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This is a public "thank you" to the good people at the Y2K Survive website who have helped me so much with my y2k preparations. I was really scared when I first found out about Y2K because I had never thought about personal survival before. They have tons of free information on the site. I don't know if they have saved my life but they have certainly saved my sanity. Thank you, Cody!!! I just wanted to let someone know. God bless.

-- Mary McCullough (, February 09, 1999


For information that WILL save your lives, please review my website: Last weekend we taught another group of people how to go back to their communities and teach the basic survival priorities of shelter, water, fire and food. Soon communities in Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Los Angeles and San Francisco will have dedicated people sharing this valuable information. If you would like to learn these skills and teach your own communities, NOW is the time to do so. Next class is during the Memorial Day weekend.

-- Susan Conniry (, February 09, 1999.

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