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I've read enough from the paranoiacs here to realize that NO MATTER WHAT THEY READ, THEY'LL NEVER LET GO OF IT.

Don't confuse them with the facts.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, November 28, 1999


Roberta Blackard offered a very compelling and non-paranoid explanation of "Chemtrails" in the following thread: I take offense at being called a 'paranoiac'. Don't know what it means, but I'm still offended.

-- Brian Bretzke (, November 28, 1999.

From Websters...

Main Entry: para7noia

Pronunciation: "par-&-'noi-&

Function: noun

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek, madness, from paranous demented, from para- + nous mind

Date: circa 1811

1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations

2 : a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others

- para7noi7ac /-'noi-"ak, -'noi-ik/ also para7noic /-'noi(-i) k, -'nO-ik/ adjective or noun

- para7noi7cal7ly /-'noi(-i)-k(&-)lE, -'nO-i-k(&-)lE/ adverb

-- CD (, November 28, 1999.

---yes, the article describes gasoline additives, etc. very nicely. It's long and detailed, and has nifty references. It makes no differentation with the abnormal spraying of some substance or another that in no way looks or acts like "normal" exhaust/ice crystal contrails. Like the 'trail newbies here, it's hard to imagine if you haven't seen it, pics on the web just don't cut it. The various airforces are 100% completely equipped to spray anything they want. Go for yourself, go look, check the mission statements for any air force bases that hosts tankers. "Spraying" is the number two mission, after aerial refueling. sure, you won't find the ultimate smoking gun on the official sites, but they sure as heck got the equipment, and the track record of spraying people and plants. that is chemical warfare in my book. Unfortunately, they have these pilots and crew completely buffaloed with either fear of reprisals, or have given them a WHOPPER story to swallow in order for them to carry out another "top-super- dooper-hush-hush-secret" mission. Who knows what b.s. big brother is feeding these guys, but they ARE spraying, and it's NOT "normal contrails". These tankers and crews routinely sprayed absolutely huge amounts of heinous chemicals over large areas of indo china quite openly, while feeding the pilots and crew the story that it was "only" defoliant, and that it was "perfectly harmless" to human or animal life. A LIE. Unfortunately the civilians on the ground there, and huge numbers of "our" grunts,now years later, seem to have gotten REALLY SICK FROM THAT CHEMICAL POISON CRAP. They were LIED to. AND THEN THE GOVERNMENT TRIED TO COVER IT UP AND LOST RECORDS AND DOCTORED RECORDS AND DENIED CLAIMS AND GENERALLY SCREWED THEIR OWN GUYS AFTER THEY SCREWED EVERYTHING ON THE GROUND THERE WITH THEIR FOUL CHEMICAL SPRAYS.

Spraying organic life with foul chemicals and biological agents is inimical to life. If you spray, you are trying to harm or kill what you spray. I just don't buy the aerial "mass innoculations, either. this government doesn't give a rodents posterior about the people. It's ONLY goal is to STAY IN POWER. That's IT.

Now it seems that a "new generation" of "someone's son's and fathers" is accepting another generation's "superior officers" lies, and is spraying THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Now, whatever the hell that crap is I SURE AS HELL HAVEN'T GIVEN MY PERMISSION FOR IT. Of course, your mileage may vary, you may actually ENJOY getting sprayed. I do not, Mr. Al K. Lloyd.

"acid" tongued zog

-- zog (, November 28, 1999.

Lol - everyone knows that "Al-K"-holics are notorious for their denial!

-- dumbass (can't@face.reality), November 28, 1999.

What 'facts' were you referring to in your 'fact-challenged' post Al? As far as I've seen, there is a dearth of facts on both sides of this issue.

-- X (, November 28, 1999.

I'm not Al K. Hall. I'm his second cousin, Al K. Lloyd


Paranoics. Very.

-- Al K. Lloyd (, November 28, 1999.

Art Bell listeners-- please take your medication.....really!

-- for real (, November 29, 1999.

And the connection between chemtrails and Y2K would be...?


-- Colin MacDonald (, November 29, 1999.

+The connection between Y2K and chemtrails MAY be that the CIA/Govt knows more about the plans of Bin Laden (sp) and his ilk than they let on. (don't want to scare the horses, do they).

Personally, I'd rather be innoculated (sprayed) without my permission against, say, Anthrax, than die from it. Also without my permission.

But I respect your right to die as you wish

-- Asking (Asking@a, November 29, 1999.

Oh really?

What proof do you have that this is an inoculation? There is no proof either way on this topic.

-- X (, November 29, 1999.

For anyone who is interested in knowing the truth and are willing to take the time to listen and watch the History Channel has had a show on how the GOVERNMENT has been testing on us since WW2 .....I would hope that the people who are acting like total idiots would pay attention for their own sake......But if you people who insist to stick your heads in the sand and not believe...well here's to your health.

-- J.F (, November 30, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California My Chemtrails Page

Chemtrails is NOT off topic.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), November 30, 1999.

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