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I have what is probably, a dumb question; but I'll never learn if I don't ask! Is there an accurate way to measure the depth of our well? I know some of you guys know how to do this, because I see all the great answers to other "dumb" questions. (:- Thanx in advance for your help.

-- Alive in 2001 (Outthere@somewhere.com), December 09, 1998


Tie some bolts to a line. Drop the bolts down the hole. When the line stops dropping you mark it and haul it back up (thump it around a bit to make sure your not caught on something first). Measure the line from bolts to mark.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), December 09, 1998.

More important than the well depth is the static level. That's the point the water rises to in the well shaft and is determined by the pressure in the aquifier and the diameter of your casing. Even if your well is 200 feet deep, if the static level is high enough, you can hand pump it.

To measure it, use Paul's advise above except add a few corks or some styrofoam.

-- a (a@a.a), December 09, 1998.

Ok, color me stupid, but I don't get the point of adding the corks/styrofoam. Yeah, I get that they will float, but do I put them on the bottom of the line along with the bolts, or closer up toward the top of the well?? Do I just try and figure out at what point the line gets wet?

-- Sarah (smondol@powerweb.net), December 09, 1998.

Sarah: We will leave this as an exercise for you! :)

-- a (a@a.a), December 09, 1998.

Can't find the other thread but, regarding wells being able to be hand pumped, isn't the maximum vertical distance a matter of whether it is either sucked up or pushed up? Vaccuum only pulls water up a certain height (32 ft?) but would not a pump, electric or mechanical, at the bottom only be limited by the strength of the pump against the weight of the water going up the shaft.


-- Floyd Baker (fbaker@wzrd.com), December 10, 1998.

pticher pump will pump water 25' vertical. also unless you want to prime it every time you need to put a foot valve on the end in the well(its like a one way valve water in goes up , saves you from priming)Also if you have a 6 inch caseing you may be able to slip a 3/4 to 1" line down to the water level(have heard of some people using a garden hose and pump from there. It may or may not save you drilling another well. here on the gulf coast the water level is about 5' down but i don;t know i would drink that close to the surface.Hope this helps.

-- johnmarc (jlandry@tgn.net), December 11, 1998.

Tie a small bell on the end of a string. Lower it down the shaft until you can no longer hear the bell jingle. Measure the string.

-- R.A. Mann (ramann@hotmail.com), December 11, 1998.

There are two ways to get water out of a well by hand that is deeper than 32 feet. First is to use a well bucket - a gimmick that is made out of pipe that has a diameter somewhat less than your well casing. The pipe has a valve at the bottom. When you drop the pipe down the hole, the valve opens and the water fills the pipe. When you pull up, the water going out closes the valve, and you pull up a pipe full of water.

You used to be able to get a two part hand pump for your well that had a pump that sat on the bottom of the well. The pipe ran down to the pump and brought the water up. There was a steel rod that ran down to the pump from the pump handle, and provided the piston action for the pump. Would pump from a great depth. Don't bother asking me who sells them now - I haven't a clue.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), December 13, 1998.


-- Randy (flembob@usa.net), December 16, 1998.

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