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Does anyone know of a local southern California source for sprouting seeds and equipment? Looking for Mung beans, alfalfa and the like. At this point I am growing weary of some of the delays with ordering materials and would like to find a local source.

-- smfdoc (, May 09, 1999


Not in CA. but search the web for Life Sprouts. The ship quick.

-- FLAME AWAY (, May 09, 1999.

My husband is the sprouting expert, but he is not into the net. We purchase our beans from a local health food grocery store here. They sell the beans in bends. Mung Beans are .99 per lb and Alfalfa is 3.89 a lb.--you can use other type too, just be sure they are organic beans! My husband uses about a half cup of mung beans to produce 1 and half sprouts. He uses a Chinese method to sprout which came out of an oriental cook book. He uses a deep roasting pan, w/ a rack inside the roaster and a cover. (1) soak bean overnight (2) put damp paper towels on rack in roaster (3) spread soaked beans over paper towels (4) Mist or spray with water (5) Cover--avoid light (6) Try to mist or soak more that 2 times a day--should be every 6 to 8 hours (7) After 3 to 5 days depends on the size of sprouts you want remove from paper towels and place in large bowl (8) Fill bowl with water and move sprouts around--you want to get rid of hulls--Do this several times (9) Drain well and place in bag or plastic container. Can use Mung beans in salads or as a vegestable. The regular method usually written about using a jar is O.K. too. It is really fun--no weeding and you don't kill your back getting your garden ready! Good Luck Hope

-- Hope in San Antonio (, May 09, 1999.

Last weekend I found a sprouting Kit at Walmart in the garden center. It is called "Kitchen Crop" sprouter. It's very inexpensive (9.99) & I purchased the bags of "Kitchen Crop" seeds for sprouting. They were two dollars & some odd cents. I bought several bags..broccoli,alfalfa,stir fry mix & zesty salad & sandwich mix. On the package it shows the manufacturer as NK Lawn & Garden Co. in Chattanooga Tn. I plan to vacumn seal the seeds, I am going back this weekend for more seeds.

-- Carol Ann (, May 10, 1999.

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