FRL if any new reel news develop.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 05, 1999.

dO NoT AnY OF yOU IDIotS REaLIsE THaT SonGs HaVE woRDS??????? dO YoU HEaR Any wORDs?????? WeLL?????


-- Dieter (, August 05, 1999.

OK, DiETeR, being a smarty pants are you? Gonna get technical on us, huh? Well, come over here and I'll give you something technical! A TKO!!!

-- Gayla (, August 05, 1999.


You're in trouble now! You might get Dieter, but what are you gonna do when King of Spain sees that?

Hope ya' like to mud wrestle!

-- Hardliner (, August 05, 1999.

Oooooops! (blushing) NOBODY better tell KoS! I don't like to get dirty. :-)

Hey, Rob! I bet you're going to LOVE Ed's new project! It's right up your "alley."

-- Gayla (, August 06, 1999.

Chris, I already pretty much do what you're describing - I check the most recent FC and scan the recent answers page for the day to see if there's a topic that I'm interested in. I go to the prep forum to see if there are any topics that I need to know more about or can contribute usefully to. Then I check Pastor Chris' forum before heading off to visit non-Y2K sites. My net-time is limited and I have too much to do in too little time to increase it. See you 'round!

DiETer, don't birds sing songs without words?

Gayla, do you pronounce KoS "chaos"? (Kaos is what we named our new kitten - and he lives down to it!)


Sleepy morning time

Sun shines brightly in my face

But my bed calls

-- Night-working Tricia the Canuck (, August 06, 1999.

Chickens are not smart enough to be considered real birds.....and they can't sing, so they have to play the chicken dance.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 06, 1999.

Chris: Retiredment approved, Dear and Prodigal FRLian. Yes, indeed, you have yearned it! Uh, Chris, please do not read the next sentence. Gang: We should get Chris a surprise retiredment gift - any suggstions? OK Chris, you can start reading again.

S.O.B. - Oh Great One, Knower of All You Know, Sacrificer of Fingers and Toes, and Official Keeper of the Count: Please exercise your duty for Fruitcake IV when you get a chance. All FRLdom thanks you! p.s. Any word from Mother Goose?

Field Marshalls Tricia, Ashton, and Leska: A report is needed on the status of the Northern Stealth Geese regiments. Also, should we consider asking (or drafting, hee hee) Brian into the Northern FRLian Forces?

Gayla: Now, now, lets not get into another war please, especially with Dieter again. Sheesh! Ill never forget you pitching those flaming fruitcakes! And remember that Chris is back and is in retiredment and needs some peace and quiet! On a less serious note, thanks for the heads up regarding Ed  I am sure I would have missed this, especially since between now and the end of next week I wont be around much due to it being cruch time (again) at my job. I intend to try and pop in here though. p.s. that music would have gone great on Leos Premonition thread, dont ya think? ROTFL!

Hardliner: Did I miss something? Is KOS an FRLian? His presents would add a whole new dementia to the FRL.

Diane, Oh Great Seeress and Shatterer of Record after Record: FRLian thoughts reach out to you. Hope all is well, and dont drink too much cocoa :)

-- Rob Michaels (, August 06, 1999.


I've been meaning to tell you something. Your "Aggie Geartrain"

reminds me greatly of certain General Motors automatic transmission designs. You might want to investigate the possibility of getting some royalties from them. . .

And, in defense of chickens, aside from the eggs and the various ways to eat chicken, they have one quality that I know of in no other creature (with the exception of one individual and very stubborn German Shepherd) which endears them to me for all time--they eat scorpions!

-- Hardliner (, August 06, 1999.


As far as I know, King of Spain is not a FRLian, but I must point out that no one ever pulls the shades around here! Not only that, the windows are always wide open so even the racket gets out! FRL Security is, to be kind, in sad shape! I just hope for Gayla's sake that KoS doesn't happen by and glance in!

It might be well to ask Tricia to set up a Guard Detachment and a duty roster among the stealth geese. That way, an interloper would first confront a Guardgoose who would certainly warn us, and likely resolve the situation before it became an incident.

-- Hardliner (, August 06, 1999.


Thanks for the thought! Did a quick lurk this morning and just a "little" research.


Now it's back to shutting down the 'puter and stacking ossified fruitcakes in a dark corner of the basement. Might come in handy... or not. (Ooops... that's not a popular FRL admission).

Re-tired-ing for now too.


-- Diane J. Squire (, August 06, 1999.

Hardliner: Good suggestions. They will be implemented immediately with FRLian Decision Directive #1039642. Fear not, Loyal FRLian! FRLian security is actually better than most would think. The information is highly compartmentalized. I could tell you about it, but then I would have to kill you :( But hey, that gives me an idea!


