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I just got off the phone with a client in The Land that God Forgot, AKA New Jersey. The flooding from Floyd has left several towns without potable water. One town, called Pisicataway(sp?), had water but officials warned them that unless they conserved water their water would have to be shut off. Guess what. The residents of this fine town pissed away their water anyway and are now without water. This is after their local governement warned them, point blank, that the water would be shut off unless it was conserved. Think about what this means in the event of a serious Y2K failure. People who are afluent and educated enough to have homes will not conserve a vital resource in the event of a problem.

Of course, I am not out there and I heard this second hand. Can any of you poor souls who, because of doubtless hideous crimes committed in a previous life were reincarnated into Jerseyans, confirm or deny this report?

Watch six and keep your...

-- eyes_open (, September 20, 1999


My neighbor is going to fill his bathtub ON NEW YEARS DAY, just in case.

Thats right, you read it correctly.

I just agreed with him that is was a good precaution and we changed the subject to fishing.

-- hamster (, September 20, 1999.

Okay, anyone left standing after the first few weeks will learn the ways of the world... (I don't necessarily mean the end of everything-- although it's possible.)

-- Mara Wayne (, September 20, 1999.

Jersey ain't so bad once you get off the Turnpike. As to water problems, yeah, a few towns don't have potable water. The guy on TV said "we don't have any proof of contamination but boil it for 3 minutes to be safe". Seems some waste treatment plants were completely submerged. In addition to raw sewage spilling into a few waterways the waste treatment plants themselves are still not working so no flushing of the toilets.

By far BoundBrook got the worst of the flooding. Looks like that town just ain't coming back. Dozens of businesses were completely destroyed and most of those owners said "that's it, I'm outta here" (they've had three floods in under five years). On top of that there was a factory just out side of the town of that handled some toxic chemicals. Not alot, but a few barrels full of the stuff floated into town. They actually did declare MARTIAL LAW for one square mile of BoundBrook to keep people out. Natl. Guard units set up road blocks and were shown carrying fully automatic weapons. Only hazmat teams could get through until they checked each house for toxins.

Floyd was just a little lick off that ice cream cone we all call Y2K...


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), September 20, 1999.

Can you dig it? Just imagine the insanity of Newark! Thats the place to see for fun and games. Imagine the safeties collapsing in the fuel farm! Whoo Hoo!! Carnage and insanity! (Not that the local will even notice however!)

-- Billy-Boy (, September 20, 1999.

It's amusing that the irony seems lost on many here.

You stated --The residents of this fine town pissed away their water anyway and are now without water. This is after their local governement warned them, point blank, that the water would be shut off unless it was conserved--

The feds are in effect giving the SAME warning about physical cash -- the system will hold up fine if you don't run on the banks but if you do there will be NO CHOICE but to...(shut if off, restrict withdrawals,temporarily shut down banks, etc...)

These people that grabbed all the water they could get are only doing what many folks here advocate: grabbing what you can NOW........

Learn the lesson: Or suffer the consequences.

(Okay, let's hear the verbal diarrhea and personal attacks from TEOTW gang!!) Hehehehehehehehe....BWAAAAHAAHAAHAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAHAAHAHA.....

-- Craig (, September 20, 1999.


You are truly evil. (That was the flame part).

But you have a valid point. However, many of us have decieded to just buy the stuff that we would have used the withdrawn money for ahead of time and not risk causing a bank run. That means we can get by with very little cash out of the bank. The only problem now is how do we insure that our money will weather any Y2K induced bank failures.

I was amazed that people ignored official warnings to their own detriment. This bolsters the school of thought that you may not want to risking being part of a community effort in the event of a disaster. Or be in a much smaller community somewhere else.

Watch six and keep your...

-- eyes_open (, September 20, 1999.


I support that approach.......seems to make the most sense.

As I have stated previously, if people started panicking and rioting because they couldn't get cash, the feds would have no choice but to step in to restore order. I think the consensus here is that no one wants to see that happen.

John Q. Public would likely tolerate shortage of cash as long as they had no problems using their cards........As merchants refusing to honor electronic forms of payment would make the problem much worse, you can bet that they would face grave penalties for any action they took that caused problems.

-- Craig (, September 20, 1999.

Ta hell with that Craig! Deedah took out BOTH of his dollars, and he ain't puttin 'em back! So there!

In the meanwhile they are in a velvet lined box, with some candlelight, a little Bolero music piped in, we'll see what happens.

-- Uncle Deedah (, September 20, 1999.

Turn on your speakers Unk.......a bit of mood music for you.

Let's hope that things don't unRAVEL too badly!!

-- Craig (, September 20, 1999.

About ten years ago, I lived in Greenbrook, NJ. The next town over.....? That's right... Piscataway. It was a pest hole then. Greenbrook is in the 100 year flood zone. Piscataway is right up against the Raritan River and the canal into New Brunswick. Bound Brook and Manville hug the Raritan river. They were inundated. No great loss. Manville and Bound brook are horrid little pest holes. I am NOT saying that I am not sorry for the losses suffered. I am very sorry for any harm that came to those people. I am saying that those towns were rancid little dumps that needed to be bulldozed anyway.

I have no doubt at all about what New Jerseyans in those areas would have done. They would have said to hell with everyone else and gone about their business.

And that is exactly why it will be so bad in NJ during the advent of Y2k.

-- Paul Milne (, September 20, 1999.

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