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December 1999

This report comes from a patriot law enforcement officer who attended a special meeting organized by the government. No tape recorders, cameras or note taking was allowed. This information was shared later with the militia of Montana so that Americans would be warned about what is going on behind the scenes. For security reasons the name of the author has been kept confidential

The code name of this report is called: Copper-Pin June 11, 1999

As most of you know l just recently got back from an Emergency Management training session put on by several state and federal law enforcement agencies and FEMA. The subject matter discussed was Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), local, state, and federal role. The speakers that were there came from the FBI, BATF, FEMA, US Marshals office, Dept. of Defense (DOD), DEA, INS, IRS, Dept. of Justice (DOJ), Dept. of Army, Domestic and Intentional Terrorism DIT),and several people only identified as undercover operatives.

On the subject of Y2K- Real problems in America, they had speakers from the DOD, DOJ, and a Military Computer Security Specialist. No cameras or tape recorders were allowed in the room. Special ID was required to enter and we were warned that the information presented was for our planning in dealing with these situations, and not for public review or comment. This is the only training that I have ever had where note taking was not encouraged.

1 am relaying this information to you from memory and notes that I wrote down when I got back to my room, so I'm sure that I won't get everything in. But, the whole training session boiled down to this: The Federal Government has a big fear that the American public has had just about enough of government intrusion into their lives and they are at a boiling point. Also, that this whole country is in such a state Of anger, frustration, and confusion, is so volatile, that any spark could set in motion a Civil War that would ultimately destroy this government as we know it.

A Special Agent in charge, from the FBI Terrorist Investigation Unit, spoke for over two hours just on the militia in the United States. Here are some of the highlights: There are over 1,300 militias in the US with an active membership of 25 people or more. Active Militia groups grow at a rate of 3 per year This includes groups that are still active one year later. 400 + active militias have an FBI agent, paid informant, US Marshal working with DEA, or a DEA agent infiltrated into the group. One out of ten militia members are prior military. One out of every fifty militia members have the necessary skills to teach combat readiness. With some groups this readiness is state of the art. Small militia groups are growing larger all the time. He used the 20%/80% or two out of 10 rule for the following areas: Two out of ten militia members are armed to equal or exceed the standards for regular US military. Two out of ten militia groups have set targets, operational plans and a way to execute them. Two out of ten militia members have formal education beyond high school. It is believed that two out of ten militia members will actually pull the trigger if/When something goes wrong, without hesitation.

With that statement he went on to say that the government is concerned about the rise in this number. Quote: "If this number should rise from 2 to 6, America as we know it would cease to exist. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies will not have the man power to take on such an onslaught, if armed citizens should decide to make war against the government. Martial law would have to be declared and the military brought in. This would only fuel the citizens anger and draw the fence riders off to the side of the militia, as they have been warning that this administration has plans to do this anyway. Now don't get me wrong, the federal government has plans to deal with such as this, but America will never be the same."

At this point a question was asked, "Just what plans does the federal government have? And from your comment it doesn't look like state and local governments will be consulted or even included in the making of this plan." The answer: "American government is set up to continue under the most stressful situations. However, we have always fought on foreign soil. No one can say for sure what a civil war would do here. To be frankly honest, this administration has been cultivating friendships to help with this, but we will not get into That, l see no need for it and I am not sure how much I can say."

(editors note: Those friendships are foreign troops, mercenaries paid for and supplied by inter- national bankers. If America is "lost" to patriotism and defending the US Constitution, the bankers and wealthy elite conspirators would be the ones that would lose the most A socialist administration has no qualms in utilizing foreign troops and communist assassins to maintain their grasp of power.)

BATF. A BATF agent talked on the governments plans for gun control, and the BATF role and responsibility to carry this out. (For the children, of course) He was arrogant and thought he was god. His statement that "everyone was an outlaw until he said they were not, this did not go over very well. (this only proved to me what type of person the government is looking for as BATF agents)

US Marshals office. They talked on the role to handle and transport persons to the right place for "internment". Internment, his words. He also talked on terrorist identifying and tracking, and how agencies work together with the FBI to monitor people and activities around the country. He also made the comment that the CIA does not work in the US, but it shares relevant information with enforcement agencies. (editors note: This is absolutely false, the CIA does operate inside the US, along with the NSA, to spy on anyone they consider a threat to their power. They are also known to assassinate anyone that They feel are a threat to their future plans for complete takeover. That includes poisonings, fabricated "accidents, fake robberies, and outright murders, just to list a few.)

