Head for the hills?

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Do you think we will get to the point in y2k when individual preparadness should have included tents and all things mobile? By the way DIETER and INVAR are Gods to me!

-- ayayay (want@out.com), May 07, 1999



Well if you are near the hills it would help :o) What are your risks? You have to make that choice yourself. Do you have any skills that will enable you to have a life in the "hills"? If you go up there what are you going to do? It always helps if you know the problems in your area. Oh and what happens if you live in Holland?

If I was living in an area that is a serious security risk now, has no water around if there is a failure, no word from the local officials that there is a problem, and boiler plate answers with no detail from your utilities then there might be a case for having the bug out stash.

Does DiEteR bUg OUt?

-- Brian (imager@ampsc.com), May 07, 1999.

No I have no skills. I'm a T.V. Boomer Baby. However I do have an SAS survival manual, lots of coffee, and sensible shoes. I actually live in twin cities area, but have not met anyone who likes to think about y2k. Too busy with their IPO's I expect. My closets are full, I feel like a retard. Thanks for input!

-- ayayay (want@out.com), May 07, 1999.


Good to hear you have shoes. May I suggest camping this summer if you have your doubts. Then imagine camping in the middle of winter.

So you have family or friends that may be in a more secure location? Possibly a visit for New years is in order. Hint bring big suitcases.

I have thought that renting an RV for the rollover would be a good idea. It would be the off season for them so rental should be no problem. Look into it sooner than later. If you know of a tourist location that has small cabins to rent? Bring some bubbly? Make sure they have propane heat and cooking though. Gravity oil feed heaters are Y2K OK.

Don't think about tromping through the bush cause it seems simple. If you do wear something bright so the others out there see that you are not a deer and shoot you :o)

As I said though go camping. If you have to stay where you are then camp at home. When you are at home you have a dry place, all your stuff and stores. Plan a laid back and simpler life. Play scrabble.

If you want to go into the bush, do it right. And you do not have the time or experiance to do it. There are no winters left for a test run. Just as the comp folk have to test their fixes on a computer you have to test your personal compliancy program. If you know any hunters in your area ask them. They are usually all weather folk and can give you a better idea of the local problems you may encounter.

Basicaly if you leave, have a place to go. Have a roof, food, woodstove, chainsaw, dog (?) first aid, fishing gear, snowmobile (in snow of course), light, comunications and if you get a gun learn to use it correctly and get training. And if you are in "real bush" get cork (?spl) boots. You can run on iced over logs with those. Keep the shoes at home.

Well there are a few thoughts.

the link below has a few threads on "Bugging out"

Good luck

Bugging out

-- Brian (imager@ampsc.com), May 07, 1999.

Thank you Brian. You're a millenium angel.

-- ayayay (want@out.com), May 07, 1999.

The danger of being burned out is high, in city or in country. The world will be Indonesia writ large. So, yes... a tent would not be a bad idea. Got fire extinguishers?

-- Dancr (minddancr@aol.com), June 24, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

OK... I just realized... that looks a little extreme. Of course, I meant "IF nobody is putting out the fires.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage.neener.autospammers--regrets.greenspun), August 06, 1999.

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