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Reposting the Archive to keep the forum on topic :o) Plus I am posting the Health page for those that have never checked it out.


Planning for the Consequences of Violence and Plague (not for the squeamish)
A few have seen what bullets will do to a deer or larger animal. But almost everyone who responds says they will have no problem killing a fellow human being

I saw a thread from Old Git earlier about soaps and shampoos and thought I'd offer my recipe for home made soap.

Bruce's Practical Skills #1: Safety
Many of us, myself included, do not work at hard physical labor six orseven days a week. Many are unaware of the dangers in seemingly simple tasks.

The answer to personal hygiene problem
Found the recipe for making baby wipes: add 1/2 cup baby oil & 1/2cup baby shampoo or mild Ivory soap to a gallon of distilled water. Cut a roll of extra-absorbent paper towels in half, remove center cardboard & soak in solution.

An MD Looks at Post y2k Medicine
Here is an excellent article on post y2k medicine that is well worth printing and read a couple of times. It was published last year.

medical supplies..cheaper
there are some basic things that you should have that can be purchased far cheaper at a good farm supply store with vet supplies

I think one of the preparations we need to make for ourselves,..... especially for the elderly and the children......, are packets of electrolytes. I have made them up and sealed them in zip lock bags

What medical supplies are folks storing?
We've started building our medical supplies, but want to make sure we're not missing anything. Any further suggestions for OTC, RX, herbal, homeopathic, and miscellaneous supplies?

health concerns- dysentery
If sanitation becomes a problem then dysentery and other intestinal disorders may be a problem.

Will LICE,SCABIES etc.return with poor sanitation? Are you prepared?
Some of the old time problems may return with thelack of sanitation and adequate water for washing.You may invite both head and body lice or scabies into your home with that unkempt stranger,even a child,

Have you talked with your pharmacist lately?
A very recent article in Information Week stated that Long's Drugs (which purchased Drug Emporium up here in the Northwest) reduced it's pharmacy inventory from 24 days to 11 days.

Stockpiling pharmaceuticals: how?
Many people depend to a greater or lesser extent on pharmaceuticals to control chronic health problems.The problem arises, how to get aseveral-month or longer supply, just in case?

Mechanisms for obtaining bulk antibiotics, etc?
Medicine was a topic that hit me a while ago. Assuming there is a supply shortage in 2000 how does one goe about preparing for their medical needs.

Need input on antibiotics
About once a year I have need for antibiotics. The humid climate and my lungs don't agree.

Antibiotics availability
I saw on the communist news network last night that the FDA is going to tighten up availability of agricultural antibiotics.

Emergency Medical/Dental/Etc. Training Available: great idea.
I thought this might be of interest to people here. In looking for primitive medicine I came across a fellow who teaches ditch medicine (soldiers' field medicine) -- here is his description of this:

Vitamin Tablets
On the basis that I can't be assured of having all the right stuff, I'm thinking quite seriously about vitamin tablets.

Medicare Question
Do you think this will be handled quietly internally? Could a clinic or hospital thats not compliant turn down Grandma,Grandpa and the disabled?

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