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I need a hand pump
Does anyone know where I can buy a hand pump for a water well right now? I'm not interested in placing an order and waiting because that's being done for me right now.

Question on Storing well water
I know that you are supposed to add about 10-15 drops/gal of bleach to tap water for storage, but what about well water, which has no chemical treatment? Should I add more? Are there other things to worry about when storing well water?

Today's Journal Says Drinking Water Is and Will Remain A Mystery
Comments by Puddintame: The cost of storing water approaches $00.00 per gallon. It's as close to free as any product gets. The only reason not to store a lot of water is laziness.

Another Water Storage Question
Just wanted to know if using 33 gallon trash cans (new, of course) would be safe for storing short term (1 month) drinking water. Is food grade plastic really necessary?

Water Supplies and Sodium Hypochlorite
he water is chlorinated using solid sodium hypochlorite rather than chlorine gas. It turns out that sodium hypochlorite has a shelf life of as little as three days in warm climates; as long as two to three weeks in colder temperatures.

When should we think about filling all those empty jugs I've been saving? I was going to wait until December...Any thoughts?

Warm showers?
Does anyone have alternative solutions to this warm shower problem?

water wells?
Help need information on driving a well about 20 feet deep, I live in north west florida. The water table is about 16 feet below the surface any information will be appreciated.

Well Depth
I have what is probably, a dumb question; but I'll never learn if I don't ask! Is there an accurate way to measure the depth of our well?

Is Water what you want?
If there was an extended power outage where water treatment plants could not deliver for an extended period of time, what would we do?

Pur water filters?
Target has ads this week for Pur Water filters, which claim to be effective against giardia and cryptosporidium (sp?). And they are not at all expensive.

Water--recycle old hot water heaters--free from plumbers
ake an old hot-water heater (plumbers give them away), and remove the outside shell. Set the inside tank 4-6" above the ground, and place a funnel in the top.

Want Info on Solar Ovens/Water Pasteurization?
Can you sterilize water in a solar oven?

Yes. In all three types, water can be brought to a boil. A little-known fact, however, is that to make water safe to drink, it only has to be pasteurized, not sterilized.

Hot Water Systems
I am desperately trying to solve the hot shower problem mainly for moral purposes. Thanks.

Would I need to store water for gardening, bathing, and laundry?
I know that we need to store water for drinking. But if poweris out for say weeks or months, there should still be waterfrom the tap, right?

So much for drinking rainwater if you live in Europe
A new study reveals that much of the precipitation in Europe contains such highlevels of dissolved pesticides that it would be illegal to supply it as drinking water.

hand pumps
I'm moving out of town soon, and did some rough and ready research for hand pumps. Here are some sites I found:

Can I Buy Activated Charcoal in Bulk?
Can I use real wood charcoal (not briquettes) to filter chemicals from water?

Best Water Filter?
Lost link to Katadyne info, and want to compare with Berkefield filter. Looked in Archives, and we don't have a Water Category.

Activated charcoal micro-filters?
With the Brita, Pur and Rubbermaid micro-filters being so popular, it seems like they would be useful to have, even if Y2K is just a bump.

Clorine Water Treatment
Chlorine: Chlorine is familiar to most Americans as it is used to treat virtually all municipal water systems in the United States.

Can a city dweller have a cistern?
It's raining like cats and dogs here and I'm watching all that precious water sink into the ground or run down the street. How do you save it?

Hot Water
Has anybody solved the hot water problem? I need suggestions - how to heat it and run it into your house or gravity feed it, etc.

Empty Milk Jugs to Store Water?
Is this a good idea for storing extra water? When 1gal milk jugs are empty (1) rinse out thrououghly, (2) wash thrououghly with antibacterial soap and warm water and rinse,

another water question
if I understood the woman correctly, an 'ozone-depleting gas' which prevents bacteria growth. Anybody else hear about anything like this and is it a trustworthy process?

Water from a Swimming Pool
Seems many people will have a temporary water supply in private and public swimming pools. I'm having a hard time finding out what kind of filtering or treatment is needed to make this source drinkable,

Need Design Parameters for Above Ground Water Storage
I have a fair supply of 55gal Drums for drinking water but I would like to design an inexpensive storage pond for cleaning, washing, crop water.

Electrical whiz needed....
We have an outside woodburning furnace which runs our hotwater heating system...our problem is the little pump that keeps the water circulating.

-- Brian (, June 07, 1999



Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, June 09, 1999.

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