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After reading the thread below concerning bulk buying of grains, popcorn and beans, I thought I had better look into them and compare what I am paying. Can anyone give me the names of businesses you have ordered from and would recommend. Also, who sells sugar in bulk.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), March 12, 1999



Buying in bulk can be deceiving. Remember -- you pay the shipping costs. Shipping is expensive. So, be careful.

Sugar -- why not buy from SAMs? It's cheap, and it's heavy (which means high shipping costs if you buy and have it shipped in). You can buy 25 or 50 pound bags. They don't need to be repacked: sugar won't rot. Keep it dry, if it does get wet, get out the hammer and break up the chunks when you use it.

Beans -- I've looked several places, but believe it or not the cheapest buy for me has been at the supermarkets. Yeah, I know, 1 pound bags.......so I just buy 10 pounds of beans a week. I did buy some kidney beans from Lehi Mills, but I want an assortment, so I have bought at Acme and Kroger. Also bought barley at Acme in 1 pound bags. At the supermarket, beans will average $0.79 a pound (depends on the type of bean), and by the time you buy 50 pounds in bulk you'll pay at least that because of shipping. The SAMs I've been to don't have beans.

Wheat, corn --- I bought wheat from Lehi mills . Good price, good delivery, good people. Recommend them, don't work for them.

Bought corn two places (Walton Feed, yellow dent.......order now, and they'll deliver in February, 2000) and SAMs (popcorn, 50 pound bags, pick it up and take it home).

Wheat is about the only thing you really need to order.

The wheat from Lehi Mills comes in 6 gallon buckets, is dry, and should last without doing anything else to it. I leave the beans in the original bags, toss a whole bunch of bags into a bucket, add a couple of oxygen absorbers, and store them.

Hope this helps.

-- De (dealton@concentric.net`), March 12, 1999.

Check for local food co-ops. I can order most grains and beans "fairly" reasonably from them. If money is really a problem, many people have used feed grade wheat and corn. Make sure it has no additives like hormones and such. I'm NOT saying that is the best route, but it is a possibility.

-- Jon Williamson (pssomerville@sprintmail.com), March 12, 1999.

Hey Linda, if you go back to my post below, you will see that I added some more prices from their price list and where to look in the yellow pages for bulk grain companies.

-- Freddie the Freeloader (freddie@aol.com), March 12, 1999.

Hi Linda, I was also buying from my grocery store in the bulk food department by having them order me in #25 bags of beans and oats. Well, I found a food co-op an hour away and they deliver FREE if your order is $300 or more. By the time I ordered beans, powdered eggs, spices in bulk, more oats, honey, molasses and more, I had no problem. The beans they delivered to my door were from the same company that the grocery store was selling me at double the price. I am in the NorthEast. Check out your area because I really blew much more money trying to buy it all local. Many co-ops have a large delivery area and have a minimum order requirement, but it is worth it. Get several families together and order if you can't spend that much at once. What area are you in? The place I ordered from was Genesee Natural Foods 800-445-0094. The only connection I have with this company is being a very happy customer! Mary

-- Mary (doesnotmatter@thistime.com), March 12, 1999.

Check your Yellow Pages under Bakery Supply and make some calls.


-- Chuck, a night driver (reinzoo@en.com), March 12, 1999.

Check the Yellow Pages under "Grocers- Wholesale" and make some calls. I found one in my area that will sell to me if I pay sales tax since I don't have a business. I get beans and some other things there, and go to Sam's for sugar, salt, rice, honey etc.

-- nobody (nobody@home.org), March 13, 1999.

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