Excellent article on "WHY preparation is rational"

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This is an excellent article. Send it to those you know who may be unable to "decide what to do" about y2k and preparations.

Is it Rational to Prepare for Y2K?

-- Mr_Kennedy (y2kPCfixes@motivatedseller.com), February 02, 1999


Thanks Mr. Kennedy.

I am saving this one. To me, preparation is the only sane decision.

-- me (justme@aol.com), February 02, 1999.

Sanger's site is definitely worth a bookmark, for anyone who hasn't done so already. His summaries of the news are daily, comprehensive, and admirably neutral. Larry Sanger is worth his weight in gold.

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), February 02, 1999.

Any encouragement to prepare for Y2K should be heeded. As a survivor of Hurricane Fran in 1996 who has not fully recovered from the disaster, I greatly regret not being prepared. The cost of preparing almost always outweighs the cost of being unprepared. My expectations for Y2K are somewhat schizoid: technologically not so bad, societally considerably worse. But there is no good argument for not being prepared. Thanks for the site.

-- Robert Neely (robert_neely@ncsu.edu), February 02, 1999.

amen, flint!

-- jocelyne slough (jonslough@tln.net), February 03, 1999.


I go to Sanger's Review of Y2K News Reports too, everyday.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), February 03, 1999.

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