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Community Preparation

US regional map with Y2K Community contacts
Here is an interesting US Gov. site. The regionalmap has links to contacts in different parts of the US. It would be interesting to get more of the community meetings between forum members and the contacts provided on the map.

Why don't you write a letter
Since there is a possibility of getting an interesting responce from someone may I suggest writing a letter to the entity you are conserned about.

Got Y2K Town Meeting experiences?
For those who have attended or organized town Y2K meetings, I'd be very interested to hear your comments on what worked and what didn't,

Capers Jones:Contingency Planning for Municipalities

Capers Jones: Contingency Planning for Municipalities

Residents Hear Tips for Surviving Disasters --- Chicago Tribune
Another good quote: "They couldn't believe this could happen to them," said French. "But it could happen to them. It could happen to me. It could happen to all of us. We just have to be prepared."

I need some sense of perspective
She's all frustrated because she is trying to get the local towns to "act". She's gotten group meetings together on Y2K and they have generally not gone the way she wants them to.

"Bulk" email experiment in reaching people about Y2K
Today, I tried something that has been on my mind. I wrote an informational piece (too long, I'm afraid), got a "hotmailaddress", used Yahoo People search (http://people.yahoo.com/) to locate folks in my area.

community contingency planning: not for the faint of heart
We all have a well founded sense that no one is in charge of fixing this problem. Because no one is in charge, it does *not* follow that we must look after our own and run away someplace.

Surviving Disaster - A personal story
I ran across this fascinating account and thought others might appreciate reading it. If you'd like to know what a "shelter" is like during a disaster, how people responded, etc., I suggest you take the time to read this.

Schools ready to serve as shelters
Preparing for the possible havoc computer systems could wreak at midnight New Year's Eve, the Milwaukee Public Schools will be prepared to open many of its schools as emergency shelters if needed, administrators said Wednesday.

Neighborhood, Grassroots Community Creation & Y2K
In an effort to provide some more positive Y2K contributions to the forum, Ill be re-focusing part of my energies, not all, on collecting and posting community building Y2K information.

If you were put incharge of your towns Y2K plans...
If you were put in charge of your town's contingency plans for minimizing and relieving Y2K disruptions what would you do?

Public Activism
Please tell me of successful attempts to get people to gether to prepare for the post Y2K fallout - I don't want to be hiding in my house waiting for it to end. What types of grassroots activity are other people doing? s

Community Y2K Leaders
We are addressing the "common" issues of food, heat, water. I would like some input from others in this forum that are involved in thistype of community organizational effort.

Y2K Community Groups in Major Cities?
It has occurred to me recently that most of the Y2Kcommunity groups exist in small towns and suburbs, and that there is relatively little activity in the major cities.

Y2K Community Action Groups with links to Y2K groups around the US
This site offers links to Y2K Community Action Groups around the US.

FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army
There is a lot being said about FEMA and their coming to the rescue. I put little credence in FEMA's ability to provide much more than assessments of damage.

Why so little discussion on Community here?
I've been following this forum for awhile now. Lot's of valuable stuff. But I hear so little talk about community organizing,

Six New York City agencies have begun the process of converting their computer systems to deal with the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, according to six audits released by Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi.

What we've done
I wanted to share what we have done in a small town in Iowa. We have a small group of people, under a dozen.

Santa Clara County, Calif. Y2K pamphlet
Here are some steps experts suggest you take to ease problems that may be associated with the Millenium Bug. Follow those that seem most critical to you and your family.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 27, 1999

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