Undercover agent. He stated he saw more guns and ammo in the hands of the general public than he thought existed. Saying, "They are ready." I should note here that all agents no mailer who spoke had the "they"" and "we" thing down real good. "We" always meant the good guys, Government, and "they", always meant the bad guys, the American public at large.

IRS. This little socialist beat the band. He talked on how it was the job of the IRS to make sure that all non-tax paying citizens of the US pay their share. To punish in the most severe way any that did not comply with the IRS. His statement, "You squeeze hard enough, you get the money.", brought boos from the crowd. You could tell that the people on stage were not impressed with boos from a crowd they thought they had in their hip pocket. He further got boos when he said that, "money belongs to the government, all of it. The government made it for use, but it belongs to the government." He also fell short when he talked on a "cashless society" and everything moving to plastic for better control and tracking. Dept. of Justice. Will prosecute for, will prosecute for, will prosecute for.

FEMA. Talked on disruption of food supply, possible hijacking, difference between hoarding and stock piling. Also other subjects covered: price gouging, bank runs, store runs, gas runs, the power grid and the emergency distribution of electricity.

What I was doing at a Thing such as this I will never know, except that someone had the bright idea that we needed to be brought up to date. I was and really felt like an infiltrate into a government action plan. Most of these people are global socialists, wanna be dictators. Some are so power hungry that they reek of it.

1 learned from this meeting that the citizen is guilty. No one even wants to prove you innocent. You will do what your government says, or go to internment, period. lf you don't like it you are guilty, etc. etc.

This is a short version of a long class. I know I have left a lot of things out and will think of them later, but you get the idea of what is being talked about, what is being expected and what is being done. The rest is left to your imagination.

The Present Truth Ministry P.O. Box 1148 Sallisaw, OK. 74955

This report came from: The Militia

ph. (406)847-2235, fax 2246

-- Red_Dawn (Red_Dawn@underground.com), December 09, 1999


So what is the feds distinction between hoarding and stockpiling? If the feds do it, it's stockpiling; if the citizens do it, it's hoarding? Also, it sounds like that is a bit of a 'backlash' among the 'troops.' Ask this guy how many of his brethern are going to shoot us or put us in internment camps? Have these guys figured out who the enemy is yet? If most of us are dead or in internment camps, how are the big bankers going to continue to make big bucks?

-- wondering (wondering@don't gothere.com), December 09, 1999.

Sounds exactly like what my brother-in-law (current member, high- rank, navy special ops) said a year ago. Told us to stock up and batten down. Sent his sister (my sister-in-law) to live with us asap. Said everything west of Mississippi will be left to the rioters & looters. Govt. is planning to mobilize all troops to east coast. by Jan. 1st. Where do we go? Do we take our chances and stay in the east? Go west and hope we can hide? Think TS will hit the proverbial fan pretty soon.

-- nowheretogo/no-onetotrust (*****@%%%%%.com), December 09, 1999.

Hmm...might be why all those reports of Govt/Military movements are coming mostly from the East. Was curious about it.

-- MeatEater (sl@ughterhouse5.com), December 09, 1999.

I don't exactly believe this report, but there is one thing I do know. The US Marshals had a recent meeting in NYC. The reason the public found out about it was that they all stayed at an expnseive hotel--th SoHo Grand--and someone saw this and complained about public money being spent. My friend wondered why the US Marshials were meeting in NYC... Well, obviously they all have to have contingency planning, but what it is, we don't really know...

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), December 09, 1999.

Well, now that I've had to change underware twice, living West of the Mississippi, (So. Calif) might not be such a bad thing after all.

