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Once again a word to the wise. This weekend a Rodenstock Lens Wrench was auctioned for $39.50 on eBay.

If anyone is tepted to bid on the wrench in the future or wants to buy them our Suggested list Price for the wrench is $16.00 and they can be ordered from any camera store. most dealers will probably discount from our list price or, at least, not sell it for 2x+ list price as it was just auctioned for.

If you want one and have problems finding one let us know and we will help you locate one at a reasonable cost.

-- Bob Salomon (, January 02, 2000


Response to Rodenstock Lens Wrench

I'm not surprised. Lenses often go on ebay for somewhat higher prices than B&H new US warranty. Amazing.

-- John Hicks (, January 04, 2000.

Response to Rodenstock Lens Wrench

I'm suprised Bob isn't putting those lens wrenches on E-Bay himself to make a little more money.

-- franki wango (, January 04, 2000.

Response to Rodenstock Lens Wrench

I am not supprised, and am very glad to have someone like Bob Salomon (Still) very interested and involved in LF.

We should all be thankfull for this.

Mike Phifer

-- Mike Phifer (, January 04, 2000.

Response to Rodenstock Lens Wrench

absolutely. Bob is a welcomed resource, especially with my new Technikardan sitting here on the Gitzo.

-- Daniel Taylor (, January 04, 2000.

Response to Rodenstock Lens Wrench

Bogen 3047's often go for more than the new price.

-- William Marderness (, January 06, 2000.

Another big scam on Ebay is the Toyo 3.x Ground Glass focusing Loupe ($39.95 at B&H Photo retail) which every two weeks gets sold on Ebay for 90% of its retail cost. One is currently being auctioned and with 5 day left 8 people have already gleefully driven the bidding to $41.00 (Duh!@#).

Its amazing. Put a Toyo Loupe up for auction, and within hours people have already bid what should be the final price for a used product (about $25-- $30 at the most). "Idiot out at first,... Idiot out at 2nd, Double Play!!!"

-- g. wiley (, February 20, 2001.

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