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Does anyone remember what column I posted under about the ghost I saw last year? I'm looking but you know...we have a lot of columns to look in (sigh).

-- Barb e. (, March 10, 2003


Didn't find the ghost story even though I read for hours on this forum. What a lot of great times we've had here--I ended up getting pretty nostalgic, and where is Mark Mars lately, hope that guy is ok. There was a death in my family on March 5th (other day) and I thought that was the day I saw the ghost last year and was totally freaked out. Turns out it was May 5th I saw it, so I was freaked out for nothing.

-- Barb e. (, March 12, 2003.

Wow. Can you get him to come here and put it down? Love to hear it. Mark's email is defunct, keep thinking of the time he said he thinks he's going out of his mind, one of his last posts actually.

-- Barb e. (, March 13, 2003.


-- Barb e. (, March 20, 2003.

A few years back my brother and I saw five people dressed as if they were still part of the dust bowl era, (1930's) crossing Az going to California or something-ala Grapes of Wrath/Steinbeck, (great book/movie btw). They were depressed and tired looking and we stopped driving for them to cross the road in front of our car as they stepped out in front of it anyhow. Two women, at the side of the road; one 20 the other presumably her mother in law. Three men in the front of the car in the road itself; one old, thin and looked not too long for this world, one obese and one in his 30's probably the husband of the 20 year old. As we stopped the car to avoid hitting them the younger man looked at us and we at him, then suddenly weren't there at all. I never have been sure if it was a time warp or a ghost sighting, but this one up above is pretty different. Btw; I'm going back to Springerville on May 5th too see if the ghost I saw last year appears again-if not well, that hotel right in front of the ghost sighting has the most gorgeous indoor jacuzzi I have ever seen in any hotel anywhere, multiple high powered jets,soothing foamy water, mirrored walls and white ceramic tile steps with a fireplace alongside. I will bring my California wine and hope the ghost has the courtesy to knock. Great place to re-enact Aeon's great Last Time for Everything self-love scene.

-- Barb e (, April 09, 2003.

To me the self love scene of Last Time Aeon to Aeon suggests a spiritual experience in the way of Aeon opening herself up to her own spirit, albeit unknowningly. Her original plan to hurt Trevor was calculated between her mind and her heart, the clone being the animated image of her 'mind,' devoid of the unforseen future and acting out only what she already expected of herself. At the time of the meeting between the two selves Aeon believed it would be good to hurt Trevor. This must have been because she had been hurt by him, (exposing her real feelings for him to us the audience) however she was in total denial of her own real feelings, as we see later when she is confronted by instead feelings of love for him. In the self- love scene she cloisters herself in a relaxing setting and goes about plotting her revenge. The scene conveys to me she allowed her vulnerable inner self loose when she was alone in that relaxing atmosphere of seclusion and safety an unconscious but expected human experience. She had her 'talk' with herself and was ready to get on with the next step, anger already being satisfied in planning revenge alone. Deeper feelings now could emerge. Another more popular term for it would be 'getting in touch with yourself'. That is my plan for Springerville, out in the country with the horses and the flowers and the open quieter spaces. Reminded of the more deep mysteries of life like the ghost I saw last May. Personally I cannot abide city life, its very distracting from ones inner self, and lately I think I'm more a clone of myself than myself.

-- Barb e (, April 18, 2003.

For anyone who is interested: I just got back from my Springerville ghost hunt yesterday. I went with the same friend who went with me last year on May 5th, and who with me witnessed a white glowing figure hovering above Springerville's Main Street one year ago on May 5th at 8:40 PM. We went again this year hoping to see the same fabulous apparition. We started out our day by having a meal at the local diner, the Safire (where John Wayne once ate regularly) and we told the waitress about our ghost sighting last year. She told me that last year there was a car crash in the middle of Main street and that the driver died. Interested we stopped in at the local newspaper office, The Apache County White Mountain Independant. I told them the same story and they obligingly gave me a copy of the paper for May 5th, 2002. The story reads as follows: "A high speed chase involving three agencies ended in the death of a Mesa man early May 4. Peter Perry Straub, 22, was traveling 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on US 60 west of town at 12:13 am, when Springerville Officer Tom Tieman attempted to stop him. Instead Straub fled, leading Tieman, Eagar police, Apache County Sheriff's Office and the Arizona Dept of Public Safety on a chase reaching speeds of 120 to 130 mph. Straub continued to travel at a high rate of speed losing control in the curve at Buzz's Diner, spining out and striking a billboard post next to the Apache Title & Trust building at 105 mph. The impact was strong enough to twist the metal I-beam and cave in the west wall of the building...Investigators determined Straub had been drinking". I couldn't say for sure if the 'apparition' or whatever I saw in the middle of the road was Straub, but it appeared right next to the post he collided with, and it made it's appearance on the following evening. Personally, I think it was Straub after he sobered up in the next world, curious to see the last place he was alive. This year Springerville's little motel near the spot I saw the ghost was jammed to the rafters with people in from various states for some new improvements to the local power plant. The parking lot in front of the ghost sighting was busy all night with people coming and going, all sorts of lights lit up the lot, the road and the hotel. People gathering and laughing in the parking lot all night. No atmosphere for a ghostly encounter, and the ghost must've thought so too because it never appeared. I couldn't sleep all night because the guests upstairs stayed up all night wandering back and forth over the creaky floors above my room. The original night of the ghost sighting the town was empty, dark and had a dust storm howling in which the ghost floated eerily and then vanished slowly, leaving winds blowing across the vacated road while we stared at what seems now to be one very special moment very long ago.