The BORED will now entertain the following motion:

Since with the growing and returning numbers of FRLians it is more difficult to keep track of you all (highlighted by the KOS issue) I have come to the delusion that we might want to form an FRL Membership Committee (FMC). The mission would be to streamline and consolidate all FRLian membership information so that we know who our members are. (This would also have positive FRLian Security implications). Besides, I read in a leadership book that all leaders like to streamline. So, as leader of this here FRL, I hereby officially request that this motion to form an FMC be entertaining.

If the motion to create the FRLian membership committee passes, they should immediately form a sub-committee, which in turn can spawn associated vice sub committees which in turn can appoint deputy vice sub committees, which in turn can break out further into assistant deputy vice sub committees. This should result in streamlining things nicely - much the way many governments do.

(Anyone else notice that the word committee has three redundant redundant redundant letters? LOL)

Will anyone second the emotion?

Lunch break is almost over so BFN, Rob.

-- (, August 06, 1999.

I nominate these guys to be the alternative redundant other backup committee in charge of being responsible for looking out after (before/befive/behive/behind ?) and until discharged and recharged of membershipping...

Didn't see no beavers, and of course the stealth chickens are invisiblity reproducing...

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 06, 1999.

Hey, those little guys are cute! I wonder if I can put a couple of them in here?

-- ;-) ;-) ;-) (just@playing.around), August 06, 1999.

An Aggie joke for Robert Cook:

Texas' worst air disaster occurred today when a small two-seater Cessna 152 plane, piloted by two Texas A&M students, crashed into a cemetery early this afternoon in College Station. Aggie search and rescue workers have recovered 300 bodies so far and expect the numbers to climb as digging continues into the evening. The pilot and copilot survived and are helping in the recovery efforts. :-)

-- Gayla (, August 08, 1999.

Sir Rob,Great and Fearless Leader (Drafted and Most Reluctant To Serve),Feeder of the Beavers,

Just saw your SOS about FC IV.

And the survey sez - 155 posts over there ending with Ms. Gayla's kind invite to one and all to come play here at FC V, "The Saga of Sue".

I came in here to check it out and I find that Ms. Gayla is "digging" (pun intended)on the Aggies.

Ms Gayla, you forgot to mention the 300 lawyers who have filed class action suits on behalf of the victims charging that the Cessna had a design defect that allowed it to fly during conditions when there was no lift in the air over the cemetery, thus causing the crash. It was a dead air space.

The judge has placed a gag order on all of the victims to prevent them from discussing the crash with anyone.

This is # 42, if it is just under Ms. Gayla's Aggie bash.

Ms. Sue;

You simply must stick around here Ma'am. If you leave us those lawyers may try to sue you too Ms. Sue. Try saying that 5 times real fast!

Later on folks.


-- sweetolebob (, August 08, 1999.

No it ain't either!!

It was #43.

My fingernails are on too tight I guess. I just might have, well, kind of, maybe, could have, possibly messed it up somehow.

This is #44 (I think)


-- sweetolebob (, August 08, 1999.

I like these guys best.

Also, try this

-- Carla the Canuck (got@no.address), August 08, 1999.

Oh brother! I leave the room for a few minutes, and what happens? My daughter gets us some gophers! Where's my .22?


Warm summer weekend

Relaxing, wonderful heat

Why am I inside?


See y'all later - I gotta go enjoy this while it's here :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 08, 1999.

Hmmmm. I see that youz guyz have been very busy getting the committees staffed! LOL.

S.O.B: Thank you for performing your Official FRLian duty. It is never an easy job, and we do depreciate it!

Now, we still need some ideas for Dear Chris's retiredment gift.

-- Rob Michaels (, August 08, 1999.

Welllll - we had a couple of commmiiittteees stiffed and couple of them staffed.....hopping to it sir!

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 09, 1999.

Thank you Rob Sir, O Most Deluded and Fair Leader, for approving my re-tiredment! I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of assuming you would approve, so I celebrated in advance by taking the weekend off and went to a wedding in Connectthegut.. um..Connecttiput..uh ..Connectthedot.. well you know, up north where the people are warm and the air is cool. I'm starting to like this relaxing and happy life, I think I'll stick with it. The FRL will be my sand pile, I'm already immersed head over heels in it.

Rob, as always, I succumb to your emotion. An FMC commitment is just what we don't need, and so by reverse psychology logic it is a superb idea. Ah! Rob, you never cease to put me in a maze!

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 09, 1999.

S.O.B., you're funny! :-) But you still haven't answered my question about the waltz across Texas???? Of course, maybe we should wait until it cools off a bit....

Robert Cook, did you read the Aggie joke?

Tricia, your daughter is pretty good with HTML! :-) PS- I'll be happy to send you some WARM weather. It's been over 95 degrees for 14 days straight, and NO rainfall for a month.

-- Gayla (, August 09, 1999.

Let's see - 98.6 is 37 in *real* degrees. So 95 is about 35. Uggh, yech! Gayla, I hope you have air conditioning and lots of water! Heat prostration is never good - do put off that waltz 'til Texas is a bit cooler.

