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For those experienced livestock keepers out there, what medicine do you consider essential to stockpile for your animals?

-- Mumsie (, August 10, 1999


Worm medicine, penicillin, Neosporin for general livestock use. Mastitis medication for milking stock. Sutures.

-- Lumber Jack (, August 10, 1999.

Hi "Mumsie", :)

I keep a bottle of long acting Procaine pennicillin in the fridge for the dog and goats (and us if things go bad), a jar of antibacterial ointment for wounds (nitrofurazone), gentle iodine (generic - sort of- for Betadine), 7% iodine for "cauterizing"/treating abcesses/puncture wounds, etc., piperazine liquid for de-worming chickens, amoxicillin powder for all "livestock", baking soda (lots), Therabloat and Pepto Bismol (generic) for treating forms of bloat in goats, a selection of syringes and needles, alcohol and peroxide. I have a small supply of ivermectin injectible de-wormer for the goats - planning to shift to food grade diatomacious (sp?) earth in their grain and save the ivermectin for heavy parasite problems.

Also bought a few surgical scalpels and handles as well as some suture but would probably just use curved quilting needles and strong thread if I needed to suture livestock. Most wounds will heal ok if they heal from the inside out (I just remembered I need to buy some "proud flesh" powder!) and peroxide is sufficient most of the time.

"Pink eye" powder/ointment.

Vaccines for pertinent diseases - keep as cool as possible as per directions.

Hope this is helpful - just threw it together in a hurry!

-- Kristi (, August 10, 1999.

Great list Kristi.

I also have electrolytes, for treatment during spells of sickness and stress or diarrhea for all animals. Vet prescriptions on hand for ear mites and pink eye and Bactril (sp) for infections...expensive but works very good.

Terramycin (oxytetracycline HCI) powder treats most livestock for bacterial type ailments, Betedine as a spray, will get some Penicillin G last thing in December, with syringes. And now I also have Corid 20% powder (amprolium) for prevention/treatment of coccidiostat of goats, chickens and rabbits.

Fungisidals and anit biotic creams that treat humans also work fine on livestock, so stock extra for people and use on animals also (possibly as opposed to opposite).

Tube feeders for weak baby goats, sheep, puppies, etc., general purpose colostrum replacement.

Lice, mite, flea and tick powder for various critters. Vet thermometer, geeze, will think of more later...will try to post some "alternate treatments" learn't from the county vets over the years for treatments w/o "proper" supplies...on the way to feed store now, maybe I can make additions to list after my trip.

Also alot of bleach, lime, soap and fly/insect prevention. An ounce of prevention....

-- Lilly (, August 10, 1999.

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