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I have a MCE hydraulic controller with a VLT fault occurring intermittently.

Can anyone help?

-- Rodney Epps (, June 03, 2004


Valve limit timer. Car stalling or taking too long to reach the floor. Also if the dead zone is too tight it will cause this.

-- joe (, June 03, 2004.

MCE fault

is the motor a submerible,if it is then you should have a contact in the tank that opens when the oil is too hot,that will cause a VLT fault because it will not allow the car to go up until the contact remakes,but by then the VLT fault is generated.

-- amarnauth appana jr (, June 03, 2004.

On some pump units, there is a float in the tank. If the oil gets too low it will set the motor limit timer even though the unit doesn't cavitate. Make sure you have more than enough oil to make the top floor, especially when the oil is cold.

-- Richard Orr (, June 03, 2004.

Don't know if this will help but I had a traction going out on MLT due to an emergency exit switch on the harry edge. Car would crap once every 48-72 hours but not consistently.

-- Kenny Eyler (, June 04, 2004.

A dirty screen can also lead to this fault.

-- Kevin Frawley (, November 16, 2004.

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