Rob, I think that Chris is the second of your motion and therefore the obvious choice for Committee Chair. All in favor say "Aye" (aye); opposed say "Nay" ( ). The ayLes have it ;-)


Dark clouds cover sky

White columns towering high

Their golden tops shine.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 10, 1999.

"Now, we still need some ideas for Dear Chris's retiredment gift."

Rob, I just happened to lurk here and see your post. I'm writing this in stealth-pixel mode, so only you can read this.

Here's an idea: I know for a fact that Chris loooves limericks. How about everyone write a limerick for her?

-- I'm not Chris, honest! (, August 10, 1999.

Thank you Tricia. I'm dishonored to take the position.

As my first decree as Supreme Committee Chair Lounge, I nominate you my First Assistant Slave Mz. Suave, Keeper of All FRL Threads Past Present and Future, its Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Associates and Ingrates, and FRL Mausoleum Rector (or is that Museum Director?)

Your first duty will be to run all my posts through a spell checker and throw the report in the trash. When that's done, I want a list of all the threads that has a post with the word "FRL" in it.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 10, 1999.

Tricia, on second thought, add the words "fruitcake", "stealth geese", "red sock", "rubber duckies". Any post from any thread in the entire archive with those words in them I want listed.

When you're done that, give me a copy of the list and keep the original, compile the names of all the posters then give me that final list, destroy your copy. Use my e-mail address. As soon as I recieve it, I shall post it here and recieve my due credits.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 10, 1999.

Oh I forgot to ask,,,, do you serve beer here?

Or is it just Rum?

What does go with fruitcake?

-- Brian (, August 10, 1999.

Chris knows how to delegate,

As a leader, she is great!

Tricia has so much to do,

It'll be a while 'for she's through,

Nothing can she relegate.


Chris for Leader, do I hear?,

She has shown she has no fear,

Rob he likes to have a drink,

And besides he needs a shrink,

Chris for Leader, Cheer Cheer Cheer!!!

-- I am not Rob, Honest! (Not Rob, August 10, 1999.

No, you are not honest, Rob.....honest, Rob, methinks thou doth protest to much....

-- What Me Worry? (whowhat@where.when), August 10, 1999.

Dehydrated beer and powdered provolone w/ apple chips go with fruitcake.

-- FRLian gourmet (sprinkle@mix.whisk), August 10, 1999.

FRLian gourmet,

Are you pregnant by any chance? That mix would give me technicolor heebie-jeebie nightmares for a week! (and I'm known to some of my associates as, "Ol' Buzzard Gut", because I can eat a lot of stuff that other folks think is not fit. . .)

Fruitcake goes real well with sangria, or cognac but I'll pass on the beer (dehydrated or otherwise)!

-- Hardliner (, August 10, 1999.

dehydrated beer a toast to Uncle Deedah :-)

-- he even has a recipe (i'll@take.kalua), August 10, 1999.

Here ya go, Brian. All the beer you care to drink! (Just don't let Rob see this, OK?)

Tricia, yes, we have air-conditioning, and we run it a LOT! My electric bill for this past month was $200! Oh, me!

-- Gayla (, August 10, 1999.


Ah what an insperation for the cause. Neverending glass of beer!

This is indeed a civilized thread :o)

-- Brian (, August 10, 1999.

Did you notice the head is properly proportional to height of the liquid in the mug?

But - is it served cold (TX style), warm (left in the cooler too long without-ice-TX-style), luke-warm (UK-style), or permafrosted (BC-style)? Obviously, it isn't served NZ style - (head on the bottom) nor OZ-style (empty).

But if were served NH-style, the cooler would have been emptied of all water to fill AlGore's cooler.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 10, 1999.

What me worry: I cannot tell a lie. I did it. It was me. Your very subtle hint is acknowledged.

Hey Brian, I didn't know you liked to drink too. Enjoy, uh, but watch out for those never empty glasses! I should know :)

Robert, Oh Bearer of the Order of the Fruit: LOL!

Since this here thread was started when it was, I expect that tomorrow we will see some of the answers in the answers count go to the forum twilight zone. So, S.O.B., this is answer #63 if it is right after Good Sir Cook's definitive statement on beer!

-- Rob Michaels (, August 10, 1999.

Sheesh! The answer count already was 63 before my post. So that was 64 and this is, you guessed it, 65.

Chris: hope you liked the limericks :) Maybe Uncle or Hardliner will write a really good one for you, or even DEitEr! Tricia I am sure could write a really nice one too, but I think she may be a bit busy now!

-- (, August 10, 1999.

You guys should be nicer to my mom. She says she's never showing her face again if you give her all this work. Hey, now there's a thought...

-- Carla the Canuck (got@no.address), August 11, 1999.

You misspelled DiEdiTor.....8<)

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 11, 1999.

And in case you didn't see the dancing site, some samples: Macarena dancing macaroni! Ta-da!

-- Carla the Canuck (got@no.address), August 11, 1999.

