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The Archive has been updated. Unfortunately I screwed up the security and Guns. It is in the Bug out category till I can redo the site. The old threads can be brought to the top of the "New Answers" so there is a chance of bringing material out to members attention even though the post could be a year old. It still could be relevant. Thank you all for an educational and interesting Archive. The Preparation Category is posted below.

Year 2000 Preparation Archive

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Stocking just one week's supplies. Balderdash! A story from the perspective of experience. (Long)
The owner of the large house and farm outbuildings, a lady well into her nineties, had passed away and the heirs had arranged the auction to settle the estate.

***I possess more than 100,000 matches. Who else is guilty of Y2K prep overkill?
Are you guilty of Y2K prep overkill? If so, then please detail your list. This post is meant to add humor and/or dire concern regarding those who take Y2K without a grain of salt.

Items less than a dollar
I have decided to buy survival items which cost less than a dollar every time I go to a store, and I am looking for suggestions.

Whats on your last minute shopping list?
I have a "last minute" shopping list and assume that you do too. I would be interested in knowing what is on your lists. I am sure I have left some things off of mine.

Y2K survival guide / list. Long but many good tips.
Lizard ranch is smaller than the Baron's place with not near a million bucks invested hence Lizard ranch instead of Dragonranch. Could not see the URL on this peice so I posted it in full here.

Check this list
Gary North has an interesting link today: 100 items to disappear first.

Preparedness vs. this chat line
I come back to this venue to lurk occasionally, but frankly, I just don'thave the time. I have literally taken the advice to plan for the worst and pray for the best.

New preparation book takes Y2K more seriously than the others

A new book gets serious about personal prep. Y2K --It's Not Too Late is not for the faint-hearted. March 23, 1999

Dick Mills, Phrenology and Preparation
But wait, isn't the NERC report itself nothing more than phrenology? Yes. The report itself, and the underlying idea that you can predict a physical outcome by asking a trade association to run a survey

Make Safety A Priority In Your Preparations
There's too much to cover in one post here and I don't want to make it that long. Suffice it to say that a large number of dangers exist and safety must be a paramount concern. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Prepare: Doing It For $1K
For simplicity, I assume folks in this category need everything (ie, dont have ready access to clean water, energy, etc). Most often, this wont be true for any particular situation. In other word, mileage varies.

Personal preparedness Web sites
Someone asked in a message yesterday if we could set up a place on this forum for preparedness information. Here are some Web sites, from basic to involved, on the subject:

**The Best Advice You'll Ever Get - Period - Andy
What is Likely to Happen - With less than one year to go, the outlines of Y2K are becoming clearer.

**What's the top priority?
what is the order of importance of your planning? Food, water, energy, moving, money reserves, security, what?

Does anyone have a detailed packing list that they have been keeping which might help me get started even just with the categories of things to start keeping.

What tools are you buying?
What tools are looking good to you as we approach 2000?

How to Start?
My question is: How do I prepare my household when my husband has a limited tolerance for this discussion?

What are some of your Y2K and preparedness bookmarks?
Here are some bookmarks of mine on Y2K, preparedness, and related issues.

Reduce Stress & Keep It Simple
Our ancestors believed in investing in at-home self reliance. We have strayed away from this common sense to gambling in a financial mania.

This cursed icestorm and Y2K
Well, the power has been out for 2 days now and is expected to be out for another 3 days (due to bad Icestorm).

Taking Prep To The Next Level
Besides financial judgments (which are being discussed here regularly), I know we're focused for most of 1999 on prep against the possibility of supply-chain breakdown for ordinary goods: shoes, durable clothing, durable housegoods of various types, etc.

Great Depression Stories
I submitted the WWII rationing stories forinformation and insight for those that are interested. Below are some Great Depression stories for the same purpose.

If you're a veteran programmer, how are you preparing?
Are you preparing your families for potential problems that may result from Y2K? If so, are you preparing beyond the Red Cross guidelines? If so, to what degree?

The How-To Survival Library - Free
I believe that all info that could save lives should be easily available, I also believe that credit should be given where credit is due. That is what I have done.

Prepare as for a huricane??
Lets talk about what huricanes are like then. Can someone relate what the devastation was following Fran or Hugo?

How much preparation ("panic"?) is 'Just Right'?
Let's assume Y2K is bad. Maybe even Real Bad. How much preparation is appropriate?

What % of preparation have you achieved?
BigDog has reminded us in a prior post that we should return to focus on preparation for Y2K. I'am about half way to my objectives. How about you?

HELPFUL HINTS ?? I was thinking of items of help for....
There's not enough helpfull items out there for the readers - old and new. So here's my items of help for what it's worth.

Y2K and survivalist retailers
Is anyone aware of a link to people discussing their experiences with mail-order/internet retailers of items of the sort discussed on this board?

What's more importtant than food?
I encourage my DGI friends to ask themselves, "What is more important to me than food?", and then to begin storing that those items.

Y2K Stockpiling Checklist and the Hard-Asset Hierarchy
The first link is an article called "Stockpiling in Preparation for Y2K: Why Bother?" which has two parts. It begins with a discussion of preparation itself, and then provides a "Y2K Stockpiling Checklist"

What Are You Preparing For?
The interesting thing is that there is very little difference between surviving a nuclear attack and surviving a very bad Y2K:

Crucial Y2K Survival Information
This is a public "thank you" to the good people at the Y2K Survive website who have helped me so much with my y2k preparations.

Lanza: FEMA and State\Local Government
Excerpt from Chuck Lanza's "FEMA And State/Local Government- Countdown to Y2K":

A free form of preparation that you'll want to include
In my career I spend a lot of time teaching people to do visualization techniques. Play out the scenario (weight loss,healing, Y2K, you name it) and makes it so much easier to go through it and achieve your goals.

How many people would die if everything just stopped for three day's? It is hard to believe that people do not have coats, blankets, gloves ect. in their homes.

-- Brian (imager@ampsc.com), May 05, 1999

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