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It's 1:40am here in NC and I was reading all the posts here,and thought, There's not enough helpfull items out there for the readers - old and new. So here's my items of help for what it's worth. First; save those TIDE detergent plastic bottles, they can be used for funnels for kerosene to lanterns, just use a large black marker to say what's inside. because they are RED it will help in knowing it could hold something flameable. Second; save those cookie trays the ones with cookies in sectioned spaces. Because it can help with starter plugs for crops. Just add potting soil in each section and place in the seeds. Third; get some plastic containers and make a place to store stuff between the floor joists in your basement or garage. Cut out the size of the container less 1/2 inch. That way the containers are held in the cutouts you have made in the plywood sheets for the containers. I have others but being Polish I can't remember them now, I'll try and post later. But first a story : After attending Sunday services a respected stately farmer and his loving wife were going home in their horse drawn buggy. On the way home their horse stopped just before the bridge crossing a fast moving stream. gently the farmer got off the buggy and walked to the horse and Said, That's One ! he got back into the buggy and salpped the horse and off they went. A little bit down the road the horse again stopped without notice or concern of it's riders. Again the farmer got off the buggy and walked to the horse and Said, That's two ! getting back into the buggy his wife looked at him perplexed but said nothing. Now as they approached their farm along the lane to the house again the horse stopped, no notice nothing to block it's way again,the farmer approached the horse and Said that's three ! And shot the horse ,his wife all upset crying and in disbelief watched as her husband got back into the buggy. This time she spoke up and said, Why did you shoot he horse ??? He turned to his beloved wife and Said, That's One! Hey let's try and give suggestions concerning helping those who are old here and newbies too. Furie... 2:09 am

-- Furie (, March 09, 1999


"Personal preparedness Web sites"

-- Kevin (, March 09, 1999.

Odds and Ends-

Don't forget bug spray and suntan lotion.

Hats (broad brimmed) for working outside.

Plenty of work gloves and Ben-Gay.

Meds of choice and plenty of ' virus/fever can pretty much knock out a fair amount of your child med supplies.. If you have a large family, get even more. Pedialyte or some other similar electrolyte solution. Suppositories(tylenol) for children with fevers AND vomiting. Glass thermometers as back up for your current "beep-beep" one.

Hanging a sheet in the window/doorway and wetting it down will cool the room as air goes through.

Those cheap reflective blankets (silver things) can be hung behind drapes to keep house cooler/warmer depending on the season.

Flavored drink mixes (koolaid, Tang) to give sick children a variety of things to drink when sick and fussy.

Plenty of alternate entertainment for children/adults. Supplies for a hobby you like/would like to try. Board games. Plenty of books.

You can't have too good a Y2K books will get you through much. First aid, edible herbs, gardening, ...etc. Knowledge is power.

Sales on long underwear and warm clothing should be going on now. Don't forget to leave room for kids to grow.

Back up most every system......i.e., 2 kinds of lanterns, matches AND lighters, a couple ways of cooking.

Educate family (even more so now) on fire prevention and escape routes. MANY fire extinguishers. Buy one just for a test by all in the family on operation.

De-junk and clean house NOW. Put all like items together so you know what you need and where it is. You don't want to be stumbling around in the semidark, looking for something you just KNOW was there, but can't find now.

Go through each part of your day and figure out how to substitute normal routines with non electric routines...i.e. follow thought process through an entire washday.....washing, rinsing, drying, ironing (nah, forget that). Got clothespins? A place to dry indoors?

Have at least 2 non electric can openers.

Read up (library books) on the way things were done "in the old days." Depression books, Amish and Mennonite books are very helpful for "how-tos."

Bug out bags should be readily accessible for all members of the family at all times.

Investigate sprouting. Easy, cheap method of getting LOTS of nutrients.

Hope this helps a little.

Been up for 2 nights straight with sick children. Get those meds asap!

P.S. Wondering if 7up/Sprite is storable in 2 liters or cans. Anyone?

-- tired (zzzzzzz@need, March 09, 1999.

For those of you on a tight budget and can't afford those "fancy" water containers that people are selling heres a hint how to store water. Go to the recycling center and obtain some plastic liter pop bottles with lids. Rinse them well. You can store water in them. Put about 2 drops of non-scented clorox bleach per pop bottle. Should store up to 2 years I am told with the bleach in it. I am making sure to have fresh water in my each month in case of emergency. Of course in Dec 1999 will make sure to put fresh water in all of them. These are easier to store also than the large water containers. You can squeeze a liter bottle under the bed, in a closet etc. Just make sure they are where they won't freeze. I have put these in the freezer with success, but also have had one or two explode on occassion.

-- Verlene Wilson (, March 09, 1999.

tired, wow, great list, especially for those with small children. I've got grandchildren and so I've been thinking along those lines too. One thing that recently came up: head lice... so I plan to stock up on the shampoo. My daughter tried a remedy someone told her about... instead of the shampoo... apply Vaseline, cap the head with plastic and leave it (I forget how long) then wash and rinse and comb, etc. She said the wash and rinse was a real problem with a three year old...took too long. But something to remember in a pinch. It seems to have worked.

-- Shelia (, March 10, 1999.

Sheila's post made me think: plastic bags of all sizes.


First aid kit replacements (bandages, scissors, tape, iodine, alcohol).

Writing materials (paper, pencils, erasers, sharpeners).


Cheese cloths.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, March 10, 1999.

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