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inexpensive salad dressing ci
Salad dressing is very expensive to buy off the shelf. Here are a couple of recipes that are so delicious and so easy. They can be non fat or fat, depending on the mayonaise you use.

Good nutrition for good health (info/recipes)
In any disaster, maintaining good health is essential. I saw this innovative cookbook described in our local paper today. Some good ideas here.

Tasty, no-bake main course suitable for tough times (Y2k???)
If you are like me the summer heat is hitting and I try to avoidturning on the stove/oven. Found this recipe, tried it and it was outstanding!!! Had never had anything like it before....makes a simple "light" main course:

mung beans are wonder food
wow! check out the nutrition info on mung beans!!! talk about nutritional density!!! 40 grams of protien perserving!!! 400 calories!!! serious survival food here folks!!!

Help on sprouting in S. Calif.
My husband uses about a half cup of mung beans to produce 1and half sprouts. He uses a Chinese method to sprout which came out of an oriental cook book.

Y2Kitchen Newsletter - practical home food prep tips
you can join this newsletter : Join Y2Kitchen Just send a blank email. It's a great little news letter open to discussion about practical stuff.

Sprouting Seeds..Which ones do I buy,and how much?
I've looked at a few websites,and the variety is confusing, as I have never sprouted a sprout.

A list of good resources on Edible wild plants, mushrooms, and seashore critters
The following is a list of what I consider to be some of the best books in my personal library (many are on their 2nd or more copy, field use is hard on books....)

does anyone know of a good mushroom field recognition guides? know
t's been a while since I've been mushroom picken' and it's good to know what one's eating out there

Hand wheat grinders and more!
This information is intended to help people like myself who have been looking for a wheat grinder. I found one in St George UT. at Levitts kitchen supply.

Parsley--richest vegetable source of iron
Does anyone know how to make soy milk?
Does anyone have a good, foolproof recipe for making soymilk?

Fishing and Y2K

Need basic fishing instructions.
Excellent article on Food Supply
Brian Davey has just released this paper on Y2k and the Food Supply:

***Soy answers a lot of questions.
Here's a small rundown on Soy gleaned from severalbooks on the subject. The Whole Soy Cookbook, The TofuBook, The Miso Book and also the news letter from

Home-made Mixes No. 2
More from "Sylvia":

Home-made Mixes
Old Git - good recipes - got any more? Got any URLs?

Good time to get down on coffee.

Food Consumption
My current plan is units of 5 people, 365 days..although to be generous, I'm going to prepare for 400.

?"food Insurance" for your currently nonbelieving loved ones
Perhaps, we could "sell" the concept of cheap "what if we are right" food insurance to those we love and expect "for dinner?"

Bulk buys,,, I want to know more
After reading the thread below concerning bulk buying of grains, popcorn and beans, I thought I had better look into them and compare what I am paying.

Consumer Poll: pre-packed food
Informal poll for all you wunnerful folks: how many of y'all have purchased pre-packaged food storage from places like Walton Feed or Perma Pak?

Vegetarian food preps
Any other vegetarians out there? What different items are you storing? Any special food storage recipes? or tips?

Anybody have recipes for fruit wines?
I'm interested in learning to make wine from readily available fruits like apples, peaches and some berries.

Got Dandelions?
Here's a site with nutritional information about wild edibles. Can you say forage?

Got vinegar?
How do you make vinegar? I realize it is cheap in gallon bottles, but if a person ran out is there a recipe? What are the raw ingredients? It's distilled, right?

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