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Discovered way to make fire using firestarter and pinecones. Cordova...said "Why not soak the pinecones in that old kerosene and dry them". We tried it and it works like a charm! If you have pinecones (we have lots) try it out. We soaked them in some old kerosene that had a bit of water in it. Three days soaking, two days drying. Store in buckets, bags or old tins. It is cheaper than buying those easy to light fire logs and two or three pinecones start a nice warm fire for pit,stove or whatever. We now pick up cones rather than rake them up and toss away. Hope this helps someone else. P.S. Chickens are growing and garden fence is going up to keep the deer out. They will have to forge for themselves this year and maybe a few more.

-- Old Gramma (, March 28, 1999


Here's another firestarter tip:

Save your empty cardboard egg cartons. Into each egg cup, place dryer lint. Pack it down tight. Use your old candle stubs to drip wax over each egg cup until the whole surface of dryer lint is covered. Let dry. Cut egg cups apart. Store in an old cookie tin. Use one or two to start your fires. Save money on other fire starters!

-- Libby Alexander (, March 28, 1999.

corncobs w/kerosene work well too

-- Steve Hartzler (, March 28, 1999.

Saw dust mixed with old Kerosene works very well too!

-- Trish (, March 28, 1999.

Burning pine material can fill your chimney with creosote -- at least, according to my chimney sweep. This is worth looking into as chimney maintenance could be a problem in the future. If you've already figured out how to clean your own chimney, then I guess it's OK. Lord knows those pine cones are everywhere.

-- keep (that@chimney.clear), March 29, 1999.

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