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Hi All:

I recently purchased a short-wave receiver (Radio Shack DX-398) to maximize my information sources on the off-chance things might get a little strange next year ;). My problem now is that I havent a clue what to do with the damn thing. While some general search instructions came with the unit, theyre a far cry from truly useful. So my question is, can anyone out there provide a source for a list of frequencies that may be useful to folks like us come rollover?


-- Hardly Sparky (, November 04, 1999


Radio Shack should have books and magazines with this sort of info.

-- Ken Seger (, November 04, 1999.


If you can participate in the forum I assume you have access to a PC and the Web. If that's correct, a lot of info is a keyboard-tickle away. Just go to a search engine (there are several hundred available- try if none come to mind immediately) and type "shortwave radio" or "shortwave radio frequencies". Use the quotation marks- they tell the search engine to look for two or more words as a phrase. You should find plenty of listening possibilities, including several 'beginner's guide to shortwave radio' sites. (Very Subtle Hint- I looked at infind and ran the searches I mention here before I suggested you look there. They work.)

And don't wait for the new year- start listening to the rest of the world's news now. You'll be surprised at what American propaganda- I mean news- doesn't tell you.

Rotsa ruck,


-- (, November 04, 1999.

i thought i answered this earlier.... (fatigue?)

-- clayton (, November 05, 1999.

Try your local newstand or Barnes & Noble magazine rack. You're looking for issues of Popular Communications and/or Monitoring Times magazines.

Both magazines have sections with World Band Shortwave frequencies and schedules of English language programming. Both also have sections on police & emergency services monitoring and military & federal government agencies.

If you have to choose one magazine, then try Monitoring Times. They have a larger Worldband radio section and that may come in handy in trying to pick-up news should things go all wrong.


-- Wildweasel (, November 06, 1999.

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