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I know this is kind of off topic but a friend of mine sent this site to me. I thought it was very interesting so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Scary Screaming Ghosts of Maryland

If you are into this stuff it's really cool!

-- Danni Vai (, August 19, 2002


Maryland is known for being pretty spooky-that and you can get married there if you're like 8, which come to think of it is spooky. I've seen enough 'orb' photos to last me the rest of my life. I even took one one time at a haunted hotel in Flagstaff, where the clerk let me take a pic of their spooky dark basement. I got back in my pics an orb shooting up from the floor like a rocket, still the best orb pic I've ever seen. Maybe not the best recommendation for a hotel though...

-- Barb e. (, August 19, 2002.

Hmm you say you take pictures of a vampires grave in a secluded spot of the cemetary? Is it night when you go? Scary. My sister was stunned to see all the orbs at the old Westward Ho which we toured one time out here, (all the old time stars used to go there) now it is a government housing thing, but it is haunted. Lots of residents have seen apparitions, and the orbs are impossible not to get when you take pics there. She didn't believe me but I pointed out she's had that camera 3 years and no other orb pictures. Her expression at that moment was priceless.

-- Barb e. (, August 20, 2002.

Ive been shooting film for my school photography board since the begining of the year entirely in one big old cemetery. I wish the ghosts would stop screwing up so many shots. Seriously though, last year I never ever encountered the problem of having bits of crap on my photos, and I was inexperienced then. They cleaned the dark room and I am being more careful than ever but this aggravation remains. Basically Ive had to do a lot of re shooting. Especially of one fairly secluded graves belonging to a John (something) married to a Jane (samething). Apparently he was a vampire....-_- Seriously though, ive gone through heaps of film.

-- Sam (, August 20, 2002.

I dont really want to venture our infamous "Grafton Cemetery" at night, considering more so the people who like to sleep under its bridge (amongst other things, so im told) than those pesky ghosts.

I think I might have to rely a little on photoshop this year.

-- Sam (, August 20, 2002.


-- Guildenstern, The Demon Surgeon. (ohthedrippingblood@whatsthis?oooohhhh,, August 23, 2002.

Something Weird!!!

-- Sam (, March 11, 2003.

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