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Here are most of the threads involved with Floyd and the continuing aftermath. Some may feel they have had enough but I feel this is an incredible event. God be with the folks affected.

Floyd Threads

One man's perspective on disaster--A MUST READ
One man who lives on the Tar River reservoir has had a prime seat for watching the storm's path -- and the large footprint it left. Rob Martin shared his thoughts with readers of the WRAL-TV5On Line Hurricane Disaster Forum.

NC: Relief agencies are overwhelmed
A relief worker was quoted in the local paper this morning as being worried because the "three days of supplies" must have run out by now.

Fresh water price gouging in Bound Brook NJ
Supermarkets before Floyd are now going for $1.09. It's even higher at the MiniMarts. My mother complained bitterly about it to me on the phone today. She feels the government should intercede. She still..doesn'

Confirmation from anyone in NJ. DWGI extremists.
The flooding from Floyd has leftseveral towns without potable water. One town, called Pisicataway(sp?), had water but officials warned them that unless they conserved water their water would have to be shut off. Guess what.

NC disaster taught me 1st hand how vunerable we are
There is no fresh water. In Rocky Mount, people are standing in 3 hour lines just to get a jug of water. There is no gas. There is precious few dry or accessable food supplies. The electricity will not be on for weeks in many sections.

NC: Fresh water not only temporarily lost but polluted long-term
Surging rivers are carrying a stew of sewage, urban runoff, farm chemicals, silt and debris. At least 10 swine-waste lagoons have flooded or burst.

Independent Thinking
Its breezy today farewell kisses blown back from Floyd. The sky is a flawless blue and the glider on the screen porch is luring me to linger with another cup of coffee.

50 MPH Wind and 7 Inches of Rain=42 Hours Without Power
Just had power restored after a fairly minimal event here in Raleigh. Why so long? Apparently, the power company "forgot"about us. But don't worry about the y2k thing. Everybody under the age of 60 in my neighborhood is now at least a minimal GI.

The debate begins over the Floyd evacuation
At the peak of Floyd's agonizing trek up the East Coast, emergency managers ordered more than three million people from their homes, said to be the largest peacetime evacuation in U.S. history.

Paging Critt Jarvis/Attn Regulars: Rumors That Wilmington, NC is inaccessible and may be facing food shortages.
I haven't been able to monitormedia reports. However, two acquaintances have informed me that Wilmington, NC, is still inaccessible from flood waters.

Red Cross had resources for only one shelter in Rocky Mount, NC; volunteers set up another
ROCKY MOUNT (WRAL) -- Thousands of people in Rocky Mount have had to flee their homes due to rising flood waters.

Floyd and Generators -lesson learned
I looked at all the carts of stuff people were buying with their generators as they were interviewed. Not onehad the generator oil or cable and connectors

Trapped in a train during storm?
I heard on the "NEWS" this morning that a lot of people were trapped in trains for about 8 hours in the DC/Boston corridor when trees & mud covered the track due to yesterday's storm.

OT - Quick Floyd update from NJ
The shore seems to have only minor damage. However, in my area, Trenton, and the entire Phila area, the big problem is floods. All-time record amounts of rain, looks like about 9"average, 14" in some places!

why are people buying plywood over and over for hurricanes?
I was watching CNN and it showed people waiting in line for hours at Home Depot for plywood. What happens to all the plywood after the fact?

So far, 85,,000 without power in NC. Make that 85,002.

Floyd update in North Carolina
According to the news broadcast there are 480,000 people without power in NC, SC, and VA. Mainly allong the coast. Lots of flooding. According to Gov. Hunt, worst flooding everin NC.

(OT) - Floyd and gasoline
In Land Altered by Storm, Gas Is Key

Did anyone catch the parallels between Floyd and y2k???
news team coverage followed it all the way up the east coast. Most media seemed down right dissapointed at the lack of wind and destruction. Mostly heavy rain!!

Hurricane Floyd Psychology Experiment in Progress!
We've got a thread going over at Free Republic ridiculing preparations for Hurricane Floyd as an obvious Y2K satire piece. Almost nobody gets it, even after they've been told.

Floyd Over Our Heads
Looks like we will get a full fledged Y2k test this week. Floyd is going right over our heads here in Chapel Hill according to the track map at:

OT Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when Floyd comes for you?
I know we've more than a couple of Florida posters, what are your plans? Bug or hunker?

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 13, 1999

Animals and Floyd/Y2K
This morning, a beautifully marked box turtle was there. I haven't seen one for quite a long time. I think it was probably getting to high ground to avoid flooding.

