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Alternate power

Solar charger for alkaline batteries
does anyone know where to get a solar battery charger for alkaline batteries. Would appreciate any information. Thanks. Deane

Alternative energy: Can flashlight batteries run a PC?
which for $300. sells a shortwave radio add-on for your computer. Could flashlight batteries provide enough power to operate a small desktop computer like mine? If so, is there a battery-powered gizmo to plug the computer into?
Low Voltage problems
An earlier thread referenced a concern about "low voltage" burning out pumps, furnace motors, etc. Avery legitimate concern, and one I have never seen mentioned before.

Tweeking the home electric system, what have you forgot?
The power was out from 8am to 3:30pm for "repairs" I had to rely on home power for the whole day.

Solar Pannel Question
I would like to get a small solor pannel that you can plug a small appliance directly in too. Does something like that even exsist? Thanks

Jim Lord comes right out and says it...without the usual Westergaard disclaimers
My Tip of the Week is to seriously prepare for power outages in your home and in your community. We're not getting the whole truth out of these folks

How do you QUIET generators?
I recently tested our new gas powered 4kw generator. It naturally runsflat-out and makes enough noise to wake the dead. How do you muffle one of these Briggs & Straton beasts?

How to Purchase Batteries for Less
Electrical supply companies carry what is known as "commercial" batteries and the public can purchase them there. They're made by Duracell but do not have the copper top, but I was informed that they were exactly the same.

How to charge battery bank via peddling bicycle?
It seems it should be possible to charge a bank of deep-cycle batteries by peddling a stationary bicycle or exercise machine. We have no idea how to do this, though

Nicads Vs NiMH batterys , a question
So The question is, where can I get some dense nicads. I've heard Toshiba has them in the 1000mah range along with a few others. Based on my bad times electronics requirements, I need about 50 of them.

Use of Car Batteries
Does anyone know how long a car battery will last on the shelf? I'm thinking that if I had a couple of new car batteries I could use them as an electrical source. Anyone have any ideas?

Need info on 12-Volt Lighting Systems
I'm looking for pointers and advice / comments on building a12-volt lighting system. Preferably, it would be fairly simple and inexpensive.

Need advice regarding rechargeable batteries
I have a solar charger which can charge D,C, AAA and AA rechargeables. Info regarding brands or types regarding nicad is appreciated...thanks :-)

Steam engines?
Are there any practical steam engines available out there? Any that could effectively replacing an electric motor?

Generators - what kind do we need?
Have gas line for heat in house and well, but need elctricity for the pump. What kind of generators are suggested?

I am wondering what kind of generator to buy or make that will cost very little and will have the capacity to run at least most of what a family of 6 needs.

New Coleman Generators?
Looks good. Anyone know anything. Thanks

generator for condo
Can anyone tell me what is the best type of generator to run from a 2nd floor condo w/ a small deck in a large city in order to get a minimum amount of power for vital necessities?

Questions about generators
What is the best make and size generator for the average American home?

Safety WARNING for generator owners!
This is from YAHOO news, dated Feb. 16. <:)= WARNING

Our choices outlined below certainly won't fit everyone, but perhaps the thought process will help you avoid the mistakes we made, improve your judgment and save you money.

Gasoline and Diesel motors run on steam
My older brother, A WWII vet, While serving in China and the Phillipines, remembers seeing old Ford and Dodge trucks and autos being driven by steam. They had makeshift fireboxes and boilers

How to convert gasoline generator to propane
Has anyone converted their gasoline generators to propane?

Looking at propane generators, need some advice
We are thinking about getting a propane fired generator as we are planning to augment our natural gas heat with propane

Cheap, Simple Alternative Energy System (You Probably Have Most Of It Already)
You say you don't have money for a solar panel system, or even a small generator? Well, I'll bet you have a generator already; it's called a car.

Who Makes State of the Art Photovoltaic Panels?
I've never used PV's. I see big name companies like Siemens, BP, etc. Does anyone have practical experience with these. Is one manufacturer's product considered preeminent?

Vendors For Small Solar Panels?
Does anyone know of any sources for small solar panels of about 6 VDC to 12 VDC at about 200 mA output under $20.00?

Solar Power
I heard part of a news account this morning about solar cells embedded in roofing panels.

Operation of Home Pc's, television, stereo etc by generator power
I have a 5 kw Honda generator. Can I simply use my electronic equipment as I normally would or do I need to be concerned about when I use it as the electric source?

Need help with hydo-electric power?
We are considering purchasing property that fronts on a river. I am interested in using the power of this river, if possible, as a source of power.

Wood fired, steam generators - 2000W
Wood fired, steam generators. These are going to be released by a company I know of, but in limited supply. Release date - June 1. Anyone have any experience with this type generator?

-- Brian (, June 08, 1999

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