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Diesel Alternative Offered
young 20 something inventers that travel across the country in their diesel Winnabago powered mostly by vegetable oil procured from fast food outlets

Question about paraffin, and other things that burn. . .
Recent posters mentioned the benefits of burning paraffin over kerosene in lamps, etc. The only paraffin I'm familiar with is the Gulf Wax stuff in the canning aisle.

coleman fuel, white gas, ????
Can someone help me sort out the differences between naptha, coleman fuel, white gas. I have heard lots of different things about these fuels. If you KNOW the answers, please respond.

Is home heating oil the same as diesel fuel?
He hasthe opportunity to get a generator with it that runs off the power takeoff. We would like to know if we could run that off home heating oil, which we could get delivered fairly easily.

What is the shelf life of diesel fuel?
What is the shelf life of diesel fuel?

How long will gasoline last when stored?
Now that my arsenal of widgits like pumps, generators etc are growing, I am wondering if anyone could tell me what is the best way to store gasoline and how long is its shelf life.

Storing Gasoline
Can you store gasoline in 55 gallon metal drums? Or is there a better or cheaper way to store 100-200 gallons?

Fuel suggestion
Method: Take the styrofoam. Dissolve it in the petrol until it is saturated. Saturation requires a LOT of styrofoam

Sterno Basics
Sterno is a jelled-alcohol fuel that's one of the handier fuel sources for emergency/disater cooking.

How to convert gasoline generator to propane
Has anyone converted their gasoline generators to propane?

Storage of Liquid Propane in the house?
Has anyone looked into storing liquid propane in the home? Is there any risk in storing the 1lb and 20lb bottles indoors?

LP gas transfer
I have a 1000 Gallon propane tank that I rent from my local company. I would like to fill 20 pound tanks from this tank. What would be the easiest way to do this.

Anyone have any input on biodiesel?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience withl this fuel or has any input? Here is a brief introduction on biodiesel. - Matt

Little Help - Kerosene ?
I have a few questions concerning kerosene for my heater/stove and lanterns.

Easy to make distillary?
Using a standard pressure cooker, affix copper tubing to the pressure release outlet. Boil the contents. Steam goes through the copper tubing and comes out distilled.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 21, 1999

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