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About once a year I have need for antibiotics. The humid climate and my lungs don't agree. If Y2K puts medical care on ice it could also put me on ice if I don't have access to antibiotics. Having talked to local doctors on this subject I have learned that covering their 6 oclock in the number one concern.

I see much discussion on the GN board about this. It seems that many are getting antibiotics from the vet or vet supply stores for possible future use should access to doctors and medicine become unavailable due to Y2K. I believe that this is what I must also do.

Any medical types or vets on this board who can offer advise on this most important subject? Dosages, best type of antibiotics and storage advise would be very much welcome.

I am not much for taking any medicine unless I absolutely need it but when you gotta have it you gotta have it. Thanks in advance.

-- Ed Stevens (, January 31, 1999



You might find the following URL helpful:

-- Carol (, January 31, 1999.


Any advise on antibiotic selection, dosage etc from one of us would be basically worthless, as we do not know what your specific problem is. We also do not know serious specifics like your weight, response to specific drugs, allergies, etc. Unless you can get advice from your own physician, you may be out of luck.

Sorry about the reality. cr

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 31, 1999.

Recommendations from government leaders to stockpile several months supply of prescription drugs are starting to circulate. See previous thread "Atlanta residents stockpiling supplies - 3 months of prescription drugs recommended".

If you can't convince your Dr. to accommodate you, there are online overseas outfits that can supply 3 months of medications to persons that have been prescribed these drugs (I take that to mean having a current prescription). See

-- a (a@a.a), January 31, 1999.

There are too many links to mention at this site. As I scanned through I did notice a couple on meds. For those in need of personal prep sites I would recommend surfin it for a bit.

Noah's Ark: Emergency Preparedness Information

-- Other Lisa (, January 31, 1999.


From what I understand, if you know what the antibiotic is that you take, you can usually find it's equivalent at your local farm/ranch store in the vet's supplies. To determine the dosage, use the dosage recommended for swine (pigs). The dosage is usually so much per 100lbs weight. If you don't know what the antibiotic is you have been prescribed, you can still take one of the animal antibiotics. If it is not recommended for swine, then I wouldn't take it either. The drugs for animals are much cheaper, too.

-- Gerald R. Cox (, January 31, 1999.

Ed, it may be that you are destroying the friendly bacteria flora that reside naturally in your gut, by taking regular series of anti-biotics, setting the stage for unfriendly bacteria to move in and set up shop, and survive, until they thrive, then flourish, causing a "new" infection. Anti-biotics take no prisoners; they kill even the good guys, thereby setting you up for lower immune response. A person who has taken even one series of A.B. should then take acidolpholus and bifidus (live cultures) for a couple of mos. And eat live cultured yogurt, PLAIN, NO SUGAR, on an empty stomach.(any flavored yogurt will not work, it has sugar, and is ineffective. Also good to find a REPUTABLE naturopath to advise on how to break this cycle. Drugs, legal or illegal,low quality food, sugar,alchohol, stress, caffiene, can contribute to the problem also. The AMA should know about this, they are in a special class of DGIS Now is the time, if there ever was, to learn natural medicine. Good Luck

-- King of Free Estimates (Hasbeen@there.too), January 31, 1999.

Ed, forget about antibiotics, they only work on about 4 different bacteria. Type in colloidal silver in your search engine and discover a super charged home remedy antibiotic that kills over 260 different bacteria, virusses, etc. Also type in blood electrification and Bob Beck and learn how to use a 9 volt battery charge which even kills the aids virus. Aids victims are buying these units by the dozens and all recover from the aids disease. I was ready to have a rootcanal done at the dentist, but instead used the elctrification in my mouth for only 5 minutes and that killed all the infection and allowed my immune system to take over and clean out the tooth. That was 3 months ago and never have felt anymore pain in my tooth. Doctors will never tell you about these discoveries, because then they would loose all their business! Good luck and discover how to mend your own illnesses at home at zero cost!!!!!!!

-- Ed Ponski (, January 31, 1999.

Colloidal silver can cause argyria, a condition in which the victim's skin turns permanently gray (a form of heavy metal poisoning). To see photos of a colloidal silver victim, go to:

For further information on colloidal silver, go to: ml

-- Old Git (, February 01, 1999.

Old Git, common sense will tell you that you couldn't eat enough silver to look like that and still live. Yes, do visit the FDA disinformation, quackbuster site.

-- King of Free Estimates (seesabonuseffect@from.y2k), February 01, 1999.

Prior to your reply, King, I forwarded this thread to argyria victim Rosemary Jacobs, and she (or her ghost) replied as follows:

"Well, it used to 'be effective against' 650 different diseases. I guess it's winding down. ;-) I have more material posted that you may want to look at. I did the FAQs for the promoters.

And I'm working furiously to get more up too."

People are capable of looking at all sides of an issue and making up their own minds. Unlike you, I don't insist that my view is the ONLY true one. Ed, get yourself another doctor who will prescribe a supply of erithromycin for you. Such doctors DO exist. In the meantime, don't cut the grass or otherwise work on the yard without a breathing mask. My annual fall bouts with walking pneumonia stopped after I began wearing a face mask to cut the grass. If you smoke, quit--I think that helps too; it certainly wouldn't hurt.

-- Old Git (, February 01, 1999.

Ed: Look into natural antibiotic like Bioprotein A, Immunical, Olive leaf extract. I should have my article posted soon on Y2K & your medicine cabinet at There are natural stuff for colds, flus, infections, arthritis, asthma, hormone... I teaches health seminar, but I'm not an M.D. If you want to get the best price for these supplements, try Highway to health in San Francisco 650-634-0308 or email them They are much cheaper than health food store. Also, I got some Alpine freezedried foods from HTH. I think they give 15% discount(?) Check with them.

-- Raymond (, February 01, 1999.

OK, Old Git, I have to admit my comment that "you couldn't take enough silver to look like that and live" was mostly rhetorical, however, even tho I would not take C.S., I have seen it; (or at least what I have seen, looks like clear water, as the silver particles are supposed to be minute) and it just does'nt make sense, that you could drink enough of the stuff to have this happen. There must be more to this story. And even tho I would like to play detective, I'm gonna have to move on. However, the last thing I wanna say is, there are is quackery everywhere, including established medicine. Taking A.B's habitually is not wise, even tho is has become commonplace.

-- King of Free Estimates (Thatisall@this.time), February 01, 1999.

Hey folks, I've been a Registered Nurse for 32 years working mostly critical care and I've seen alot of people die of sepsis (infections) in spite of massive antibiotics. Yes, you'll get agrya from silver if you take it constantly and you"ll also have horrible complications from regular antibiotics if you take them for a long period of time. Anti-infectives are short term treatments of life threatening infections. Zeda

-- Zeda (, June 23, 1999.

An excellent resource about antibiotics can be found at His book was written for a family that might relocate in a jungle-like country for 1 year, but the recommendations apply well to Y2K. I showed the book to my primary care doc and he was very interested and seemed willing to write me scrips for the antibiotics.

-- Bob (, June 23, 1999.

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