Robert Cook poured out:

But - is it served cold (TX style), warm (left in the cooler too long without-ice-TX-style), luke-warm (UK-style), or permafrosted (BC-style)? Obviously, it isn't served NZ style - (head on the bottom) nor OZ-style (empty).

Permafrosted is the only way to drink brews, aussies of course are the exception, it takes time to get them frosty. Y2K connection? Instant gratification and warm beer over patiance and a good cool frosty. Hard choices must be made.


It is not a matter of likeing to drink, it is perfectly natural reaction. There is no choice in the matter. It is a question of whether sleeping is more important that drinking. When the natural actions of man conflict there is never a real winner.

But we have a conflict of rum soaked fruitcake to eat or cold frosties to drink,,,,,,, somehow this must be resolved,,,,, eat the fruitcake when I am sleeping!!!

-- Brian (, August 11, 1999.

VERY good, Carla! You do good work! Maybe you should help your sweet mom out with all of that work!! I'll bet you could show her a few shortcuts. (BTW, that almost naked baby is Uncle Deedah! Someone took his picture at a concert a few months back!) :-)

-- Gayla (, August 11, 1999.

"conflict of rum soaked fruitcake to eat or cold frosties to drink"

You're a man after my own heart Brian! It is almost 3: 00 in the morning now (I set my alarm so I would stop sleeping and answer your question). I have no recollection of being able to eat the fruitcake or down the frosties while I slept. So may I offer a suggestion?


Pssst. Carla. over here. Shhhhhhh. We simply won't be able to get along without mom. SHe is way too important around here. So tell her that all of FRLdom will bat in, or pitch in, or something, to get the work done. I have an idea... have her tell Chris that she needs a search engine first. Then we will have to cut a requisition, purchase order, etc., that should buy more time.

Well, back to sleep now. BFN, Rob.

p.s. SOrRy dIeTEr!

-- Sleepy Rob (, August 11, 1999.

Brian, that would be a Whiskey Soaked Fruitcake young man, we haven't stocked on rum that I know of. Rob O Most Sleepless, Pantless and Defenceless Leader, I make the emotion that new FRL members must learn FRL history and pass a test before being in-duct-taped to us.

What?...only one half hearted limerick from a disROBed FRL'er as a re-tiredment gift for me? :~( That limerick isn't a gift, it's a trap!! I cannot be vetoed leader because I'm officially re-tired. You're stuck with the FRL leadership forever Rob sir.

Oh well...I'm deduced to this now...

This is for you, dear myself

a poem for no one else

because you deserve

from the FRL's verve

gifts imaginary and stealth

I prefer a limerick

I told myself very quick

of rythm perfect

(this one is abject)

written by someone of wit

Take what you can, poor me

don't be selfish and silly

writting them to you

doesn't cost a sous

might start a trend, you'll see!

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 11, 1999.

But "sous" is misspelled, and it doesn't rthym with "you" anyway because then it would have to be spelled "sou" - which isn't in the dictionary either - so everybody who lived in Souix Falls needs to move to "Cherokee Falls".

See how complicated a simple FRL RFL (Request For Limericks) can get.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 11, 1999.

Does too rhyme! Sous (pronounced soo) is old french money. You don't pronounce the plural s's in french.

Besides...why are you reading my poem? It clearly says it's for me only!

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 11, 1999.

Welllll - if they don't want to use their extra "s's" they shouldn't put them there. So there! I hope they're happy their spelling over there is misspelled - cause English doesn't have any of their kinda problems....8<)

Sous how come it's not spelled Sous St Marie, eh?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 11, 1999.

Fine, I conceit that you have been deseated; I did mispell "sou". It didn't need the plural since I wrote "a" sou. But I'm still right, it does rhyme!

Sous Ste-Marie? That would be pronounced "Soo" Ste-Marie, but it is spelled Sault Ste-Marie, which is pronounced "Sow" or simply "So".

Sault....who's mispelling here?

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 11, 1999.

****FIGHT**** FIGHT**** FIGHT**** I LOVE a good fight! :-)

-- Gayla (, August 11, 1999.

Chris, I must disrespectfully decline the dishonour of being your investigator-un-chief of the new FRL membership committ-ing-ee. We need a search engine before such a position is delegated. (Thanks, Rob! *Whew*)

BTW, I always thought Sault Ste. Marie was pronounced Sue Saint Marie. Thanks for putting me right on that one. There are lots of places that I've learned are commonly mispronounced; one that bugs me is Kenya (pronounced kainya not keenya, at least by anyone living there).

My other daughter is nagging at me to "Get Off Now!!", so I'll check in tomorrow if I can. However between work, Carla's B-day party, and shopping, I'll be lucky to get here again before Monday. Have a good weekend, if I miss it :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 11, 1999.

Hi "Other the Canuk".....waves hello.


Sous "Salt Saint Marie" is pronouciated "Sew Saint Mary"???

Now I'm all confused Saint Mary did what? When? Why? Was she in the order of nuns that Sister Stanislaus was back in my fourth grade?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 11, 1999.

