Where Can I Get A Good Spanner Wrench

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I will be installing several lenses on my lens boards and I'm in need of a spanner wrench. Can anyone recommend a good spanner wrench for installing lenses on lens boards (i.e., internet sites, telephone numbers, etc.). I noticed B&H is selling one for $44.94. Has anyone tried this one? Will it suit my needs? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. In addition, any pointers on installing lenses would be nice too. I have read most of the threads pertaining to this, but if anyone has anything else to add I would be greatful.

Thanks in advance,


-- Thomas W Earle (twade@bmi.net), January 06, 2000


I bought a nice one at Edmunds Scientifics for about $99, industrial grade for sure!

-- Bill Glickman (bglick@pclv.com), January 06, 2000.

Wow, is it made of gold or something? I paid #10 UK for mine, about $16, and I consider it well overpriced. I keep meaning to make some up out of brass so I can 'afford' to lose the real thing.

-- Alan Gibson (Alan.Gibson@technologist.com), January 06, 2000.

See also Rodenstock Lens Wrench. I don't know if mine is a Rodenstock.

-- Alan Gibson (Alan.Gibson@technologist.com), January 06, 2000.

the wrench is a $5 item, or make yourself one. I have a Toyo that works for all Copal size and paid $5 used. you can buy spanner wrenches at Sears, Kmart. save your money for film and shop around, or spend ten minutes in the garage crafting one. the dimensions are published for most of the shutters.

-- Daniel Taylor (aviator@agalis.net), January 06, 2000.

A lens-ring wrench (non-adjustable, just flat metal) is available from Rodenstock (HP Marketing) and Toyo (Mamiya); both of these sell for less than $20. Try 1-800-CALUMET.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), January 06, 2000.

www.micro-tools.com is another source for these as well.

-- Thomas R. Young (tryoung@jrec.net), January 07, 2000.

Calumet also has a universal lens wrench for $19 I think. It fits about everything. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (ScudderLandreth@compuserve.com), January 07, 2000.

S. K. Grimes (www.skgrimes.com) now offers one that he designed himself, makes himself, and uses in his shop. It is $35 delivered in the USA at the moment. Check it out. It has a wide expansion range, and reversible tips, pretty impressive gizmo if you ask me. I've got one ordered and can't wait to get it.

Cheers, Richard

-- Richard Rankin (rpr@coolabah.com), March 17, 2000.

"I have a Toyo that works for all Copal size and paid $5 used"

Have you tried it on a Copal/Compur/Prontor #3 shutter?

That may be why it was $5.00.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), March 17, 2000.

" I don't know if mine is a Rodenstock."

It is if it is flat, chrome and has the Rodenstock logo on it.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), March 17, 2000.

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