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Seen any of these IP addresses around?

Issue Dynamics Inc (IDI2-DOM)

919 18th Street, NW 10th Floor

Washington, DC 20006 US

Domain Name: IDI.NET

Domain servers in listed order:






Or now that I think about it:

(The) Rendon Group, Inc. (RENDON-DOM)

1875 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 414 Admin Dept.

Washington, DC 20009 US

Domain Name: RENDON.COM

Domain servers in listed order:



General Services Administration (Y2K-DOM) 18 th & f Washington, DC 20405

Domain Name: Y2K.GOV

Status: ACTIVE

Domain Type: Federal

Domain servers in listed order:



I'm not sure I really want to know...

-- subrosa (wh@tme.worry), July 27, 1999


Great Job, Subrosa!

I'll encourage the Sysopps to disclose any information they feel pertinent.

Perhaps I'll drudge some info from a contact or two as the S.S.

Just love a good hunt.


-- b (b@b.b), July 27, 1999.

wow...very interesting : )

subrosa, this could prove to be a very enlightening investigation!

whatcha say Sysopps? sound like fun?



-- Michael Taylor (, July 27, 1999.

You don't mean people are spying on us? Not us doomer dolts?

-- Mara Wayne (, July 27, 1999.

I think we can very safely say that if the answer is YES, we'd have already heard about it. If the answer is NO, the sysops will maintain dead silence.

-- Flint (, July 27, 1999.

Flint, there are PR Flacks and .gov observers on this forum as you WELL know. still don't have an answer to ANY of my questions tonight !!


-- Ray (, July 27, 1999.

uh, DUH...don't you think anyone monitoring us would use the anonymizer or an AOL account? I mean really, Flint, its not very often that suspects are tailed by marked police cruisers is it?

-- a (a@a.a), July 27, 1999.


I didn't say this forum wasn't being monitored (whatever that means. We have government employees *posting* here, you know).

What I said was, the moderators would be happy to chime in if they knew of this, and remain silent if they don't. How hard would it be for Diane to say "No, none of those IP addresses have been used here"? But you don't see that, because it might imply that we aren't being monitored.

-- Flint (, July 27, 1999.

Contrary to popular opinion, di does NOT spend every waking minute hereabouts. Let's wait a bit before throwing that set of stones, shall we??

NIght train

-- NT (Nighttr@in.lane), July 27, 1999.


Any assumption that this forum is NOT monitored by interested parties (.gov, .com, .org, whatever) is spurious, foolish, and just plain wrong. Automated monitoring of forums is actually very easy, using key-word search, AI techniques, or even by just paying some low-level geek wannabe to sit, click, & save.

Always calculate your personal risk when posting to a public-access forum, and assess your risk accordingly. If you still feel the need to express yourself publicly, than go for it, aware that some agency who may consider you a threat might take action.

If this alarms you, I'm sorry, but you've been niave.

-- Spindoc' (, July 28, 1999.

Sorry for the Old English spelling; that's "naive"

-- Spindoc' (, July 28, 1999.

"...Some agency who may consider you a threat might take action."

What action specifically?

-- mabel (, July 28, 1999.

They have been making up the rules as they go, Mabel. there ARE no specifics. It's whatever they say it should be!

We have Billy Clinton at the helm. Get a clue!

-- Will continue (, July 28, 1999.


What to say.

Well, the way the Greenspun software is structured, there is no single numerical ISP list that one can easily check (things are all interconnected in different ways and linked off posts and real and fake e-mail and intermingled with ISPs). Thats why, in a troll situation, I can tell *sometimes* what all the fake names ole Super Polly/ Super Troll posts as, and what threads he posts on, etc.

If you want to know more about how it works--one more time--READ PHILs BOOK... (esp. Chapter 3)...

Now, as far as checking ISPs. There are only two Sysops on this forum (and two on the Prep Forum) who have access to the Admin software. (Have no idea how many in Phil Greenspuns group or at MIT do, BTW). I really only go behind-the-scenes for deletes, problems and/or HTML snaffoo fixes, etc. -- or -- if there is a reason to take a look. There are some pretty viralent trolls active here, and when they choose to go over the top well, you bet I take a look. You can pretty much tell where they are coming from. This we already know, and it has been discussed ad nauseaum.

At any rate, there is usually no reason to check, unless someone is causing a problem. (Who has the time anyway? Not me).

BTW, I have been asked actually by Rick Cowles to correlate on the same troll he was having troubles with, and we did find an intersect. A lame apology from Stephen Poole resulted.

That said, there are MANY times when I, and the Moderators, have wondered who else is monitoring this forum and what kinds of big toys they have. Nothing would surprise me.

What DID very much surprise me, and the rest of us, was the c4i saga. Go re-read these four threads...

Thread #1...

Why Paul Milne is a Polly 000w5S

Thread #2...

Weak Link 000wIA

Thread #3...


Thread #4...

c4i, how might you wish us best respond to your disclosures? 000wOI

Now, as Ive said before (without getting into specifics, because that really should be private)... the real c4i posted on the first thread and came in on a verified dot mil ISP. Then on the second thread a fake c4i starts posting... NOT coming from a dot mil ISP. On the the forth thread the real c4i posts once to FM coming back in on that verified dot mil ISP.

Several of us received e-mail from said c4i. The publisher they requested we take the story to, responded that they ONLY follow their own verifiable leads and sources. (Publisher Hint: World Net Daily).

Read it... and ALL the responses... and figure it out yourself.

To paraphrase someone... they sure came down the fire poles fast on this one!

You'd be surprised, during the Moderator discussions on the c4i saga, how many "responders" came in on dot mil ISP's (et. al.) -- de bunking -- or trying to -- and how many strange commentator's ISPs went into firewalls. Had someone who knows the internet behind-the-scenes well, check out *just a few* of the strange ones and where they bounced to, just to confirm what I and the other Mods were suspecting.

Interesting stuff. At any rate, I DO suspect there were/are numerous agendas floating around here. That much is obvious to anyone.

Now, there was another incident of an apparent professional troll doing some real agitating out of D.C. (Trolling... with a capital "T"). They were trying to attack me personally, and rile up the posters in addition. I finally had, had it, with their actions, and called them on it here...

Wow! 4001 post! That's commendable, Diane! 00150p

Which garnered an immense amout of heat but, the bottom line is, they stopped trolling, and that was my objective. (That poster, under several names, appeared to keep coming in on an ISP from a highly identifiable organization's heaquarters, in a critical infrastructure industry, that has a VERY vested interest in wanting Y2K Forum discussions to quit focusing on potential problems. The details would be inappropriate to indicate here).

So, in closing, YES, the forum is both monitered and participated in by *many.*

And NO... Im not gonna indicate... who. That would not be kewl.


-- Diane J. Squire (, July 28, 1999.

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