Lets get this cleared once and for all on the Holy Pronounciation and Spellation of Sault Sainte-Marie

Sault---pronounced so. Do not confuse with seau, saut,or sceau, which are all pronounced so, but one is a bucket, the second means stupid, and the last one is a seal/stamp. I have no idea what a sault is though....saut, where was I...

Sainte, abreviation Ste., always hyphinated before the name of the saint/sainte even when abreviationated or demoted---pronounced saint, for the female gender when spelled Sainte, but pronounced Sain (drop the "t" sound) when spelled Saint for the male gender, but only women are saints.

Marie----pronounced Maarrrrree ("r" from the back of the throat). Although it is the name of my daughter, she is not a saint.

I expect every FRL members from now on to pronounce it correctly next time they are in Sault Ste.-Marie, or spell it correctly if mentioned here. The proper pronoun-citation in your head while typing is optional.

Tricia, I accept your dishonored (notice how I spelled that right :^)) unacceptance of this prestigious position I inflicted upon you, but in return you must accept mine as Supreme Committee Chair Lounge also. If you refuse mine, your duties will be inflicted upon Carla automaticly.

You're dismissed...since you're a Mrs. Have a good weekend.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 11, 1999.

Hi "Other the Canuk named Carla" ..... waves hello. I knew a Carla once - she was big hurricane that wiped out Galveston pretty bad in the early 60's. You know Galveston right? It's that-city-that-can't-be-spelled-right - only it's a real coastal city that's on the ocean instead of a tiny straight and narrow fresh water pond like UnSalted Sainted Mary up there-where-it-is cold-and-frozen-and-they-spell-things-funny-with-extra-letters.

But don't tell your mom - she's kinda funny about that sort of thing.


Anyway - sous we got salt - except the Canadianainiains speeled it with like "So" but it is still the white stuff some people cook with only they now are supposed to spelt (spilled?) it with a "u" - does that make holy people who aren't completed ste'ed (since sainted get abbreviated to loose their "anited" part) the "sayoult of the earth"?

Or am I pronounciating things differently?

Or am I thinking of "sugaur" - which is also white stuff people cook with?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 11, 1999.

You folks are nuts!

-- ? (?@?.?), August 11, 1999.

Thanks, ?! Coming from YOU, that's a compliment! :-)

-- Gayla (, August 11, 1999.

The Illusion Fades

"It's all an illusion", he cried!
"I'm really still locked inside!
I never got out,
there is no doubt,
and this Ward's got no place to hide!"

Nurse has again been acting,
in a manner that's most exacting.
She's taken our souls,
and play acted roles,
in a way that's psyche-impacting!

That stuff in her needle is wild!
It makes one believe! (as a child)
And all the while,
behind her smile,
Meds, as Fruitcake are styled.

On the other side of the glass,
the reflection seems to pass,
nothing makes sense,
and everyone's tense,
and the air's a euphoric gas.

Our very own Fruitcake League,
is impaled by the light of a klieg.
Our talk is hazy,
or just plain crazy,
and sounds like that screwball named Queeg!

The villain's known as Y2K,
and preps'r the order o'the day.
But it's only a dream,
made to hold in the scream,
that'll out when we all have to pay.

"Something wicked, this way does come",
is the considered opinion of some.
But the pollys are gay,
and simply say,
"You Doomers are really just dumb"!

The Test of Time, our Asylum has met,
Our forum stands, and prospers yet.
The Trolls find fault,
and mount the assault,
but no one has altered the bet.

Our band has shrunken and grown,
and surely somewhere has sown,
the Seeds of Hope,
for those who grope,
for a Vision that they can own.

The clock continues to tick,
and the slope is extremely slick,
but even though steep,
we've managed to keep,
our footing, and that's quite a trick!

The Fruitcake illusion is strong,
and will easily carry along,
our band of souls,
'til we reach our goals,
in the Future to which we belong.

So let's hear it for the FRL,
the outfit from "Polly Hell",
with Fruitcake in blocks,
and beavers and socks,
we'll ring the Y2K bell!

-- Hardliner (, August 12, 1999.
(choking with emotion) How did you know purple was my favorite color! *8`)

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 12, 1999.

aahhhhhhhh, the Return of the Asylum

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (happy@finally.HL's.come.home), August 12, 1999.

Wow Hardliner! Awesome.

Or, since we're trying out new accents (not on the wrong sil-la-ble) imagine my best nasal valley girl... "K-E-E-E-W-W-W-W-L-L-L-L-L!"

(Did that translate?)


-- Diane J. Squire (, August 12, 1999.

Double exposure had a brilliant idea. If we don't end up using all our fruitcakes as weapons, we can use them for burning instead of coal. We can have a Fruitcake Roundup like the Toxic Roundup, except instead of bringing paint or whatever, the unenlightened can bring their old fruitcakes. Just an idea.

