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We have a MCE controller and it is cause no end of trouble with a mlt fault.any ideas thanks

-- jeff garvin (, January 20, 2004


Depends on the type. If you have the data trap feature, start there. If not, your looking for (obviously)why the processor thinks the car is moving when it's not. Could be anything from a relay contact to a ribbon cable or a hundred things in between. Seems the connectors for the ribbon cables are good about catching single strands of wire between the connector and the board. Can be very intermittant and a royal pain to find.

If you have a TAB board, check the relays. drive faults, encoder errors, aux M contacts...etc. depends on what you got...


-- n swan (, January 20, 2004.

Do you have more info Is this a PHC,PTC,or an IMC. Is it SCR or AC, etc.

-- Don Pfuntner (, January 20, 2004.

MLT fault.

My only experience has been with this has been with the SWEO/Baldor drives. Check the door locks and car gate. With the power off: Tighten the connections. Check the "M" relay and its auxiliary contacts. Check the current jumper plug setting on the motor field module, and if it's mounted under the "M" relay, check for conductive debris and check the output of the module (Voltage and current-check prints and nameplates cold). Check MCE's website for Tech. Serv. Bulletins for your controller. Basically the MLT error tells you that the drive was commanded to run, and didn't do it in the right amount of time. Good Luck & Cheers! S.

-- Steve (, January 21, 2004.

I seen a hydro do this ever so often. Turns out the top floor directional limit was a little too close (given the slop, twist, and other issues with the car), and accuated on occasion preventing it from leveling up when the selector signaled to level up.

-- kevin cain (, January 22, 2004.

MLT Faults.

Is the car right at the floor when this happens? Is it a Torqmax drive? If so, there may be an intermittent problem with the drive not turning on when it should. Call MCE, the yhav a fix for this that resets the drive if it doesn't turn on properly.

-- Dave Keaney (, February 02, 2004.

Had this problem after the fire dept ruined the em. exit on top of the car. The switch was on the hairy edge. When the car would shift the switch would bounce and cause a MLT. Only happened every 24-48 hrs. So start with the safety circuit if you have run out of leads.

-- Ken Eyler (, June 04, 2004.

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