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I've been following previous threads on "bugging out" with great interest.I've noticed that they tend to cover two scenarios:-

1.A planned household move,in advance of December, to a remote, purchased or leased location.


2.A getaway in response to a emergency.

For many of us,the latter may be the most likely & yet in reality how is that going to be achieved without leaving all those basements & store cupboards & gardens, full of goodies for the looters ?? What about the special needs of kids & elderly relatives?

We are thinking of a third option which is a combination of the two plan the move in advance but only implement if required. To have a reasonable chance of success,we reckon we need the ability to act & move very quickly & efficiently.

1.Locations.We have choosen a couple of suitable locations in advance.Our favourite is a remote rocky bay by the sea about 15 miles away.There is good fishing off the rocks and the hillside above is full of rabbits & pheasant.There is also a disused limekiln offering reasonable shelter & a fresh water spring. We reckon most people will head for the hills & game not the coast.

2.CRITERIA FOR EMERGENCY MOVE.We have thought (in advance) about the kind of situations that could occur locally that would cause the home to become untenable.

3.SUPPLIES .Having scouted possible locations,we know what is needed to live in a reasonably civilised manner in each. However,supplies have been prioritised(see below).

4.TRANSPORT.We can also estimate how many trips are needed for a.essentials.b.comfort items c.small items of value & petrol.

PS.Since we shall have a couple of OAP's with us,advance planning is a necessity since the comfort factor has to be a little higher.I would guess the same would apply if there were young children. It also means that there there will be fewer time-consuming discussions or arguments at the time if such a move is needed!

Anybody else thought about having to bug out with young children or the over '70's ?

-- Chris (, April 10, 1999


British--OAP (Old Age Pensioner); American--Senior Citizen

-- Old Git (, April 10, 1999.

Hi to you too,

Just spent four days away looking after three cats.How can anyone stand them?They drove me up the wall.I kept hoping the dog would mistake them for something tasty but no such luck ! Only another two weeks to go!!

-- Chris (, April 10, 1999.

I have lived in the bush with children but not with Seniors.

Biggest problem is washing clothes. By durable coveralls for kids and adults. Check out simple washing methods like trying a large drum that could be rotated some how, seen someone suggest a stationary bike that rotated the drum. Interesting idea.

Lots of books and read them out to the kids. To hell with the TV

If they are boys, teach them how to hunt small animals. They love that. Girls to (???)

Keep the kids working. Idle hands and the devil, you know.

Lots of clothes.

If anything else comes to mind I will post it.

Having been a commercial fisherman for 5 years may I recommend looking into throw nets to scoop up fish if you are by the ocean? Warning! Water has particular risks but can provide you with ample food.

Good luck

-- Brian (, April 10, 1999.

Kids are more trouble, here's why:

You need to some of your preparations when they are out of site and earshot. Little ones don't know enough to keep their own counsel, - especially if you tell them its a secret.


-- Berry Picker (, April 10, 1999.

Seriously consider caching the ABSOLUTE SUBSISTENCE MINIMUMS, somewhere near, but NOT AT the site.

See Midnight gardening in this good abd evil (not even close but you DO get the idea) thread down about 5


-- Chuck, etc. (, April 10, 1999.

swimming class this spring?

-- water (S@fe.ty), April 10, 1999.

Got young-'uns. Had elderly.

If you haven't bugged-out by now, you may be too late already. Unless you're going to a relative's who is already prepped for you all, it takes about a season to get established and ground ready for planting and safety concerns dealt with.

Waiting until Fall could be like procrastinating about getting that tumor removed before it gets into the lymph nodes.

Time. It is what we have none of.

-- INVAR (, April 11, 1999.

Brian, the "improvised" washing machine you talk about is called the Trash Can Washing Machine and consists of a stationary bike used to rock a trash can mounted on a set of trunnions Neat, simple, and anyone of almost any age, conditioning, or intelligence can both rig and operate. The book to get is Pedal Power by James C. McCullagh, Rodale Press, 1977 (ISBN 0-87857-178-7)

Contains lots of other "MacGyver" type devices that will give you many ideas of how to use what you have got, rather than dream about all that you have not! Wonderful book that I recommend to all. Other tpe devices include a smaller plunger washer, a bike modified to ride the rails, as well as bikes used to power grain mills, generate electricity, or aid in irrigation.

The "Bug-out" or fallback plan everyone must have as a contingency and that I must say we are all vunerable to is fire. It may not be your wood stove that started it, in fact it could have been on the other end of town, or merely a lightning strike, but the end result is the same - loss o primary shelter and cache. In militay terms, have an alternate or supplementary position you can go to if necessary. Rehearse multiple routes of getting there, especially in the dark or foul weather. Everything looks different with a couple of inches or feet of snow on the ground!

-- (, April 11, 1999.

Snow Thanks! Amazon said it is out of print but here is the full title.

Pedal Power in Work, Leisure, and Transportation

-- Brian (, April 11, 1999.

I don't think there will be very many happy stories regarding bugging out with extremely vulnerable people (i.e. seniors and young children/infants). The best hope is to cache supplies in one or two other places and scope out alternative shelter ahead of time. Buy emergency camping survival equipment, consider a four season tent and sturdy backpacks, familiarize yourself with ways to assist transport (e.g. travois style) and hold practice drills on making a quick departure. Pray that there are enough caring and helpful adults to assist with the vulnerable people in your care.

-- Mumsie (, April 11, 1999.

re "Pedal Power" by James C. McCullagh - I am in the process of downsizing my collection of books - this is one of them. Would be happy to send it (no charge) to first one requesting it. My email address is correct.

-- Arlene (, April 11, 1999.

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