-- Barb e (, May 07, 2003.

Something Weird!!!

-- Sam (, March 11, 2003.

Actually its not that one is it?

The luminescent being one right?

-- Sam (, March 11, 2003.

Temporal Paradox, maybe?

-- Inu (, March 11, 2003.

The manufactured experiences imposed on us - ghost's on that one

I was wondering where MM was too. I got an email from him a few months ago, seemed busy

One of my friends insists he saw some sort of ghost lately, he keeps telling people

-- Sam (, March 12, 2003.

I was lying on a large leather couch after 3 straight days of celebration trying to get to sleep when I heard what sounded like planks of wood being stood on outside. I was located in the living room/kithchen next to my friends room. I stood up and informed him that I heard someone moving outside. He cheacked for me as I was near breakdown after the days of recless drug abuse. He told me noone was there but informed me that he too felt exta sensory entities sometimes to, and that there used to be a grave yard around. He went back to rolling up foils and looking at the comatose girl on his bed while I was left in the dark room. I closed my eyes and tryed to go to sleep when I heard a large smothering sound on the outside of the wall, like several people leaning and rolling agaist it. I then felt my sight directed to the door next to the wall that the sound came from, I saw a face in the glass resebling my self and my chest felt like it was humming from the center (some where beween the 4th and 5th shacras). The face then Morphed in to a black ball in a spiral motion. I felt extremly hot and cold and I then heard footsteps moving down the hall as well as sweeping sounds, this sound gave me the feeling of impeding doom and the hall appeared to turn darker as the sound grew closer. My sight then completly darkened and was snapped into the cieling directly between the two points of invasion. What followed was the last part of the experence, silece ( the exteror sound such as the fridge and clock went completly silent) and I saw from one point on the cieling a spiral of symbols coming from a glowing point, witch was composed of darkness using what I would normally be seeing (white walls) to cut out complicated mathimatical shapes and deverse symbols. I heard a snap in my chest and it was over, I paniced ran into my freinds foom and talked for hours of what I had experenced. As I did this the girl on the beds had REM (rapid eye movment) on occasion and Bit her teeth now and again making a demonic barking sound. She also briefly opened her eyes and stared right at mine=, which scared the shit out of me and as soon as I told my awake friend he looked and she closed them straight away. I could write a lot more but it was so hard to explian the feeling that came with the experence. I have a few theorys on what "it" was, It wasnt a normal run of the mill hallucination because I have them all the time and know when what im seeing isnt real, this was an outside influence on my mind, from either an alive or dead person/ being.

1) I think my friend gemma ( person in sleep ) could have had an out of body experence which I was able to participate in or see happining. This is very likly as we were both on Ritalin ( a mind and central nervous stimulant/ controler ) a lot like spped, as well as excesses of weed and cheap alchohol. Me and gemma also used to take a lot of acid and magic mushrooms together which is why she would be attached to my mental state and would be able to contact me from her mentally active but phsyicly in active state.

2) An Alien visitor using only its energy to visit my unique intuned mind pattern, if he had stayed he could have possesed my mind and made me "insane". I possibly could have unwilling created or summond this force in order to freak myself out.

3) God or a spirt guide

4) spiders ( they live behind the door where I first saw it) %) more numbers later I have to go.

-- Alan Wishart (, March 15, 2003.

13, meet 666

-- Sam (, March 15, 2003.

Ok I know the spirtual things in life can be real. Unfortunately not when junkies tell the stories.

-- Mark (, March 21, 2003.

Well, Alan doesnt want to put down his numbers anymore. No need to condemn so easily you know?

-- Sam (, April 06, 2003.

Barb didn't you once think you had a time travel experience? Something to do with an experience others might have thought was a ghost sighting. Any bells?

-- mark (, April 09, 2003.

Ohhh re-enactment, thats a little something I never thought of before, could be very very nice. Maybe I'll try Trevor's collapseing over a dead Aeon next time I break a plate, or CD case. Are you going to wait for a clone, for the self love, or just go solo? P.S. I dislike most spiritual experinces mostly cause mine have been bad.

-- Mark (, April 16, 2003.

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