This may be a bit of an aside, but a few weeks back I read a post from someone who had taken part in a y2k Drill, held in Los Angeles. The gist of this post was that little or no information was put out about y2k, but rather, it all had to do with potential civil unrest/riots/terrorist attacks. Yes, I am paraphrasing this, but this was the bottom line.

The post went on to describe the total lack of coordination. And that it was more like a Chinese Fire Drill. The point here is that in connection with militia, maybe the government is more worried about uprisings than any computer glitches. After all there isn't anyone in the government that really gives a rodents posterior if we have electric, food, water or anything else for that matter.

-- Richard (Astral-Acres@webtv.net), December 09, 1999.


The other night when I layed down I "saw" a black circle with orange yellow flames rising from the bottom half of the ring. Screen went blank, then was a flat line afire, line being about as long as the circle would have been had it been snipped and straigtened out. I first felt a little anxious, but then dozed off maybe 15 mins later or so. I got up the next morning and stumbled to the coffee pot to brew a pot and pushed the remote power button to warm up the tv, usual routine, no memory of the vision. When I had my steaming cup, I sat on the couch and proceeded to do my usual viewing of CNN headline news. I had to blink hard, cause when I looked at the screen I saw the circle with flames! I leaned forward staring hard, feeling I guess fear and shock, as I then remembered having seen this circle the night before. The image then faded to a lighter gray, with an even lighter grey arch as the top half of the circle. The orange yellow flames for the bottom half, and also spreading out like the straight line vision, where streets reflecting I guess the morning sun light in the same proportions as the flames in the vision. IT WAS THE ST. LOUIS ARCH. Apparently CNN had a shot of the St. Louis arch! Since I had seen this vision twice (once at night, then in morning fading to broadcast shot) I prayed to God to help me understand what this meant, if it was from Him. My understanding is that west of the Mississippi will be as if afire, spreading. I don't know if this is the interpretation God would want me to have, cause he didn't send me an e-mail so I could be certain, but I guess if anyone feels inclined they might pray on it and come to their own understanding.

Does anyone remember what day by chance CNN broadcast that shot? It was last week sometime I believe....

Oh, and what is "number should rise from 2 to 6"? Line 2 paragraph 5 of main text?

-- name (with@held.not), December 09, 1999.

The address at the bottom of the Red Dawn post is for a P.O. box in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. There is at least one White Supremecy group operating in that area that calls itself a ministry. There's no way to verify the claims in the post. Don't believe it unless it is verified by a known and reliable source.

-- no (uh_uh@no.way), December 09, 1999.


Who knows... what to believe anymore? Or who is who?

Creating community... makes sense to me. The rest of it... from ALL sides... just doesnt, IMHO.


One wonders...

See thread...

USA Today front page story: FBI Warns..Militias...Y2K

http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 001cHn


...the centerpiece of an FBI seminar this month before the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Charlotte, N.C.

Unlike the rest of the meeting, the seminar will be closed to the public, a sign of how sensitive the subject of militias has become. ...



International Association of Chiefs of Police - membership organization for police executives.


Annual Conference Committee, Division, and Section Meetings Schedule  9/22/99
(Note: Link no longer works--see above thread)

http:// www.theiacp.org/conference/cdsm.html

The Millennium, Militias, and Mayhem: What to Expect in the Coming Year

This workshop will focus on law enforcement concerns surrounding the coming millennium and the possibility for resulting acts of terrorism. Discussion will focus on the potential for terrorist activity in the United States by individuals or domestic terrorist groups who profess an apocalyptic view of the millennium or attach special significance to Y2K.

 Neil Gallagher, Assistant Director, National Security Division, FBI, Washington, DC

 Robert Burnham, Chief of Domestic TerrorismCounterterrorism Planning Section, FBI, Washington, DC

And threads...

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PROJECT MEGIDDO is now on FBI Website...

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MEGIDDO -- Do you believe this?

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-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 09, 1999.


In nowheretogo's answer, I'm intrigued about the .gov leaving the Western U.S. to "Rioters and looters".

Question...do the Feds think that the Western U.S. is incapable of self government?? And would this lead some of the more independent minded (Texas, afterall, is west of the Mississippi) to attain de facto independence??