-- Carla the Canuck (got@no.address), August 13, 1999.

we already had one refinery burn up in Calgary - and now she wants to start tinkering off a real inferno by deliberately igniting spiced-spiked-fermented-furry-fruited-fruitcakes????

Oh! the humanity of it all.......the flames.....towering over everything...

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 13, 1999.

Hardliner writing limericks~ it makes my day!
I remember when we all used to play....
The asylum was a blast!
What a fun part of our past!
I hope we don't lose touch during Y2K. :-(

-- Gayla (, August 13, 1999.

Robert the PE., Canuckians eat only furry-fruitcakes because if they didn't wear furs, the cakes would be frozen. A fermented-furry-fruitcake is a Wiskey Soaked (Furry) Fruitcake, that's where my foundness for them came from. I was raised in Canuckia, as you know.

Carla, burning fruitcakes is an act of treason, punishable by death by intoxication with the FRL members. Rob as Most Intoxicating Leader is the executioner.

Gayla, I couldn't agree with you more. I hereby prose to the BORED that we consolidate and merge the Fruitcake Resistance League with the Asylum(tm). It is a most unfit and compatible merger, as all the Asylum Residents are fruity nuts.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 14, 1999.

Fruitcake and Asylum to merge

It brings us right to the verge

Of wierd idiocy

But the problem would be

Is Rob the leader? Or Nurse?


(I know, it's not a rhyming last line - I've got typing flu, my brain's already in bed and I'll do better later ;-) Good morning, all!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 14, 1999.


Seeking asylum,
Wandering threads,
Flu instead?


Get well soon!


-- Diane J. Squire (, August 14, 1999.

Yourdon's Asylum for the Y2K Afflicted 000FHu

-- Diane J. Squire (, August 14, 1999.

In the organization suggested,
it should be by all ingested,
that she who's known as Nurse,
would definitely rant and curse,
should Rob as Leader be contested.

Rob has clearly shown,
he knows the proper tone.
He wields the gavel well,
and never fails to quell,
disputes and spats, alone.

Nurse, to be quite fair,
would soon pull out her hair,
should she be made,
to take unpaid,
the Position of the Chair.

Sir Rob need only to ask,
and Nurse will let you bask,
in a chemical glow,
warm and slow,
as her needle she puts to the task.

Now let there be no rants,
Sir Rob must lead the dance,
he has my vote,
'cause in a note,
he OK'd my lack of pants!

If we found the Fruitcake Asylum,
surely the vegetable phylum,
offers none but,
the title, "Head Nut",
for our Leader, Sir Rob of Beguile'em.

R.O.B. for Head Nut!
(A.K.A Sir Rob of Beguile'em)

-- Hardliner (, August 14, 1999.

Although I've blown it again,
this may atone for my sin,
as is my wont,
I miscounted the font,
so I must bear it and grin.

-- Hardliner (, August 14, 1999.

Oh, what a digital charade!
'twas Diane who rained on the parade!
Her red and then green,
slipped by unseen,
and me look like a dunce she made!

-- Hardliner (, August 14, 1999.

Dearest Hardliner,
Theres no one finer,
(than you),
At flaunting the colors and fonts,
I goofed tis true,
And Im so BLUE,
but COLOR is what we want(s)!


(That... and more HTML color-training! Or rose colored-glasses.)

-- Diane J. Squire (, August 14, 1999.

Dancing joyfully

Gratefully pay off mortgage

Heave sigh of relief!


Hubby's grandmother left a legacy and we now can pay off a mortgage that was worth only about 10% of the house value. Double benefit, if TSHTF we won't be as likely to lose our house and we free up the money for the next few months to do Y2K preps for. Sometimes blessings are JIT ;-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 16, 1999.

Rob's the leader, for better or Nurse,

Tricia the Canuck - the speller,or sous she's verse

SOB's the counter, for in the tail, he is compliant,

But not complacent, for the pilot is complainin'

The bank's the poorer, her note is paid, the fatter the purse.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 16, 1999.


Your news is truly the best to appear on this forum in a very long time! Amidst all the doubt, suspicion and just plain angst of dealing with Y2k mentally, it's really a good feeling to find out that one of us has experienced some genuinely good fortune.

-- Hardliner (, August 16, 1999.

Congratulations Ms. Tricia.

May you enjoy your home even more so now that it is truly yours.

Mr. Robert A. Cook (P.E.) has won the highly prized award of the Century Marker post for this, the latest of the FRL series. A warm fuzzy "AttaBoy" to you.

This is # 102.


-- sweetolebob (, August 16, 1999.

Tricia, I agree with Hardliner! That is AWESOME! It's great to hear GOOD news, and I am really happy for you! :-)

-- Gayla (, August 16, 1999.

It's music to my ears,

The poetry that here appears,

I take delight,

It sounds just right,

And soothes my dreadful fears.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, March 08, 1999.

--------------------------------- I was lost for words tonight after reading the Asylum, so I stole Tricia's.

(Congrats on your debt-free house Tricia!)

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 16, 1999.

