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Saw them over Ottawa today!!!!! Is there a website set up yet to follow this situation?


-- Ron Graham (, December 01, 1999


here's one:

-- impala (, December 01, 1999.

The "chemtrails" thing is purely paranoia. I'm not a "polly" as they would say by any means. Believe me, the vapor trails have been there since WWII because of the higher altitude flying capability of aircraft. At certain times of the year the trails are even more exaggerated because of moisture conditions in the atmosphere combined with the upper atmospheric temperature. Heat makes the water vapor condense thus forming a cloud. In addition, it doesn't have to be an upper atmospheric anomaly. If the conditions are right at lower altitudes, such as happens in late fall and winter, it can happen at much lower altitudes. Also, since the advent of some of the newer fuels, such as JP-8, there is a residue which is deposited in greater amounts (just like car exhaust) which contributes to this phenomenon. I like a little adrenalin rush myself, but don't let these fantasies worry you. "Chemtrails" are simply vapor trails that are completely normal, especially for this time of year. If you see them in the dead of summer in concentrated amounts like as this time of year, maybe then you should consider something other than condensation.

-- Rob (, December 02, 1999.

Rob, time for you to do a search on the many chemtrail sites that have pictures taken from all across USA and Canada. Pictures in summertime, spring, fall, winter. Why are planes playing tic tac toe in the sky?

-- seen 'em too (wha@the.*=(!), December 02, 1999.

I agree with Rob 100%. In addition to fuel chemistry changes, our atmosphere has changed. Add that to the fact that everyone with more than $500,000 seems to have a jet, it adds up to a lot of flying, hence a lot of Contrails. Look at how bad our road traffic is, the skies are just a crowed compared to 20 years ago. The final proof is this. (Learned from an editorial in Analog Science Fiction/Fact)


If I knew that the police, national guard, power and water techs, doctors, Federal agents, politicians and bureaucrats were getting shots, then I would worry.

If our government is trying to immunize us against an impending foreign attack, it sure was nice of the enemy to call ahead and let us know what he was planning to use.

The fact that more people are sick is the result of several things.

1. poor quality people. we are not as tough as our ancestors.

2. over use of antibiotics leading to resistant germs.

3. poor nutrition. Add the number of people who eat a healthy diet to the number of people who take artificial supplements, I bet it still comes to under 20% of the population.

4. bad environment, the "sick building" syndrome. Not counting "outgassing" of chemicals from modern building materials, over 75% of the air you breath in a modern building has been going around and around and around in that building since the day it was built. You can't refresh a building if you can't open the windows.

5.bad child rearing. In the old days when men worked outside and women kept house, sick children stayed home. Today with both parents working, the kid that should have stayed home goes to school or day care and throws germs all over the place.

6. immigration, we are getting hit with germs from overseas which our bodies have no immunity too. The brand of flu your newHispanic housekeeper/custodian/busboy gives you is not what you would have gotten 20 year ago from a local person.

-- TSC (ftm on, December 02, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California My Chemtrails Page

Maybe they're gradually vaccinating us against everything they have some protection for. There are other possible explanations.

As for blaming it on the victims, that doesn't click, here. I may be a "poor quality person," but I don't think my son is. Except for a small bout with diarrhea when he was an infant, he had never been sick a day in his life before until sprayed for the first time (search on Dancr in that thread). No ear aches, no tummy aches nothing. And it cannot be explained as some kind of hysterical reaction to having merely seen the chemtrails. We didn't even realize the spraying had been happening that early until a month later, after I had already taken my son to several doctors, reading a report about this area having been sprayed on the dates he first got sick.

Since the week he was born, we have only ever used antibiotics on him once until after he got sick from this on May 9th of this year. The major portion of his diet is organic produce, with no supplements. He spends the majority of most days outdoors in long sleeved shirts and wide brim hats for sun protection. Most days he swims, plays tennis and rides a horse things he's been doing for years.

My son has never been in day care, or school. He should be well used to the local germs by now, having lived here all his life. Our "Hispanic housekeeper" has lived here longer than we have. Most latinos in our state were born here to families who have lived here since long before our statehood.

Chemtrail illness is no trivial annoyance. Even still, today, seven months later, my son cannot laugh very hard without setting off a coughing fit. If these are vaccinations, I can only hope that this is a sign that he's now protected against something.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), December 02, 1999.

Had to butt in for a second here. I think that:


Is incorrect. The United States follows such a policy, but not all other countries do.

I'm not an expert on the subject, but I did see one (an expert) on CSPAN last year - it was that top Russian Biological and Chemical guy who defected to the west and recently wrote a book on the subject (can't remember his name).

Anyway, he said that it was Soviet policy to develop agents with no known antidote so they would be more effective on the enemy. Go figure. Just goes to show how f***ed up people can be.

-- Clyde (, December 02, 1999.

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