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Anyone who would watch his MOTHER and SIBLINGS die because they didn't get it, and REFUSED to get it (as ordered by Paul Milne) is, in my opinion, QUITE

-- Asking (Asking@a, November 07, 1999


Judging by your cut-off response, I take it you're using a Mac? ;- P

-- Y2KGardener (, November 07, 1999.

Ass King, don't be shy, what were you assk

-- Andy (, November 07, 1999.

Ooooooohhhhh, whassa matter little Doomer Campers, you having trouble finding converts for your cult?

-- (aww@that.just.breaks my heart), November 07, 1999.

Milne for President!!


-- Will continue (, November 07, 1999.

I understand. It is much better that his mother, siblings and their broods should move into his home and watch him and his children slowly starve to death because the food stored for four must now be spread between fourteen, fifteen, twenty-eight? Because their six months of food ran out after one month?

I guess the new polly point is that you are scum if you do not volunteer to die with those who have chosen to do so.

If a huge tidal wave is coming and I know it will wash away the town,I refuse to stay and die with my family just because they have decided not to move. I feel bad for them, but I'm not going to hang around because it is the christian or politically correct thing to do.

And if I've built a life boat to save my own family. I'm not going to keep dragging relatives aboard until the boat swamps and my own family drowns.

I understand many people feel differently. And? That is their choice and I don't condemn them for it. Don't condemn me for my choices. The DGI's are adults, they made their choices. Now they must live (or die) with them.

To all the DGI's, especially those who have said to me "well, then I guess I'll die", Say what you want, but mean what you say.

-- thomas thatcher (, November 07, 1999.


Paul Milne has rarely been known for his high level of compassion. Other things... but NOT that.

However on that thread, there are many going through the agnst of trying to do the right thing for those without eyes to see or ears to hear. Or not. Its a dilemma.

And a sign of the times. (And the results of the Koskinen, et. al., spin cycle).

Truly sad.


See caring responses on the thread...

My Last Effort to Help My Family Get It Bombs.... 001ilo

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 07, 1999.

The definition of "compassion" has become so bastardized by those that want to "feel" like they've done some good...that they've become enablers.

Personal responsibility is no longer needed because the "compassionate" will have made sure to provide extra for others. Why is it now understood that if you do not do for those that are unwilling to do for themselves, you are somehow a selfish tyrant?

This is ridiculous. I'm with Paul on this one. You cannot save someone that doesn't want to be saved or is too willfully ignorant to prepare for themselves.

It is not the duty of a Christian, Moslem, Jew, or caring American to provide for those that refuse to heed warnings. ESPECIALLY if it may endanger your own stability in the short OR long term. To do so is to enable slack behavior. We've become a nation of whiners and enablers, each screaming for their share and comforts at the expense of those shamed into providing for them to avoid a label.

You wouldn't continue giving your kid a cash allowance if he was blowing the money on crack, would you? If you kept warning your daughter about "sleeping around", and warned her about getting pregnant with no husband or means of support...are you going to raise her illegitimate baby for her while she galavants from one bed to another and parties all-night, just because you "feel" it's the right thing to do? Sadly for many, the answer is yes, and what this does is deepen the harmful habits we cause one another because they will have you to continually bail them out.

I'm not going to share or provide for those, even in my own family that have laughed in my face and ignored all the pleading and warning. If they would not contribute when times were good towards their own welfare, I'll be damned if I provide for theirs at the expense of my own children.

But now that is what will be expected of us, and the pollies are the first to scream bloody-murder at our perceived "selfish heartlessness".

It is not heartless to give warning and expect action to be taken to ensure their own welfare. Selfishness would be to not say a word and care for only yourself. Compassion is giving a warning and encouraging preparation. I have done that, and Paul has done that, so where's the selfishness?

I will not feed their own sloth is what it boils down to. They have been warned, they have ignored it, and they have been told there is no place for them here if we have hardship in this land. They have heartily agreed...for now.

This is not heartless selfishness on our part.

It is foolishness on theirs.

Shall we feed and nurture the foolishness?

-- INVAR (, November 07, 1999.

Look, Paul feels the way he feels. It's not the way I feel, but it's where he has gone. That doesn't invalidate what he has to say about Y2K, nor is it our place to point a big finger at him for feeling as he does about his family. It's frankly none of our business.

-- Mara (, November 07, 1999.

Perhaps if some folks recall the vicious attacks on Paul by his brother (who was really being egged onward by the polly camp) then they understand some of the hardness that appears. From what appeared on this forum and other forums, and possibly in in some locations, the press as I understand, I think I'd write-off those folks involved if it were my family.


-- Wildweasel (, November 07, 1999.

I knew that it Invar on American-style compassion before I paged down to the name. You would think that after hearing the pleading of loved ones in conjunction with all the Y2K stories, mostly polly and across the spectrum, people would at least READ a little about this topic. Alas, most are "pre-kindergarten-like" in their knowledge at the stage. The majority has given up it's will to be responsible citizens that a free society needs to be free. Most deserve their Y2K-fate.....

-- PJC (, November 07, 1999.

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