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Goats and How to Care For Them

Pasture For Sheep, Cows and Goats

Keeping Animals in with ElectroNet

Live Stock Rx

Question For Farmers and Rural People. (not specifically goats, but examination of the realities of self-relient living)

Dairy Sheep

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Goats vs. Cows (Dairy)

Help! Just Bought Three Goats, Now What?

-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), September 29, 1999


Thank you for this valuable information. We have had goats and chickens since March of this year. It has been quite a learning process. We have Nubians that we plan to breed in November. If nothing comes of Y2K we have changed the direction of our lifes for the better!

-- Jeff (BB5@NewMexico.Farm), September 29, 1999.


Goat Community Web Ring. This is an excellent starting point for learning anything you ever wanted to know about goats.

Getting Your Goat. They claim everything you wanted to know about goats, and they come close.

Goat Kingdom. From Duh Goat Man, extensive site of some great links.

Alpine Haus. They offer for sale books about goats and other homesteading topics, however, they also feature a lot of free information on goats and other related links.

-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.

Nat ional Dairy Goat Handbook. Great site, also a separate section on dairy cows. All about managment, disease, care, and health topics.

Agriculture Web Ring. This site deals with more than just goats, also other livestock, pasture, ranching, 370 pages.

Goats in the UK. On the other side of the pond. A good introduction for using goats as pack or work animals.

Apolonia Farm. A personal page of a breeder of Nubian goats, but includes a good section on poisonous plants and herbs for goats.

DairyGoats.Com. Good links page, classified ads and bulletin board.

Alot of these sites offer classified ads, if you are still searching for your goats. However, I think if you found a person in your area, that didn't have the particular breed you might be looking for, you could still contact them for more information. That is how I found my Toggenbergs!

Virginia State Dairy Goat Association. You may not live in the VA area, but great links page and an excellant price on hoof trimmers as their fund raising project. (I have no association with them, just an observation.)

E-mail list: listproc@listproc.wsu.edu In the message body, write: subscribe Goats, and your name. This and other e-mail lists are listed on the above link, Getting Your Goat. I have only experience with this one, and it is very informative, and folks are always willing to answer a newbies question. Volume is not so bad, but still busy, spam rarely.

There are also e-mail lists at the above site for specific breeds and other goat topics.

-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.


New England Cheesmakers. For cheese making cultures and starters and supplies. Free catalog.

Caprine Supply. Cheese making and all supplies necessary for goat care. Books, medicines, wormers, hoof trimmers, etc.

Fias Co. Farm. Lots of information about cheesemaking, great page.

Cheesemakers Web Ring. Small webring, but growing.

Lehmans Non Electric catalog. For milking supplies, such as milking pail, cream separator, etc., as well as other non electric products for homesteading.

Cumberland General Store. Another source for milking supplies, and a wide variety of homesteading supplies.

Capriherb Farm. I left this link out of the general links above, since it covers many topics. It also has a recipt for making a simple goat cheese without cultures, using vinigar.

Home Dairy Goats. Many, many cheese recipts.

David B. Fankhauseroffers a look at cheese making from a more "scientific look". Mr. Fankhausers cheese pages are very informative.

Country Life Online Village has a busy bulletin board devoted entirely to cheese, yogart and other dairy products. They also have another bulletin board for bread baking.

MISC. PET SUPPLY LINKS (medications, first aid, for goats and other animals as well)

Drs. Foster and Smith. This one comes highly recommended. :-)

Valley Vet. Pets and Farm animals.

Pipestone Vet.

Dream Catsis a site geared to the cat lover. *If you are a cat lover, you will love this page. Dream Cats Catalog Linksoffers and extensive list of pet supply companies.

Mastitus. A good review that I found from U of FL.

Southern States Stores. In the southeastern US, they offer catalogs for livestock products, canning supplies, and other farm and outdoor (camping and hunting) supplies. I get the catalogs free at the local store, and on the web site I couldn't find a request for catalog address, but there is an e-mail address where maybe you could write and request one. Good prices.

Virtual Veterenary Center. Essays on health topics of all animals. Takes some time to load. Very detailed, and alot of the language is beyond me, but good information.


La nd Grant Colleges, veterenarian and agriculture colleges and extension services, state and county level, listed alphabetically by state.

US Department of Agriculture Linksby state. A wealth of information on all farm and home topics here.

-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.


-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.

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