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Question and comment.

Does anyone have or know anything about the Toyostove (KeroSun) kerosene Heaters (Omni 230)? The reason I ask, is I was at Home Depot today, picking up some last minute supplies - when I noticed a panic enveloping in the store for the Omni 230. It is a kerosene heater that can also double as a stove to cook on the top. Apparently they had just gotten a large order in this morning and put them on an end cap in store and sold out with in a 2 hour period. I heard the clerk tell one frantic customer they couldn't get anymore in until late October. It was quite humorous to see people go pale and start to sweat. Maybe it's funny to me, because I have been ready for a worst case scenerio for the past year.

The pollyanna's maybe starting to smell the stench in the air!!!!!!

Here is my comment. As a person with 1000+ hours of research in Y2K, I find this situation rather amusing. I remember last month talking to someone about the issues and having them say I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Granted I have a Master's degree, have published research in peer review journals, and presented research at national conference. I could not be telling the truth even coming from a research background. The gov't wouldn't let this happen to us, the corporations wouldn't lie about that!!!! It amazes me to see even the farthest right wing conservatives (who would'nt trust Prez. Clinton with their own excrement) jump up at the first chance and say "I saw President Clinton say that Social Security was 100% ready, so now we don't have to worry about Y2K. That does make tremendous sense to me.

Anyway my point is. I have found a way to get the toyostove heaters, that put these people into a panic. They are about $ 150, so I plan on buying 10. I figure that come fall when the fear and panic sets in I can get 10 x's the value for the things. i actually saw two women fist fight for the furbey dolls this christmas and witnessed people selling them for $ 300 weeks before christmas (they were selling in stores for $30). Since I have been living much simpler the past year and have saved a ton by eating my rotating food supply - I have plenty of money to make an investment in products that will be in high demand toward the end of this year. If people paid 10 X's for a stupid doll, what will they pay for an item that may save their life. Maybe a small farm, who knows.

Anyway to all the people who have been preparing for this sit back and watch the saga unfold. You did your research and came to your own conclusions. By the time fall rolls around there will be nothing left. Take pride in the fact that you took personal responsibility for yourselves and your familys and may have prevented a horrible situation for yourself. I am in the preventitive medicine field and I always tried to prevent problems before they occur. I like to think of Y2K in the same way I view our modern world of medicine. People will not practice prevention. They want a quick fix - the band aid effect. Unfortunately for so many out there this will not change - until it is to late.

Give em hell boys and girls. It will be an interesting ride.


-- Matt (, January 16, 1999


I just bought an Omni 230 which is a 2300 btu model on the internet. They are factory refurbished and have the same warranty as a new one. The price was $139. plus shipping. This is a fine kerosene heater at a fantastic price but they will become scarce soon. The factory suggested price on a new one is $239.

-- Lawrence Crow (, January 16, 1999.


I share most of your opinions on this, but I think wherever possible we should avoid profiteering on our preparations, except to cover time and trouble. It's legal for us to ..... every one does it .... yada yada yada ..... but my gut feeling is that we can/will find later this year some pretty needy folks out there who were never DWGIs but were snowed by the big media lies and are now legitimately terrified. Elderly people, for instance. Selling them a heater at a price near what you obtained it is righteous. Ignore if you feel I'm being a buttinski.

-- BigDog (, January 16, 1999.

BTW, Petromax sells a little stove as well as their lantern. Good stuff. Stove - $66. Check out

-- BigDog (, January 16, 1999.

I bought two of them at a yard sale for $15.00 each. I use mine all the time and they put out good heat. The wicks are VERY expensive! As for buying 10 and then reselling at a later date is a gamble. If Y2K is a bump in the road, then you are stuck with ten heaters and may not be able to get what you paid for them. If Y2K comes off like we are expecting, then looks like you can make some money. There's nothing wrong in investing your money into something that may make you some's no different than playing the stock market, you take a chance either way. You may want to keep on hand 10 gallons of kerosene to go with the heaters, that will make them even more saleable.

-- bardou (, January 16, 1999.


Yep, after reading your post, I went to my local Home Depot and all the Kerosuns are gone, though they still have various portable propane units. About a month ago, there were maybe 2-3 dozen Kerosuns on display.

Keep in mind though, it has been very, very cold here this past month, so this may be normal inventory draw-down.

The funny thing is, though, I had asked about portable kerosene heaters there in October, and the clerk didn't know what I was talking about -- said they never carry that stuff and told me to check at a camping supply store. Then, a couple of months later, I see all these Kerosun heaters right by the front door. And now, they're all gone already...

-- Nathan (, January 16, 1999.

We recently bought a kerosene cookstove (one burner) and a keorsene heater. My question? Where and when do you buy the kerosene?


-- Sub-Mitt (, January 17, 1999.

Check out for Kerosun heaters. Fast service, reasonable prices. I opted for the 10000 BTU RC-41 which can crank up a typical suburban bedroom from mid 40's deg F to mid 70's in about three hours. These units are UL approved and intended for home use unlike much of the Coleman line which are designed for outdoor use. They burn about a gallon a day in continuous use but you won't need to run them all the time to keep a room warm.

Got Kerosene? ;-)

-- YourFullName (email@ddr.ess), January 17, 1999.


Buy now, don't wait, kero keeps. Get it from a fuel dealer. Politely insist on getting taxed, clear kero (most will do it for you if you're persistent: they can get it if they want). It's about 25% more than untaxed ($1.30/gallon where I am). Use additives but kero stores a long, long time.

-- BigDog (, January 17, 1999.

My local area (Washington State)has Omni 230's in stock. What I'm having trouble finding is the Kero-Sun DC-100 model. The mxi web site is sold out for this heating season. Anyone know where these are still available?

-- Wanda (, January 18, 1999.

Hi, yall...

Are any of you complementing your alternative cooking plans with Solar Cookers? I got a set of plans today, and am going to make one tonight and cook with it tomorrow while I'm at work. Any tips?

-- lisa (, January 18, 1999.

BigDog: Thanks for the advise. I read somewhere that you shouldn't buy your kerosene until after summer (condensation or something) but that is making me uneasy.

-- Sub-Mitt (, January 18, 1999.

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