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March 1977 Organic Gardening.

[Summary] Contains 6.2 mg per 100 gms (3.5 ozs). Even raw spinach contains only half that much, same as dandelion greens, Swiss chard and beet greens. Chopped parsley also has 8500 IU vitamin A, 172 gms vitamin C and 203 mg calcium.

If given protection (such as hay mulch or leaves) parsley will live over the winter in most of the northern states. You can also pot up the plant and winter it over indoors on a sunny window sill. Dried parsley loses most of its nutritive value, not to mention its flavor.

[Commentary] I grow both curly and flat-leaved parsley outdoors year-round in central NC, snipping off needed amounts when necessary. When frost threatens I protect each plant with bubble wrap and then cover with a 5-gallon bucket weighed down with a brick.

-- Old Git (, April 27, 1999


When i make my Carrot juice in the evening, I also take a handful of parsley and run it through the juicer. The green chlorophyl juice keeps the doctor away!

-- freddie (, April 27, 1999.

Right on Freddie. Carrot-Apple-Parsley juice is also outstanding! Tastes great & cleans out the pipes!

-- Bingo1 (, April 27, 1999.

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