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Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone out there can knows of a source for parts to convert a 55 or 30 gallon steel drum into a woodburning stove. I recently bought a Vogelzang kit but had to returm it because the quality was so bad there was no way to make the doors airtight. Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Bing (, March 16, 1999


Bing; try Stozt's doors for 55 gallon barrels to be used as wood burners. had one with two barrels attached, great heat source! was able to burn up to 4 ft logs at a time. I would suggest an expanded metal grate in the bottom so it will hold the logs above the hot coals. There will be alot of heat from it ,you'll like it. If not on the web look in Popular Science Mag in the back ,there should be advertisements for it there.


-- Furie (, March 16, 1999.


Check The Mother Earth News ads. I had one when we lived in Yancy Co. NC and heated 2400 sq ft with it.

One thing of utmost importance!! If you build one, make sure you burn out your barrels OUTSIDE. Fumes from the paint can be very toxic. They also can explode like a rocket. My barrels were supposed to have had non-flammables in them but when I lit a fire in them I ended up chasing one of the barrels about 250 feet over the hill. Scared the heck out of me. Caught hell from the wife, too.

-- Lobo (, March 16, 1999.

Try Lehman's They carry kits for one or two, your choice.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, March 16, 1999.

flip the drum on its side and make a opening foot and a half by whatever on "top" and cut another piece a bit bigger from another drum then use that for the lid. Prehaps bolts and wing nuts to hold down the lid. Sand at the bottom and a hole for a stovepipe. Get some non flamible caulking to make it relitively airtight and one has a heat source. Another idea with woodstoves is to put sheet metal over the wood and it keeps the heat "down" and produces a more efficant fire. You do burn a bit more wood but one just ajusts a bit. Another ideas is to get soapstone and place it inside and or by the woodstove. Soapstone radiates heat 5 times longer than any other material.


-- Brian (, March 16, 1999.


That is TOO funny!

-- Deborah (, March 16, 1999.


You have just brought a plesant evening to the Bear Den.

Now there a barrel race I'd love to have seen.

Suggested tag line for you: Lobo, he who chases barrels.

--Greybear, he who laughs

-Got Barrel Tie Downs?

-- Greybear (, March 17, 1999.

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