There is a duct-tape sighting in the cartoons today - in "Shoe" - (this is the one about the birds and the trees).

The kid at Space Camp is taking more duct tape to Mir for their summer trip in the Space Shuttle ......

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 17, 1999.

Thanks for all your well wishing, makes me want to write an essay "Why I Live in the Fruitcake Asylum".

Robert, I'm sure that if I were going to Mir, I'd want a large amount of DT with me - the kind that sticks when it's really cold ;-) I'll keep an eye out for that Shoe.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 17, 1999.

Sixteen years ago today,
A nasty lady came our way.
Alicia was her name,
Destruction was her game.
A hurricane from Galveston Bay! It reminds me that summer's almost gone,
I wanted to have all my preps done.
But time is flying by,
2000 is drawing nigh.
This "weighs" on me like a ton!

-- Gayla (, August 18, 1999.

Fruitcake Asylum

Empty, forlorn and lonely

Even Nurse is gone!


Geese gathering

Honking their encouragement

Prepare to go south


Fall coming quickly

Trees are turning lovely hues

And I'm getting blue!


Supposed to be nice today, though - makes it tough to sleep ;-)

-- Tricia the Night-working Canuck (, August 20, 1999.

Hi Tricia! I'm still here! :-) I think everyone was "caught up" with the Pentagon papers yesterday. WOW! It was really awesome to see Jim Lord's information come out in the morning, then by 7:30 p.m. it made the Washington Post. It doesn't change anything about my preps, but it reinforces my fears that the U.S. government hides information that it clearly knows.

Tell those geese not to wander too far south! It was 103 degrees in Houston yesterday. I'm melting! Still no rain at my house since the end of June. My water bill is going to be horrendous! :-(

-- Gayla (, August 20, 1999.

Hi, Gayla! Glad to see I'm not completely deserted. I've seen some FRLians on other threads, but I guess they're flitting through - I know I often do that, too.

I hope next year is not quite so dry for you - I thought it was West Texas that's so dry. Aren't you near Houston? Or is my geography completely out to lunch?

Those geese preparing to head south this early usually indicates an early winter (and often a more severe one, too). They typically leave in early to mid- September, so they're about three weeks early. However, like the Navy report for you, it really isn't going to do much to affect my preps - just my mood :-( My husband thinks I whine too much about winter weather. I've told him that an easy fix would be a move to a nicer climate... maybe it'll happen (and maybe Y2K will be a Zero). Ah well, today is another gorgeous day; I'm going to head for bed so that it's still nice when I get up.


Wonderful perfumes

Wafted by flowers in bloom

On the gentle breeze


Bright gold leaves falling

Contrasting with dark green grass

Blanket for tree's roots.


Good morning!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 21, 1999.

Hi Tricia! Your "Good Morning" makes me think of DiETeR! :-)

Your geography is correct. I am near Houston, and it is typically a lot wetter here than in West Texas. It seems, however, that like many other places, we are experiencing weird weather patterns lately. Yesterday it was 105 here. That is EXTREMELY hot when you factor in the humidity. The heat index (what it actually feels like to your body) was over 120 degrees.

Looks like there may be some "help" on the horizon. Unfortunately, it is coming in the form of a hurricane. "Prepare for a hurricane." Hmmmm.... You should see the stores in South Texas. Shelves are bare, people are scrambling for water and batteries. Sigh...

Hopefully, Houston will just get lots of rain and no wind. Someone else will not be as lucky. Sound like Y2K?

-- Gayla (, August 21, 1999.

Tricia had some happy newz,
The kind for wearin' dancin' shoes,
Hopefully her feet won't blister,
But if they do,
We'll all come through,
'N make her a fruitcake plister? (plaster?)


Just got back from an Art & Wine Festival gathering, so, my brain is fuzzy and my typing fingers sloggish.

Feels wunnerful! Eh, Rob?



(Key question: does Baklava qualify as flakey fruitcake? Could have a new weapon potential -- useful in the pantry collection).

-- Diane J. Squire (, August 21, 1999.

Welcome back, Diane :-)

I'd much rather eat flaky FC than furry or fuzzy! Maybe I'll go see if I can find sommmmm

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 21, 1999.

Hi Gang! Looks like youz guyz have been busy since I last posted. Here are some counts for the previous threads:

KYF I - 586 answers

KYF II - 200 answers

KYF III - 217 answers

FC IV - 155

Total: 1158 FRLian answers on I - IV, plus whatever this one ends up with.

Looks like another busy couple of weeks up ahead, and not much time for lurking/posting. About the only thing I did catch over the last two weeks was the Pentagon Paper story. Whew! Anyway, I hope to pop in again soon. Hope all are well. BFN, Rob.

-- (, August 22, 1999.

Wait a minute, you missed one!

Drat, late again. And I was going to offer him a cold ale....guess I'll have to drink it myself:

To Miss Gayla, may she be mysted again by the latest storm as it passes south of her sweet (sweaty?) city.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 22, 1999.

