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What happened to 'strike anywhere' matches?
Not that long ago, you could go to any store in town and buy those wooden 'strike anywhere' kitchen matches. Not a single store seems to be carrying them today and the clerks just give me a blank stare and don't know what I talking about.

right down the middle
We have just spent a considerable sum on a woodstove and will need to fork out another considerable sum reapiring an old chimney. Given the fact that we only have one, limited income, are we nuts for spending the cash on a stove?

Are there any easily created passive solar heating ideas . . .
And I mean real easy. For instance, can you paint concrete blocks black and put them in the sun and then bring them inside in the late afternoon?,

Using wood? Easy&cheap&almost free
Discovered way to make fire using firestarter and pinecones. Cordova...said "Why not soak the pinecones in that old kerosene and dry them". We tried it and it works like a charm!

Fire safety: low cost extinguishers and methods
The topic of candles and fire extinguishers was mentioned on another thread and I've thought it deserved its own thread. Not everyone can afford to invest in several large commercial type extinguishers.

Getting through the winter.
I'm in the northeast where it will be cold on 1-1-2k. We have been thinking about the cold a lot. To do it right, you must imagine the worse conditions and work from there.

Wood burning stove or propane stove??? Need advice...
My husband & I are in a disagreement over which one to purchase.

fire preparation
I think folks should be prepared to deal with fire problems. Be sure you know how to extinguish a chimney fire. Have a couple ABC fire extinguishers on hand. Know 1st aid for all range of burn trauma.

Fireplace vs Wood stove
Moving from remote location to city due to physical problems. Home were having built has a fireplace with radiant heat air inlet.

Need woodstove info, especially about soapstone stoves
We've ordered a soapstone woodstove for heat, and had intended to cook on it too. Today I received an onlinenewsletter with an ad in it for another kind of stove, and it said modern woodstoves don't get hot enough for cooking.

Barrel Stove Kit
Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone out there can knows of a source for parts to convert a 55 or 30 gallon steel drum into a woodburning stove.

soapstone vs. cast-iron
Can anyone speak to the virtues of soapstone wood burners vs. cast-iron fireplaces?

Pellet stoves vs. wood stove?
I'm attracted to the pellet stove because Iknow all about the joys of finding spiders & friends in the wood pile, plus the fun of splitting wood in the middle of February. OTOH, pellets don't grow on trees....

"Hobo stove" or "Buddy burner"?
While searching for Y2K methods of cooking, I found this method for making a "Hobo stove":

Toyostove kerosene heater
I heard the clerk tell one frantic customer they couldn't get anymore in until late October.

Safe use of propane heaters?
How about a kerosene heater as an alternative? How do you vent those? I'll get a battery-powered CO detector, but with two little ones, I don't want a problem with CO.

Can I use a Coleman propane stove for an indoor heater?
Can I use a Coleman propane stove for an indoor heater? I plan on having a CO detector.

Build "stove" out of cinder-blocks?
In a pinch, could cinder-blocks & cement be used to build a "wood-burning stove"?

For those awaiting the results of the tests, I have good news. The Biodiesel worked well in the multi-fueled stoves, and after about 8 minutes (on the lowest setting), boiled approximately 2-1/2 gallons of water.

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-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 25, 1999

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