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How do folks! Long time no post. Just thought I would pass this along for some new people that may never have seen the archives from TB 2000. Some of it is dated but most is still important.

Keep your liners dry


Year 2000 Preparation Archive

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Personal Considerations

New to Y2K? What are you worried about?
Recognize where you do not have any control, and concentrate on taking control where you can - action steps to reduce whatever it is you are worried about. In my case it really helped.

Any advice for single older women facing Y2K alone?
I have searched the web for months, hoping to find anything written by/for/about an older woman living alone, but I find nothing.

burn out
I've spent asubstantial amount of money (considering our family's budget). Why do I have this feeling of "guilt" ...or "trepidation"? Why is it seeming like it was all a waste of time?

Panic and other myths [snip]
You may be interested in information I received at a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health training workshop since it refutes the reason most often given by corporate and government officials for holding back information about Y2k

Just when I thought they supported me...
Sorry to ramble on about my problems but I was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? I thought family was supposed to be there for each other no matter what. Why is this so damn hard?

I have been asked by someone that read one of my previous posts, how I came to my present state ofawareness with respect to Y2K. In thinking about the question I came to the realization that it might be a worthy subject for this forum.

New GI: thoughts and ideas
Probably like so many others, I find that I have a new attitude towards the future... a dark apprehension, anger and frustration,and anxiety about Y2K.

The Real Cost of Y2K - Painful Divisions of Opinion
The 6-8 people who wanted to meet with me are those who think Y2K is a non-event, and that I am no longer providing 'spiritual' guidance because I believe it is a very possible event.

Feeling trapped: Preparations to relocate not going well!
I have some cash but certainly not enough (it seems) for a rural spot. Can't bear the thought of getting a mortgage, especially after reading various opinions in this Forum relating to banking, debts, depression, foreclosures, etc.

what about DGI partners/spouses?
my boyfriend does not GI, refuses to do any of his own investigating,

question for doomers,poly's, and trolls alike
forum participants to do is jot down a short note in this thread with a few lines about how bad (orNOT bad)they think Y2K will effect society, and some idea as well as to how ready you are to be wrong

Ol Git - Sell that house now!
In an earlier post you wrote: Rick, life is on hold for us because we're still trying to sell our house and move to a more secure neighborhood.

What odd items are you storing (and maybe you don't even know why)?
There are some items I'm storing that I can't explain the reasons for, but I just feel I will eventually be glad I have them.

A question for the Christians who are preparing...
Why should Christians prepare? Won't God help those who rely on Jesus? I'm a Christian myself and I'm very confused about if preparing for the Y2K is what God desires. Won't preparing for the Y2k show a lack of faith in God?

Storm Warnings
I can relate to some of the recent posts where the person was suffering burn out and wanting some relief from all the involvement and planning.

Observations on Perseverance and Y2K Preparedness
tale of weariness with Y2K worry and telling of dropping out. Hopefully the poster is prepared and will simply move on to other areas of life, as should be the case.

How About an Update on How We'll Get Around Next Year
Living WAY up a long hill above the small town that is my new home, I often wonder what will happen if auto's don't cooperate in 2000.

Doing it all, getting it all - why do I still feel so bad?
As a life-long achiever, I feel like I'm on my way to earning an A for preparation... jumping thru all the de rigeur hoops. So why do I feel so bad?

Does your current life plan make sense with Y2K coming? Think about it. Does it make sense to pay to send kids to college if there will be no jobs, buy a new car if gas is not available or expensive, spend money for stuff if you lose your job?

What will you do for a living?
I will continue working with these wonderful machines called computers. If that is no longerpossible, I hope to use both my teaching skills and barter to make ends meet. What about you, what will you do for a living?

Y2K Preparation Tests Character
I'm wondering if we still have the strength of character, as was exhibited by our forefathers in building this great country, to give up a life of convenience and comfort for hard work and discipline?

will y2k or the threat of it change your life in any meaningful way??
I've got a question for all of you that I've been wondering about. Do you think that a Y2K "event" or the potential threat of one has/will change your life in any real way?

What kinds of panic other than food?
What are people going to panic over besides food and such necessary things. And what kind of panic should I expect.

Excellent article on "WHY preparation is rational"
This is an excellent article. Send it to those you know who may be unable to "decide what to do" about y2k and preparations.

reasons for moving to country??
My husband and I are preparing for Y2K. We live in a nice home in a suburb of Phoenix that is paid for. We have a cabin in the northern area of Arizona. Why is MOVING advocated?

Who may not go to work in December and why?
Long distance transportation people worried about not getting home?

People working at potentially dangerous and risky operations?

Computer folks reaching a sense of hopelessness about their project?

EVERYONE: How bad do you think y2k will be and what is your level of prep?
1. How bad do you really think y2k willbe (minor disruptions to Mad Max's TEOTWAWKI) and 2. How long are you preparing for

Food storing plans "frivolous"?
Can I for one, contribute a big DUH here?..... Transportation, storage, etc (you all know the drill)..... all has to be in place for the chain to be unbroken.

Hallyx wrote: "If I can get my head out of this depression, I'll..."
"If I can get my head out of this depression, I'll try to post more. But right now I need sunshine and blue-skies."

Churches May be the answer
If it goes down the way I suspect it will, there will be no one to blame. This could be the shining moment for the Church.

Response to dinosaur re. helping the sheeple when the panic starts
he main problem of the forthcoming panic will be this: HOW WILL YOU REACT WHEN IT HAPPENS?

Oh, It's Sensible For Companies To Stockpile, Just Not Citizens
This is a reasonably well-written article from CNN. In it, businesses are encouraged to "plan for the extraordinary" in early-2000.

News FLASH: Big Dog and Flint in 100% Agreement!
It used to be considered wise stewardship and simple citizen responsibility to prepare for a rainy day, whether by saving money, food, clothing or ??? Now, this is viewed as a positive sign of distrust in ???

2 years of preparing didn't prepare me for this - : - O !!!!!!
BABY - AH OH!!!! My wife informed me tonight she was pregnant.

-- Brian (, October 30, 1999

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