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-- Brian (imager@home.com), September 14, 1999


Bugging out

What would you choose?
If you knew power was going to go down and you knew you had a choice between having all your preps confiscated while you were herded into a govt. shelter or heading for the hills to live on tree bark. What would you choose?

Bugging Out: Bug Out Bag Revisited
Some may only have time and money to put together a good bug out bag.

What goes into a bug out bag?

Head for the hills?
Do you think we will get to the point in y2k when individual preparadness should have included tents and all things mobile?

The Cost of Winter Camping, Great Winter Gear
I think my researchsheds some light on the real cost of Y2K camping for those that plan to not go thirsty, hungry, or cold during the winter.

can't afford to leave the city but it seems they're doomed,so what?go camping??
what to do where to go?? the hills?? my family lives in texas,and with that many large cities,texas is burnt toast

anyone else planning a "head for the hills"bugout as only financial option??
...I live in wisconsin,married-no-kids,and quite poor (student) . My financial status will not allow me to move to a warm climate with a low population / division of labor.

Some thoughts about Bugging out with Kids or Elderly Parents
We are thinking of a third option which is a combination of the two above. ie plan the move in advance but only implement if required.

Some things ya oughta have
While watching the war on CNN and especially the refugees heading out with their pitiful "bug out bags", I thought of a few things we should have.

Y2K, Nakedness and Survival Under Extremes - A list of needful things
This kit is used for Survival Under Extremes. Well call it SUE.

Since Ive done a LOT of car camping and High Sierra wilderness camping, yet still love a hot shower, Ill share a few thoughts, and welcome yours, on Mobile Y2K Preparation Strategies.

I once had the personal experience of taking part in the evacuation of a whole town 2,000 plus people, due to incoming forest fires

Bugout Bag
I have uploaded my bugout bag list to my web page. Feel free to reprint if you whish. Here is the url http://members.aol.com/y2koka/ page/index.htm

outdoor survival
How long could a life -long city dweller, a beginner survivalist, maintain himself indefinitely in the wilderness with bare essentials, knowledge and skill?

**What is baseline preparedness?
where do you think all those unprepared people will congregate? That's right. Your town. Like moths to a flame.

You must get out of populated areas. Period.-- Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com)

Will we be able to Bug Out?
For those of us who have not relocated, and have bug out plans, this is possibly a life or death issue. Consider that most of us will probably try to get to our bug out location by car.

Living on a Sailboat
Has anyone given any thought to the logistics of living on a sailboat should TSHTF? Rent, lease or buy?

No more Head For The Hills?
Ive got an idea that might improve the way we dialog and think about worst case preparations, leaving the city, and bugging out.

Motor homes
Having never owned a motor home, I have a few questions. How do they generate electricity? Do they rely on gas for all their functions? Are they a viable living alternative?

WHERE will YOU be ? Fish or Cut Bait
Anybody care to lay their (re)location cards on the table ? I think it would be helpful. I'll start -

-- Brian (imager@home.com), September 14, 1999.

If you think that Florida is a bad bug out place, you obviously have never been here or have only been to Peter Pan's abode. Are you aware that Florida is the SECOND LARGEST CATTLE PRODUCING STATE IN US? Believe me, we don't graze them on sidewalks. The coast line is full of people on the east..not so much the Gulf side. The spine down the middle is all agriculture. The biggest town is probably Gainsville with about 55000 ppopulation when the U of F is in session. The surrounding area is all farm and ranches. I live outside of Ocala in the Ocala National Forest. Full of rednecks and survivalists. Our area is also 2nd only to Lexinton, KY and the last Triple Crown winner was an Ocala horse. The last two horses going for the Triple Crown were Ocala horses. We have 465 registered horse farms, mostly thorobred, but includes Qtr horses, POAs, lots of Paso Finos, draft horses, mules and donkeys. Sound like a bad place to bug out to? Out here in the forest you are allowed to camp for 2 weeks anywhere on the forest land. You can move down the road 6 trees and camp two weeks again. There are lakes all over the place plus this area of Florida is blessed with pure water springs. Ever hear of Silver Springs. Crystal clear water running down the spine of the state from the hills of Tenn. Silver Springs produces 8 million gals per day. Its but one of a string of such springs across the area. There are gorgous rivers and lakes all over the place. You may not see them from the road but they are there. There are at least 6 lakes within a half mile of my house. Most on National Forest and there for you to camp and swim, etc., under giant oaks and pine trees. I have lived in the Alaska wilderness, high in the Cascade Mtns of both Oregon and Washington. All beautiful and all very miserable in the winter even when well equiped. I will take Ocala National Forest as a bug out place hands down. There is water, wood, space,and warm weather. Do bring a can of Off is you plan on being here in the summer. And as I have said many times, you would be welcomed by me as long as you organize your camp, make latrines, bury your trash. Oh, did I tell you the fishing is good, deer are getting a little scarce, lots of wild hogs, bears are protected and the wild turkey will wake you up in the morning. Just don't shoot those who spend time in my pasture.


-- Taz (Tassie@aol.com), September 15, 1999.

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