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Many people depend to a greater or lesser extent on pharmaceuticals to control chronic health problems. The problem arises, how to get a several-month or longer supply, just in case? Manufacture of these products is very high on any vulnerability scale.

If you are lucky, need the stuff for yourself and have a Y2K-aware doc, he may prescribe for you.

But what if you want the stuff for someone else you love but haven't managed to make aware? Someone who would almost certainly be dismissed as a neurotic old lady by her doc, even if you managed to persuade her that there was a possible problem (which itself might be unkind)?

Perhaps we need a Y2K-concerned medic (or even a mercenary quack) to write year-long prescriptions with few questions, and let us know that he will. Are there places where supply of pharmaceuticals aren't strictly controlled? Can you mail-order, or is that illegal? How do you find that out?


(If anyone is wondering it's a beta-blocker drug and anti-asthma inhalers that I'd like to obtain, for relatives not myself. I'm in the UK -- I imagine legalities will vary depending on where you are, but the problem is general).

-- Nigel Arnot (, October 14, 1998


I understand that Meds. can be ordered from Mexico. W/O Rx. Don't know about laws in UK..Also can't remember site that I saw it recomened.. Sorry.

-- Walter Blais (, October 14, 1998.

try these for a start if you want to mailorder some meds:

-- Karen Cook (, October 14, 1998.

My wife and I recently crossed the border to tijuana, mexico. we spoke with a lady from san diego who was going there to purchase her blood pressure medication. she said she didnt need a prescription there and though it was a generic brand, it was a fraction of the cost. you can bring small amounts of it back across the border (as long as it's not a truck load). She spends $18.00/mo there as opposed to 90.00/mo in ther U.S.

-- bcurtice (, October 15, 1998.

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