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Recent posters mentioned the benefits of burning paraffin over kerosene in lamps, etc. The only paraffin I'm familiar with is the Gulf Wax stuff in the canning aisle.

QUESTION: Does paraffin come in liquid form? What are its benefits, and where can it be found? Other suggestions regarding indoor fuel for lamps? (And here, I'm talking about the Walmart $6.99 etc, garden variety lamps.)


-- FM (, April 22, 1999


at my WalMart you can buy regular lamp oil or paraffin oil. The latter being the more expensive. But having used oil lamps alot in my life, I will spend the extra money for the paraffin. It burns with no oder and it doesn't smoke up the chimneys. Kerosene provides light...but with it comes smoke, smell that takes forever to get out of your house and will even be noticeable in food. But it does burn and provide light. If you have no choice then get kerosene. If you are willing to spend $10 instead of $6.49 for a lamp and you have a Jo-Anns Fabrics and crafts store in your area (think its a nat'l chain) they carry some paraffin lamps. They come in 3 shapes and 5 frosted colors. Get the squatty one in frosted white. Its small, and safer re tipping over and gives off more useable light than a regular oil lamp. I am going to day and get myself 2 more of them.. But the same paraffin is a dollar more there than at WalMart. Hope this helps. Taz

-- Taz (Tassie, April 22, 1999.

Hey, thanks, Taz!

We do have a Jo-Ann Fabrics in our area. I'll check this out.

One other item: I've noticed that not all chain stores carry the same merchandise. Two examples: our local Sam's does not carry beans in bags. The only ones available are in cans. Someone else mentioned that a Sam's in his/her area carries a wheat grinder for $18. I have yet to be able to find a wheat grinder ANYWHERE in my area.

I will say that I live in a state rich with natural resources (wood, water, etc.)where many affluent people reside. Maybe that's the reason.

-- FM (, April 22, 1999.

One other question--'forgot.

Will paraffin oil burn in all "hurricane style" lamps? I know just about anything will burn in a Petromax, but beyond that--I'm clueless.


-- FM (, April 22, 1999.

you can use paraffin oil anywhere you would use regular lamp oil. In other words. YES


-- Taz (Tassie, April 22, 1999.

Thank you kindly!


-- FM (, April 22, 1999.

Does anyone know how to extract it from natural sources?

-- Reporter (, April 22, 1999.

I have studied paraffin, Kerosene, sterno, Choice , propane, etc. and the one I prefers is Choice fuel. It is better than paraffin and it's also odorless. No alcohol and dangerous by-products. I got mine from a mail order a year ago. But I just found another mail order which sells at even lower price. They supposedly come out with a new portable stove which can withstand over 170 lbs. of weight. You can put 1 or 2 cans under this stove. I read that it sells for around $9.00 ? for the stove set. Their site is "<"a href="">"Link"<"/a">". Someone help me if it does not hotlink right. Or try this Email or .com. This safe fuel comes out to be around 50 cents an hour burn time. I bought 3 cases back then. We have cooked eggs and ham with it. Not bad.

It's liquid in cans. Even if it spills, you cannot set it on fire. I tried it several times. I was told you have to have a wick to burn it. The can comes with a wick. Easy to relight. I want something that I can store indefinitely and not worry about an accidental leak or explosion. My uncle told me never to use sterno, which looks like this choice. It has flammable alcohol.

-- John (, April 22, 1999.

What did I do wrong on the link? Did I forget to type in something? Please show me. Thanks

-- John (, April 22, 1999.

"<"a href="">"Link"<"/a">"

Too many quotation marks. Lose the initial one, ones after both < symbols, after last a and last >

View source to see the correct way.


-- links (r@u.s), April 22, 1999.

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