Hi Rob and Robert! :-)

Robert, right now, it is definitely a SWEATY city! So far, no rain at my house. Drats! I didn't want the wind, but we really needed the rain. At least the cloud cover kept us a little cooler today.

-- Gayla (, August 22, 1999.

Sorry to hear you're still missing out on the rain, Gayla. Although from the sound of things, it's either drought or flood in your part of the world right now. We've been enjoying our summer (finally!!), but I don't expect it to last very long; we usually start fall in early September, and the geese *are* flocking early this year.

You could offer me a glass of wine while you guzzle your ale, Robert. The only nice thing I can say about beer is that it tastes slightly better than it smells :-p I know, I know, nothing tastes as good after working hard on a hot summer day. Still, I'd rather have milk ;-)

Rob, loved reading your latest threads - you definitely have a way with words. Have you published any poetry? If not, you oughta!

SOBob, we need our faithful Fingers and Toes man - where are you?

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 23, 1999.

I came so late tonight to play,

That everyone had gone away :_(

I read some threads and wrote my bit,

Now I've decided that this is it -

I'll dry my tear and shake my head,

Turn it off and go to bed.

Goodnight, sweet prince (s and princesses).

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 25, 1999.

I did not leave any prints here, honest m'dear princess, the counter was clean when I, the dishtowel and the kitchen sink may have bit a dirty from the oil and grease from under the hood, but my fingerprints were clean......

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 25, 1999.

Robert: You went into the kitchen? Wow! You are braver than I, Good Sir. The last time I did that I made a little mess and was exiled.

Tricia, Dear and Most Loyal FRLian, are you now a Princess besides being an FRLian Field Marshall? If you were to kiss a frog would it turn into a Prince? If you took a picture of the Prince then would you have prints of the Prince?

-- Rob Michaels (, August 25, 1999.

Princess Tricia, O Most Poetic and Kind Hearted Starter of Threads, Revered by Geese and Prince in Prints, I have a request for you... could we pwetty pwetty pwease start another Fwuitcake thwead? It's taking me sooooo long to load it up now with all the pwetty pictures and moosic...

..thankyouthankyouthankyou...*bows low and licks your feet as she exits, leaving a trail of whiskey-fruitcaked drool all the way to the door*

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 25, 1999.

Yes, Chris, that is a good idea... and you asked so nicely too! Now, how about a name for the thread? Anything come to mind?

-- (, August 25, 1999.

Eeeeeeww gross! Chris is drooling! Yucky-poo! ;-)

I'm afraid to start another thread! I saw a post from some person who calls themselves "Fruitcake spotter" and they were taking our FRLian name in vain! Hmmmph!

Hi-ya Rob! How are the beavers? :-) They must be doing their job because I haven't seen DiETeR around for days! I heard a rumor through the grapevine that he killed his wife and put her in the freezer. He does this Jekyll/Hyde thing, ya know! I sure hope it's just a rumor. I better watch out, though, because I think he's looking for me! YIKES! :-0

-- Gayla (, August 25, 1999.

Hi-ya back Gayla. Fruitcake spotter? Hmmmmm. Perhaps Hardliner was right and we need to tighten insecurity.

The beavers are out there right now as I speak, or write, or type, or something, and they are happy beavers. I think they have some beaverettes now too (don't tell Mrs. Michaels... Shhhhhh).

We will probably hear from Dieter soon, as well as others that have taken a break. Should get busier after the holiday, though I can barely get through the "server busy" as it is! Perhaps the next thread should be a call to lost (or returning) FRLians or something.

-- Rob Michaels (, August 25, 1999.

Gayla's right, I've seen the Fruitcake Spotter too, and he was taking our name in vein!! And what's more, I also saw a guy named Ted Kazins...Kkkaczi....I can't even pronounce or say his name he's that scary! Well, he too mutinated our name calling aweful men that do aweful things "fruits"... *shivering*

So the new thread must not have any mention of fruits or fruitcakes for our maximum insecurity, lest we invite these wierdos in.

I propose: (OT)FRL Members Only: the new look(OT)

This way we're doubly insecure with the (OT) tag, and the subject is misleading and fashionable.

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 25, 1999.

Here, hear! I second and fifth Chris's emotion! I don't think we should use THAT word in the title of the new thread. FRL is fine, but don't mention that candy, nut-filled, round thing-a-ma-bob in the title. It's dangerous, I tell ya!

-- Gayla (, August 26, 1999.

By request - the new thread :

See y'all there.


We close another chapter of this facinating book,

The author is unusual - just take another look (o_o)

A group, you see,

Adds complexity,

Until the thread is forsook.


Sorry for the pathetic limerick, you caught me after another 12hr night shift. Maybe I'll do better on the new thread, after some sleep.

No promises!

-- T the C (, August 26, 1999.

#6: OT- FRLians Unite, members only - OT 001Izu

-- (hot fruit@cake.linker), August 26, 1999.

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