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In an effort to focus on resources that our local community can contact for emergency supplies in case some of their supplies run out or happen to be inadvertently destroyed, we are setting up a church based supply and Y2K aide task force and resource.

We are addressing the "common" issues of food, heat, water. I would like some input from others in this forum that are involved in this type of community organizational effort. What problems have you encountered so far? Storage? Distribution plans? Location?

We are also addressing a severe problem for the elderly and handicapped persons that have limited resources/income to begin with. We would like to suggest to other groups to please write a letter to their doctors from the organization on letterheads to request that special provisions of non-addictive medicines be made for at least a month supply of life-sustaining medicines ahead of any prescription schedule. This needs to be addressed NOW. The reason is that Y2K has already reared its head in the insurance/pharmacy computer applications. 2 problems have already been experienced. When keying in prescriptions for the year 2000, the computer displays that the prescription has already been dispensed (1900). Secondly, many patients that are on a prescription for life are keyed into systems on a schedule (not all pharmacies have this type system, but many do). It is set up to eliminate drug misuse or misapplication. To circumvent the "schedule" takes a near act of God, and also involves the insurance companies in lots of cases.

Please contribute your experiences and vital information to setting up community support ASAP. We all need to get involved and help others begin preparations. I personally have been canning and drying foods for over a year now, circulating out food as new batches are prepared. We have a years supply for our family of 5. A dehydrator is a cheap and easy food preparation system that can be used daily in your activities. Cut up 5 extra trays (5 dehydrator trays do not hold THAT much food) of whatever you are having for dinner tonight and dehydrate it overnight. As you pack your lunch in the morning, put the food away in airtight containers. Before long, you'll have a good supply of rehydratable vegetables and fruit. Remember, proteins don't have to be from meats either. Good protein sources are contained in lima, kidney, navy, and other like beans as well as peanut butter (excellent storage on peanut butter too).

-- Mr. Kennedy (, January 22, 1999


Mr. Kennedy, many of us YourDonEres are becoming Community Y2K Leaders by default, as we see the need and step forward to help our neighborhoods. Can readers/posters lists some URLs/addys to help us out here?

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-- Leska (, January 22, 1999.

I've found The Utne Reader's Guidebook has been very helpful:

And of course The Cassandra Project:

Check out the links page back on Ed Yourdon's site for others.

Good luck!

-- Lewis (, January 22, 1999.

Mr. Kennedy, Is the above your actual or anonymous e-address. I'd like to touch base with you since we're both in Raleigh. Personally, I don't put my e-mail address on the web.

-- Puddintame (, January 22, 1999.

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