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Hello to the Hyatt forum folks and others that are dropping by. Here is a all in one post that will help with Preps and awareness of the Y2K issue. Enjoy your stay :o)

Please check out the Preperation Forum below

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And from the depths of the forums history

TB Year 2000 Classic Preparation Archive

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Also relevant links for Y2K information from the US Senate

 *****Senate 100 Day Report in HTML*****

International Hearing

 Foreign Preparedness for Y2K CIA Testimony  Must read

 Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers, State Department Inspector General

 Howard Rubin  Must read

 International Y2K Risk (International Monitoring)

 Hon. James Moody


 International Civil Aviation Y2K Information Review

A SEC Y2K disclosure that is historic IMHO

  ENRON --- This one will make your hair stand on end !

Another historic document.

 (HTML) Report to the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem

Best Y2K water site.

 California State Water Resources Control Board,

A good over view of Y2K as seen by the Gartner Group

 (Gartner)Year 2000 World Status, 2Q99: The Final Countdown

Categorized corperate SEC filings

 A long list of SEC Filings

Is Motorola concerned?

 MOTOROLA INC - (Year 2000 Disclosure) Quarterly Report (SEC form 10-Q) August 3rd

My Canadian site

 Y2K in Canada and Beyond

-- Brian (, November 03, 1999


Some other interesting links from the forum

 IEEE Y2K Chairman's Personal, Pessimistic Take on Y2K and Yourdon's End Game Paper

 Clarification on Embedded Systems (VERY long)

 Oil Chat

 Oil: Questions from G North to DD 1Light. An additon to the "Oil Chat" Thread you may be interested in

 Hamasaki: Enterprise systems: the real Y2K issue

-- Brian (, November 03, 1999.


Thanks alot, I have read some of the articles - the additional links are bonus. Thanks! ;-)

-- MIS (, November 03, 1999.

Thanks for the link, I must say I am a little lost on how to navigate around in here.

I see this thin on the top that says "forum One"..not sure where the others are? or if there are any...

-- RainMan! (, November 03, 1999.

Ohhh..and I have another question. Since I am fairly new to these type of wide open, any one can flame your mother type boards..who are the "trolls" that I see people refering to? Are the trolls the doomers or the pollys?

And while I am at is kind of hard to judge where this board is coming from. Is it a prep site that just has alot of pollys posting comments? Or is it more of a community swimming pool where everyone and their dog comes to play?

-- RainMan! (, November 03, 1999.


Nice to have you onboard! If I remember right you are the "small" IT staff at a business eh?

If you are looking for anything in particular let me know or ask on the main board.

-- Brian (, November 03, 1999.


To start with you can check out the "About" page describing this forum and the others that are Y2K oriented on the Greenspun Board.

 About the TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Forum

This forum is pretty loose with its rules as long as someone isn't totally stupid and ignorant the posts will stay.

Defining a troll is pretty hard, it seems to be more of a personal thing. Mind you a proper definition is someone posting under anothers handle. IMHO. Others are trying to disrupt the forum with java, html tricks, foul language (excessive) and personal attacks although some of the forum members enjoy giving personal attacks for no great reason.

This forum is more of a public swimming pool and there is a Preparation forum started by forum regulars Big Dog (Russ) and Chuck. You will find the civil folk over there and OT is deleted no questions asked.

TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Preparation Forum Top Level

-- Brian (, November 03, 1999.

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