I mean...If the Feds abandoned them, why the hell should the Federales be invited back?? Perhaps "nowheretogo" could elaborate?

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in January.com), December 09, 1999.

Four-fifths of US nukes are east of the Mississippi. Maybe the military will be called to guard the power stations? Nationalize the power industry?

Just guessing. We'll all see, soon. I'm not moving until the San Andreas fault does.

-- Margaret J (janssm@aol.com), December 09, 1999.


As I hit the "submit" button, I just remembered that c4i (the real one) mentioned at least one State attaining de facto independence fronm the central .gov, if memory serves me correctly. Or,if not, it was mentioned in the WDCY2K 1-10 Scenarios.

Wondering just how to process this data.

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in January.com), December 09, 1999.

LOL... "I'm not moving until the San Andreas fault does."

Yep. Staying in Silicon Valley is looking better and better.


K. Stevens,

Can't quite remember what the real c4i said about that. Sorry.

How to process this data?

Create community now... or later... it's "what works" in the long run. Oh... and organize planting of a community food garden in the spring.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 10, 1999.

Don't want to worry you south cal folks but I've listened to Prophecy Club report that Russia/China is coming through Mexico into the USA. Think about their first ever joint military manuevers that just took place, and guess what, their taking your cheap, reliable, russian rifles away from Calif. citizens or face the felony on 01/01/2000...the Prophecy club warned of the invasion over a year ago. Get ready while you still can!

-- Gone Fishing (gofishn1@cyberhighway.net), December 10, 1999.

the book is "BREAKDOWN" and the author is......Oh DAMN senior moment....... he has done the "...From Ashes" series.. AH JOHNSTONE.


It gets more plausible every day. "You are not the Enemy"

Night train, feeling EVERY one of those hits I took....

-- jes an ol, concussed, Senior Footballer (nighttr@in.lane), December 10, 1999.

I'm sorry to see so many of you falling for this pile of tripe. Oh, how do I know it is a pile? Simple: it isn't the first time I have seen it. First time was over 20 years ago.

This is almost identical to some crap the militia/noguncontrol leaders were spreading around then. Same 'I don't know why I was invited to the meeting', same slam at the IRS, pretty nearly the same 'group of speakers'.

The milita types started another story just a few weeks later, which claimed some unidentified sheriff had been to a meeting where a judge had spoken, claiming that ANY handgun control legislation would be reinterpreted to 'any gun that can be held in the hand' as soon as it was tested in Federal District Court. Will this one be recycled too?

It is needful to point out that NONE OF THIS STUFF EVER HAPPENED? And that was from the 70's. Twenty years is more than enough time to execute any plan.

Scaremongering and faking. Don't fall for it. Especially recycled garbage.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), December 10, 1999.


Who threw you the soft pitch?

-- flora (***@__._), December 10, 1999.

Consolidate troops in the east? Alarming.

Concede the west coast to Chinese access? They would at least need a naval base to pull that off. Uh,, wait a minute.

We aren't really down to a "two ocean" navy, are we?

-- Tom Beckner (tbeckner@xout.erols.com), December 10, 1999.

Brother-in-law (BIL) can't/won't say why he's so sure feds are moving military to east coast. Just says they plan to do it and leave the west to whoever. He made it real clear that the feds DON'T CARE. That there aren't enough military to "keep track of everything and everybody" (his words) in the whole country, so have to consolidate forces where the greater majority of population lies. BIL is one of only a handful of people I would ever believe to give me the straight poop on anything. He's been die-hard, career navy for over 25 yr., but is ready to bug-out when (not if) this goes down. He's made plans, memorized dessert 2-tracks (he has best memory of anyone I know. Probably why he's special ops) and has list of contacts to get to. You don't have to believe what I'm saying. Laugh and taunt, it doesn't matter; I and my family have prepped our best. All that's left to do is prayer and many, many novenas. God only knows what will happen Jan. 1.....no one else does.

-- nowheretogo/no-onetotrust (*****@%%%%%.com), December 10, 1999.

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