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Has anyone converted their gasoline generators to propane? I can store large quantities of propane much more easily than large amounts of gasoline (also more safely) Would appreciate feedback re: how you did it and how well it works.

-- John Redditt (, October 15, 1998



1. Gas generators can be converted to propane, using commercially available kits. I tried to look up the old posts on the Gary North Home Power Generation forum, but couldn't access the archieved data. A lot of information was available, e.g., manufacturers, cost, etc.

As I remember the conversion cost is roughly $275.

Contact your local propane supplier. They will probably have information. Conversion is typically a 'carb replacement' type affair, removing the gasoline carb and installing a unit that will accept propane.

The converted units put out slightly less power (therefore less electrical power output) than the gasoline equivalent

2. If you don't have a generator yet, why not buy one already set up for propane? Northern Hydraulics carries several dual (and even triple) fuel generators. Dual = propane or natural gas, triple = option to convert to gasoline.

3. And, of course, there's always diesel.....easy to store, using either above ground or buried tanks, safer than gasoline, and a lot more reliable than either the gasoline or propane units.

[One poster to the GN power forum stated that his Kohler (good genset) dealer simply noted that he should expect to overhaul the unit at about 1000 hours. (About 8 months, at 4 hours a day) This is a standard number for gas, ng, and propane units that run at 3600 rpm. A much increased life can be expected from an 1800 rpm unit.......if you can find them. Diesels typically run at 1600 to 1800 rpm and will last well in excess of 25,000 hours before needing overhaul.]

But, the answer to your question is that you can convert gas to propane.


-- rocky knolls (, October 15, 1998.

I bought my conversion kit from US Carburetion on the web. It cost about $85. With the enclosed instructions you can convert the carb yourself, however it will destroy the carb for any future gasoline usage so an extra carburetor may not be a bad idea. I have not fired it up yet so I cannot give you any indication of how well it works. One note of warning: my local small engine shop would not touch this conversion. They sited the fact that propane can be very explosive and suggested a liscensed LP mechanic if I did not want to do it myself.

-- Bill G. (, October 15, 1998.

If you haven't bought your generator yet, consider a Honda multi-fuel generator:

That's what I want to get myself, planning on using propane, but one never knows which would be most available if the generators are needed and my stock supply runs out. If it turns out I don't need the generator for Y2K, it's still not a waste as there's always the chances of losing power for several hours/days as we've had in the past.

-- Chris (, October 15, 1998.

I thought of getting a generator also. But then i got to thinking i guess i can go for a little while with out watching my sitcoms and soaps on tv. Not to long though.

-- smith (, October 15, 1998.

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