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I was running through my solar cooking bookmarks, and ran across these links. I think in the summer of 1998 there was one or possibly two threads on solar cooking but thought to repost some links for new posters.

From: http://www.accessone.com/~sbcn/solarcooking-faq.htm

Solar Cooking FAQ

Can you sterilize water in a solar oven?

Yes. In all three types, water can be brought to a boil. A little-known fact, however, is that to make water safe to drink, it only has to be pasteurized, not sterilized. Pasteurization takes place at 650 C (1500 F) in only 20 minutes. This treatment kills all human disease pathogens, but doesn't waste the energy needed to bring the water to a boil. One reason that people are told to boil their water is that thermometers are not readily available in many places and the boiling action serves as the temperature indicator. Dr. Dale Andreatta has written a very informative piece called a Summary of Water Pasteurization Techniques. You will find other references in the Documents page of the Solar Cooking Archive.


Source of Dr. Andreatta's Water Pasteurization Techniques

Bon appetit!

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 11, 1999


THANKS!!! great site.

-- sal estrada (dedorojo@primenet.com), April 11, 1999.


I recommend the COOKIT Solar Panael Cooker, I've made one (will make 2 more) and they work great!

Cook rice, bake bread, slowly, but who's in a rush!


-- Nemo (nemo@nowhereatall.com), April 11, 1999.

Who's in a rush, indeed, Nemo...is it you I remember from 8-10 months ago? Nice to see you here.

Another good source of information on alternative power....a page with links:

Alternative Power and Energy

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 11, 1999.

One of the best sites I've found for make it yourself projects (including solar ovens and distillers) is http://forums.cosmoaccess.net/forum/survival/prep/survival.htm

-- marsh (armstrng@sisqtel.net), April 12, 1999.

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