Floyd update in Virginia, still 8 hours before he arrives
The wind has not really gotten very strong, maybe 25 mph, but rain, yes, my guess being we have had about 12" since yesterday morning.

How about some good thoughts for us in the path
A bunch of us are possibly in the path of Floyd. Stan, Cory, Scott, Sally, Jim Lord (he was in the area as of last night) and a whole bunch more. How about sending us some good vibes.

FOLKS- PLEASE check in here as time passes so we can keep track of y'all???

-- Brian (, September 21, 1999


Forgot to mention that the threads are in order from the "New Answers" page. In the future any additions will be in Cronological order.

-- Brian (, September 21, 1999.

Brian, what a good idea! And what a gem you are for taking the time to sort us out. I'm sorry if people think we've harped on it too much but, Y2K or not, the way Floyd was handled by relief agencies is not untypical of the way any major disaster is handled, natural or man-made. Cynical as I am, even I was disgusted by the admitted lack of preparation and response to the flooding. There's no reason why relief agencies were unprepared for Floyd. One shining exception--the Salvation Army is providing a marvellous response without fanfare or begging, and they had access to exactly the same kind of information (maybe even less) as the Red Cross and FEMA. Big credit also goes to regular folks who just drove up to shelters and dropped off groceries and bottled water and, in at least one case, came with a mobile kitchen and cooked food on the spot.

I'll try not to be annoyed by those damn bells this Christmas and will make sure I have something to put in the SA pot each time I see one.

Thanks again, Brian--you always come through!

-- Old Git (, September 21, 1999.

Beautiful Brian!

Many Thanks! (And a sigh of relief 'cause I don't have to gather them all).

Think there are many, MANY Y2K potential lessons to learn from the Floyd actions and reactions, of all the participants, as well.

Water cleansing & additional storage abilities is a BIG one. Remember the potential Y2K showstoppers happen during the dead of winter... at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Then the global economic repercussions and supply chain disruptions--from the minor annoyances to actaul shortages--take over thereafter and into the spring/summer season.

Just can't seem to see a forecast of "mild" times ahead.


-- Diane J. Squire (, September 21, 1999.

Here's an important Floyd-induced ripple effect thread...

5000 ATM'S across the US 001QYi

-- Diane J. Squire (, September 21, 1999.

Long-term impact of 3-day storms/earthquakes 001RY9

-- Diane J. Squire (, September 21, 1999.

OG and Diane

Thanks alot! This looks like a really significant event Y2K or not and could be a peak into the future.

Diane The fact that the roll over is happening during the dead of winter isn't lost on me, as you can well imagine.

-- Brian (, September 21, 1999.


Stock up on Victoria's Murchies coffee and those glorious Brittish woolens! At least your tip of Vancouver Island, B.C. is warmer than Seattle or Vancouver, the city.

I envy your more remote and beautiful location! (Hope all my Canadian relatives there will be Y2K OK 2).


-- Diane J. Squire (, September 21, 1999.


It's nice having a pleasant place to live. Trying to cut out the Tea and Coffee though. Oh and as far as woollens go, the natives have the best woollen coats and socks going. Worth there wieght in gold when a person needs them. British ?? HA! :o)

I think Victoria isn't going to be to bad. The businesses are going to be a problem and of course health anywhere is a consern. But we have lots of gravity fed water, no major sewer worries, and expect power and a dial tone. But our politics is so bad up here we have no leadership at the provincial level and it looks worse in the future. Not a good thing in times of trouble.

-- Brian (, September 21, 1999.

According to WRAL TV, the amount of land still under water in eastern NC is an area twice the size of Vermont.

-- Puddintame (, September 22, 1999.

" ... Agencies Must Approve Return

Officials said that even after the floodwaters are gone, residents and business owners will not be allowed to return until environmental agencies give their approval.

In North Carolina, everything from caskets to bloated animal carcasses to household goods could be seen bobbing in the polluted floodwaters across an 18,000-square-mile area. ... "

Well now that fits what w'all been tell y'all, that once you evacuate it's hard to get back home, if they ever let you, because there's not enough inspectors, Long long long waiting time, meanwhile home's been damaged, looted, vandalized, etc.

Remember, if sewage backs up in January, it's bye-bye to home sweet home, and they won't ever let you back in ...

Hell No We Won't Go !!!!!!!!!!!

We think the floods, hurricanes, storms, serious earthquakes everywhere, wars, dislocations globally, and the "relief" & evacuation fiascos are EXTREMELY INSTRUCTIVE re Y2K !!

Thanks to all the Linkers and contributers to these threads.

The Cull Scythe be swingin' for millions all too soon now ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 22, 1999.

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