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Hi THere I have a copy of GE Logicmaster 1 for the Series one and the junior but having trouble talking to the DCU and making working copies, Have also TI soft and Directsoft but need help suport with the older Dos based GE Logicmaster 1 software.

-- Jim (, February 15, 2004


Jim: There are several things to check. If memory serves me, for starters, the software needs to be set to match the DCU DIP switches settings (DCU ID #). Also, the serial cable wiring needs to be correct. When trying to connect to a CPU, the computer's port needs to be setup. Finally, the CPU model, memory type and baud rate etc... needs to be correct.

-- Chris Maida (, February 16, 2004.

I am havings some similar problems right now. We have one working Toshiba portable with ver 1.04 Logicmaster that works but intermittently drops off line. We have several laptops/portables that have ver 1.05 Logicmaster that I'm trying to get communicating also. Two of them give me a #5 unknown comm status error and one has the intermittent dropping off line problem. Have tried different cables, different DCU's, cleaned out all but the essentials in the config and autoexec files but nothings helped. and GE Fanucs web sites have lots of FAQ's but nothing has helped so far but you may find something that will help your problem.

As far as making copies of the Logicmaster...I believe you may have to use the "duplicate master" funtion on the original disk. If you have it installed on a PC you can "laplink" it to another. There is a couple of hidden files on the master diskette that you may have to change the attribute on.

-- gordy (, April 23, 2004.

We have got an ELECTER filling M/C type fp 6000 finnland s/n 982223 we have lost program we need to buy software for siemens s7-300--- cables-adaptor- manual for load & unload-changing ruungs etc how & how much? we to get copy of the orginal program how .where, how much? thanks

-- Reda khamis ali (, November 13, 2004.

Reda, Check with

-- Mike Lardner (, November 17, 2004.

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