which shortwave frequencies?

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I've seen the recomendations to get a shortwave receiver, so I did. Then I said to myself, what frequencies am I supposed to listen to and what times. So I bought "The Worldwide Shortwave Listening Guide" at Radio Shack. Well, I just looked at it and it was printed in 1996! Somebody please suggest frequencies and times for central time zone USA.

-- ds (ds@deepsouth.com), December 19, 1999


Lesson #1: Never buy critical equipment from Radio Shack.

Lesson #2: Now that you've bought it, just keep scanning like the of us fools.

-- Infidel (Barbarians@thegate.net), December 19, 1999.

See: Gary North Category: Banking Subject: Short Wave Frequencies to Monitor

Why under Banking? (?) Was posted on Dec. 7, '99 It lists them all...

If you have a problem, email me.

-- earl (earl_t@shasta.com), December 19, 1999.

That's a great list Earl ... :-)

ds: for other resources check out this thread from the prep forum


-- hiding in plain (sight@edge. of no-where), December 19, 1999.

Try BBC World Service for international news reports 5975, 6175, 7325, 9590, 9915 throughout N. America. WWCR Worldwide Christian Radio for some intriguing stuff at 12160, 5070. Monitor Radio of Boston 7535, 9355. CBC of Canada etc. Welcome to the wave!

-- Home(s)canner (tomatoes@mygarden.com), December 19, 1999.

The radio is the windup radio by Freeplay. I didn't really think it would work, but it does.

I was going to go buy a scanner at Radio Shack tomorrow. But your right, their stuff is usually junk. Any recomendations on a scanner?

-- ds (ds@deepsouth.com), December 19, 1999.


I found and printed the Gary Noth link, thanks!


Your link led me to stongsignals.net. That look like it will tell me everything I need to know, including which scanner to buy. Thanks!


BBC ought to be good. Thanks!

-- ds (ds@deepsouth.com), December 19, 1999.

Gary North's posted Short Wave Frequencies to Monitor hotlink:

http://www.garyno rth.com/y2k/detail_.cfm/6982

-- U know (not@here.MI), December 19, 1999.

The on line shortwave listening guide. Other languages included for those whose first language is not english. But mostly english language programs.


I am not going to link this....learn to cut and paste.

-- LM (latemarch@usa.net), December 19, 1999.

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